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Scale-up Prediction of industrial results basing of laboratory test.

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1 Scale-up Prediction of industrial results basing of laboratory test

2 Yianatos Method Laboratory flotation kinetics r(t) Yianatos J.B., Berh L.G., Aguilera J., Flotation scale up: use of separability curves, Minerals Engineering, 16, 2003, 347-352 Plant flotation kinetics R(t) only recovey is scale-up Outcome Dells upgrading curve

3 MFT-FLEET Method (based on flotation kinetics and upgrading curves MinnovEX Flotation Test (shortly MFT) laboratory tests Dobby G.S., Savassi, O.N. An advanced modelling technique for scale-up of batch flotation results to plant metallurgical performance, Centenary of Flotation Symposium, Brisbane, QLD, June 2005 Prediction of flotation results based on the MFT-FLEET method shown on the Halbicha upgrading curve (Dobby i Savassi, 2005)

4 SUPASIM Method Eurus Mineral Consultants (EMC) A comparison of predicted plant recovery and lab tests (Hay i Schroeder, 2005) Hay M.P., Schroeder, G. Use of the SUPASIM flotation model in optimising Impalas UG2 circuit, Minerals Engineering 18(2005), 772-784

5 Outokumpu method Kalapudas, R.A study on scaling-up of laboratory batch flotation data to industrial size flotation, Congrès international de minéralurgie, Gedimfrance, 15, 1985, pp. 112-121, (monograph ) Halbichs upgrading curves for plant ( 1) and lab (lines 2-5) under different conditions When the lab meets plant data Comparison of kinetics to get A scale-p factor A depends on recovery

6 The Gorain-FranzidisManlapig method Gorain B.K., Franzidis, J.P., Manlapig E.V., Studies on impeller type, impeller speed and air flow rate in an industrial scale flotation cell. Part.4. Effect of bubble surface area flux on flotation kinetics, Minerals Engineering, 10(4), 367-379, 1997 Flotation kinetics scale -up

7 PWR-AGH method plant Fuerstenaus upgrading curve provides selectivity coefficient of flotation calibration lab J. Drzymala, A. Luszczkiewicz, D. Foszcz, 2010, Application of upgrading curves for evaluation of past, present and future performance of a separation plant, Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review, 31(3) 165-175

8 Industrial floatabilty method * unpublished: Report I-11/2013/S-30 PWR, A. Łuszczkiewicz, D. Foszcz, J. Drzymała, A. Bakalarz M. Duchnowska, D. Szyszka, T. Tumidajski, T. Niedoba, Z. Konopacka, P. Kowalczuk, J. Hupka, M. Niewiadomski, K. Księżniak, A. Rogala, P. Karwowski, T. Henc, Opracowanie metodyki badania odczynników flotacyjnych pod kątem ich własności użytkowych, Wroclaw, Poland, 2013

9 Homework Two students, as a team, prepare a 15 min long PowerPoint presentation, presented in the class, on one selected method of scale-up

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