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Igor Bielobradek AmCham, Warszawa, September 2013

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1 Igor Bielobradek AmCham, Warszawa, September 2013
How to link marketing with sale? Lead Generation and Marketing Automation Igor Bielobradek AmCham, Warszawa, September 2013

2 My point of view Marketing of B2B services
Etremelly expensive and niche Very limited target audience Very low budgets.

3 Expectations from B2B marketing
What does sale force REALLY WANT from B2B marketing? Arrange a meeting with a person who struggle with a business problem, meets the ideal client requirements, has budget and is ready to buy our solution. What’s a „lead”? Person meeting following criteria: Demographic (np.: CMO, B2B, more than 50 mln revenue) Behavioral (actively seeks to buy the solution) Lead generation means providing the sales force with the leads meeting ideal client criteria

4 Cold calling: sales person’s the worst nightmare…
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5 Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half
John Wanamaker (1838 – 1932) Źródło zdjęcia licencja: (Public Domain)

6 Agenda Content marketing Lead management
PR / Marketing Conversion Lead generation Lead qualification Sale Marketing ROI Content marketing Lead management Toolkit (Web / Marketing Automation / CRM)

7 The Big Shift in the B2B Marketing

8 The Big Shift in the B2B Marketing
Trends related to complex B2B sale: Complex decision process Large, multidisciplinary teams responsible for the purchase process No single „decision maker” Potential clients B2B rely on self-education Sales person is no longer a main source of information about the business solution. Client self-educate themselves (mainly on-line) to the business problem and available solutions. They engage the sales person much later in the process (e.g. during shortlisting). Most of the time during purchase process is spent for research and content consumption. (Source:, IDC „2012 Sales Enablement”)

9 The Big Shift in the B2B Marketing

10 Opportunity for Content Marketing
The fact the potential client actively research for the educational content create HUGE opportunity for the Content Marketing. B2B buyers top complaints about content include: (source: IDC, 2012 Sales Enablement) 33% say there’s too much content that’s not useful 29% say content is not relevant 24% say content does not meet the needs of all the people involved in the decision 23% say there’s not enough educational content.



13 What is the Content Marketing?
What IS NOT valuable information: „about us”, „our solutions” Providing VALUABLE information: How to solve the business problem? Market trends and best practices Hints / Manuals / Checklist / Guides Case studies, benchmarks

14 What is the Content Marketing?
Definition: The amazing and visible niche content delivered on a consistent basis leveraging a subscription component.

15 Content Marketing is not really new
Content marketing (in one form of another) is not entirely new concept. Tipical forms: Press article Whitepapers Conferences Seminars Business meetings Webcasts Podcasts The Internet revolutionized the way of the valuable information is distributed , searched and consumed.

16 How to create valuable content?
Identify business problem of your client What keeps him awake at night? What business problem does your product address? Identify key persons involved in the buying process Do not focus blindly on „decision maker” What is his role in the purchase process? Consistently deliver valuable content for each key person at each buying stage


18 SEO

19 Search Engine Optimization
Why SEO? The assumption of Inbound marketing and content marketing is active searching for solution to the business problem. Search Engines the main source of traffic on web. Search is the lowest haning fruit. EVERYONE is searching: What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? How to make people searching on the web finding and clicking on my valuable content.

20 Search Engine Optimization

21 Search Engine Optimization
How search engine result page is determined? It depends on two factors (huge oversimplification): Does your content contain keywords? Who is linking to your content? How to SEO your Content Marketing? Publish content, which: Addresses your potential customer’s business problems and meets their information needs. Use the language they use (and use in search) People care about and want to share and link to.

22 Search Engine Optimization
Conclusions: Obvious conclusion You web content should be SEO’ed. Non-obvious conclusion All your content should be SEO’ed. Presentation Slides Press articles / interviews Brochures Books

23 Conversion

24 Conversion: Key to success
Why should I invest in valuble content and give it away for free?! Conversion allows you to „sell” your content in exchange for personal data. Why would anyone give his personal details at all?! Buyers are OK with giving out personal detail providing they belive the are getting access to valuable content.

25 Conversion: Key to success
PR / Marketing Conversion Lead generation Lead qualification Sale Marketing ROI Conversion is the pivotal point linking your marketing activities with sales activities.

26 Conversion: Key to success
Typical conversion points: Event registration Newsletter / blog subscription Webcast registration Premium content registration (download for free in exchange for registration) Why collect personal data? To identify leads To build and segment your marketing database

27 Conversion: Key to success
I am calling you because you expressed an interest in our product. Nope, I have registered to download the report!

28 Qualifying leads (lead scoring)

29 Qualifying leads What does sale force REALLY WANT from B2B marketing?
Arrange a meeting with a person who struggle with the business problem, meets the ideal client requirements, has budget and is ready to buy our solution. Lead qualification (lead scoring) Proces of identifying sales-ready leads. Demographics criteria: Who is it? Behavioral criteria: What does he do? What is he interested in? PR / Marketing Conversion Lead generation Lead qualification Sale Marketing ROI


31 Lead nurturing What about rejected leads?
Recycle them back to your marketing database You already made effort to reach them – you may want to contact them in the future They may be on the beginging of purchase process -> lead nurturing

32 Lead Generation Marketing Campaign
Seminars PR / Marketing Campaign Conversion Leads Generation Business Follow-up Sale Premium content Webcasts SEO Newsletters PR campaign Marketing ROI Business follow-up

33 Marketing automation

34 Marketing Automation Typical functionalities Profiling:
Tracking behavior on the web Progressive profiling Social media integration Marketing campaign management Lead management Lead scoring automation Lead nurturing automation Communication management: Social media Call center Mail CRM integration Reporting Marketing and sale pipeline Financial pipeline

35 Marketing Automation Is Marketing Automation the new CRM?
CRM (by definition) focuses on existing clients and the past events Marketing Automation focuses on future clients CRM and Marketing Automation give best results PR / Marketing Conversion Lead generation Lead qualification Sale Marketing ROI Marketing Automation CRM

36 Legal issues

37 Legal issues Data Protection Act (Ustawa o ochronie danych osobowych)
Number of requirements, including: Explicit consent to process personal data Requirements to provide information, modify it, or remove per data owner request Database registration required at GIODO And more. „Anti-SPAM Act” (Ustawa o świadczeniu usług drogą elektroniczną) It makes sending unrequested marketing s illegal. Without Marketing Automation meeting strict legal requirements may be difficult.

38 Is Marketing Automation silver bullet?

39 Is Marketing Automation silver bullet?
You can automate ONLY processes that exist: You have nothing to automate without content marketing You have nothing to automate without lead generation program You have nothing to automate without sale process to qualified lead You cannot make informed decition without integrated CRM

40 Further reading SalesManago by Benhauer:
Direct competitors: and My personal blog:

41 Let’s keep in touch! Igor Bielobradek Head of Digital Marketing
Deloitte in Poland LinkedIn: Blog:

42 Nazwa Deloitte odnosi się do jednej lub kilku jednostek Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, prywatnego podmiotu prawa brytyjskiego z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością i jego firm członkowskich, które stanowią oddzielne i niezależne podmioty prawne. Dokładny opis struktury prawnej Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited oraz jego firm członkowskich można znaleźć na stronie Member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu 42

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