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Intercultural Understanding

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1 Intercultural Understanding

2 50+ free resources French / Spanish
Centre for Global Education, York UNIVERSITY OF YORK ST JOHN T: E:

3 Écoles du monde – MILAN PRESSE
Ecoles du Monde PPT

4 A l’ école – Metzo Djatah
Petit ami veut aller a l’ école (x2) Savoir et pouvoir Choisir librement son avenir Construire librement son devenir Liberté, égalité Apprendre, comprendre, se dépendre Apprendre, comprendre, pour répandre


6 Video conferencing with our partner school in Cambrai

7 Spontaneous Pupil voice What do pupils make of video conferencing?
39 pupils – 95 positive remarks 45% of those positives came from boys (average of 4 positive comments each!!!) Your thoughts about today’s Skype lesson & Ideas for the future

8 I have never been to France and it made me feel like I was in France
Really interesting to see how good French pupils could speak English It was really fun and exciting to talk live to people over in France I liked it because they congratulate us and we do the same It was really cool – I want to do it again The webcam is sensational and a great idea, lots of fun.

9 We could go to France and see our friends …and the cats
Can we write letters to the French kids and hope they reply We could have some plays and sing more songs We could do the shopkeeper scene with them We could do a dance for them Show them our art work I think we should sing in English and they sing in French and we can see if we understand what they are saying ‘WOW! A REAL LIVE AUDIENCE FOR CROSS- CURRICULAR AND COLLABORATIVE WORK’

10 Where to find out more: Technology in MFL – A Practitioner’s Perspective 10 minute guides – Intercultural Understanding

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