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Zakłady Sprzętu Motoryzacyjnego POLMO S.A.

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1 Zakłady Sprzętu Motoryzacyjnego POLMO S.A.
Brodnica ul. Lidzbarska 15 tel / fax / Presentation Over a 50 year experience in the automotive industry Marketing & Sales Department tel Contact person: Danuta Nazarewska

2 Contents Location History Form of Ownership Strengths
Design Capabilities Manufacturing Capabilities Production Lines Products Measurements and Laboratory Tests Major Customers Turnovers Employees Sales Structures Quality System Development - Certificates Cooperation Proposal

3 Location Brodnica town in Kujawy and Pomerania Province ,000 inhabitants km north west of Warsaw

4 History Private Blacksmith Establishment Joint-Stock Company "UNIA” A. Wentzki Agricutural Machines Factory - Küst & Sons Regional Industry Establishment Ship Equipment Establishment of Bydgoszcz Ship Equipment Establishment of Brodnica Automotive Equipment Establishment “POLMO” 1999- Automotive Equipment Establishment Joint-Stock Company “POLMO”

5 Form of Ownership - Joint-Stock Company
SHAREHOLDING STRUCTURE 85 % Industrial Development Agency Joint-Stock Company 15 % Natural persons and State Treasury 5,7 million € Equity capital

6 Strengths Over a 50 year experience in the automotive industry
Overall in-house process of product implementation „from design to final product” - Product design CAD and product making PROTOTYPE SHOP Tooling desing and tooling making CAD/CAM TOOLING ROOM Metal surface treatment – coatings PAINTING SHOP Cathodic electrocoating E-COATING LINE Powder painting POWDER LINE Measurements and laboratory tests (production repeatability) Production - certified materials from the best European producers High quality product complying world standards Certificates of quality system: ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 Highly qualified employees

7 Design capabilities

8 Designing Product design - CAD
Designing and tooling making – CAD / CAM Pro Engineer, AUTO-CAD

9 Manufacturing capabilities

10 Sheet cutting Gillotine shears – sheet thickness – to 6 mm (TRUMPF, SAFAN) Laser cutting machine - 2D from TRUMPF (TruLaser - 3,2 kW) Material thickness: - structional steel to 20 mm stainless steel to 12 mm - aluminium to 8 mm max sheet dimension x mm

11 Sheet bending Press brakes max press capacity - 180 t max length - 4 m

12 Stamping Presses: - eccentric presses max press capacity 315 t
- hydraulic presses - eccentric presses max press capacity 315 t (slide 190 t + blankholder 125 t) max detail sizes 1500 mm x 600 mm (transfer press with max press capacity 250 t)

13 Bending and pipe cutting
numerically controlled machines – from Crippa and Rems inside diameters: from Ø 8 to Ø 90 mm wall thickness to 3 mm

14 Welding automatic and semi-automatic welding machines Fornius, ESAB
methods: TIG; MIG; MAG; microplasma; MAG CMT

15 Pressure welding seam welding spot welding (incl. with use of robot)
projection welding resistance from 12 to 230 kVA

16 Overlapping Computerized control machines from Comas free shape
max lateral dimension Ø 300 mm

17 Machining milling turning grinding drilling electro-hollowing
CNC drilling and milling centre DANUSYS

18 Balancing Balancing machine from SCHENCK rotors pulleys shafts

19 Production lines

20 Automated coating lines
zinc phosphating with passivation. Cathodic dip painting (KTL ) and powder painting. Corrosion resistance from 700 to 1000 h in salt spray chamber. max sizes of painted detail : Line No Line No KTL - length to 3,0 m length to 1,5 m length to 3,0 m - height to 0,8 m height to 1,3 m height to 1,3 m - width to 0,5 m width to 1,0 m width to 0,5 m mass to 200 kg/running metre.

21 Compressed-air reservoirs assembly line
for pneumatic braking systems acc. to EN – 286-2; capacity from 5 to 120 l corossion resistance to 500 h in salt spray chamber, PROTECTION: primer: inside and outside - zinc phosphate inside: hydrodynamic paining – water based paint outside: powder paint

22 Fuel tanks assembly line
wide range of fuel tanks for lorries Corrosion resistance to 700 h in salt spray chamber, Protection - zinc phosphating with passivation and powder paint

23 Long experience in the production of:

24 Exhaust systems Application: passenger cars lorries trucks buses
tractors combine harvesters fork-lift trucks equipment and working machines

25 Bent pipes Application : exhaust systems of motor vehicles
furniture and heat industry

26 Air filters Parameters: Application: air flow from 50 to 600 m3/h
with paper inserts with metal lath and plastic inserts with oil bath with inertial (cyclonic) filtration Application: - passenger cars - lorries - trucks - agricultural vehicles - working machines

27 Tanks compressed-air reservoirs capacity: 5 l; 10 l; 15 l; 20l; 30 l; 40 l; 60 l; 80 l; 100 l; 120 l for pneumatic braking systems water and fuel tanks - for aggregates - for stationary machines fuel and oil tanks - for lorries - for buses

28 Flexible couplings joints from Ø 40 to Ø 50 mm length from 100 mm
stainless corrugated pipes passage Ø 25, Ø 40, Ø 45, Ø 50 wire braid Ø 0,4 and Ø 0,5 mm max diameter to 90 mm EGR tubes (exhaust-gas-recirculation)

29 Automotive accessories
brackets heat shields pedal sets stanchions

30 Stamped elements suspension elements hangers yokes spacer washers

31 Measurements and laboratory tests

32 Tests and measurements
Dimensional and Angle Metrology Laboratory Spatial measurements 3D (CNC coordinate machine) Linear Control of caliper measuring instruments Control of micrometric measuring instruments Control of angle bars and angle gauges Mechanical Properties Laboratory Strength: tensile, impact, compression Metal hardness (testers: Rockwell, Brinell) Metallographic macroscopic – welds Drawability – Erichsen’s method Pipe expanding Chemical Laboratory Surface roughness Coating thickness Chemical composition - SpectroMaxx Liquid- penetrant Salt spray chamber

33 Major customers Aftermarket

34 Turnovers

35 Employees

36 Sales structure directions

37 Sales structure assortment

38 Quality – system development
Certificate acc. to norm ISO granted by TÜV Rheinland Certificate Delivery Quality acc. to FAP granted by Fiat Auto Poland in Bielsko-Biała Certificate acc. to norm QS granted by TÜV Rheinland Certificate acc. to norm VDA granted by TÜV Rheinland Certificate acc. to norm ISO/TS granted by TÜV Rheinland Certificate acc. to norm ISO : granted by Certification Bureau of Polski Rejestr Statków S.A

39 Certificate ISO 9001 : 2008

40 Certificate ISO/TS : 2009

41 Certificate ISO : 2004

42 Cooperation Proposal We are at our present and prospective customers’ disposal. We carry out many projects through our openness to a widely understood cooperation, being within our competence. Our technical equipment, experience and professionalism allow us to undertake a production of goods meeting requirements of every customer. We look forward to receiving inquiries for parts to submit you satisfactory quotations.

43 Zakłady Sprzętu Motoryzacyjnego POLMO S.A. in Brodnica
Thank you very much for viewing the presentation of our company. We wish all our customers successes in business. The Board of ZAKŁADY SPRZĘTU MOTORYZACYJNEGO POLMO SA

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