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Federal Partners in Technology Transfer FPTT Executive Office Update For National Meeting Morna Paterson 3 June 2008.

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1 Federal Partners in Technology Transfer FPTT Executive Office Update For National Meeting Morna Paterson 3 June 2008

2 Partenaires fédéraux en transfert de technologie Priorités des PFTT 2007-2008 Morna Paterson Le 3 juin 2008

3 Report on 2007-08 Priorities 1.Networking/Sharing Best Practices 2.Professional Development 3.Communications and Promotion 4.Research and Advocacy 5.Administration

4 Priorités pour 2007-2008 1.Réseautage/partage des meilleures pratiques 2.Perfectionnement professionnel 3.Communications et promotion 4.Recherche et défense des intérêts 5.Administration

5 1. Networking and Sharing Best Practices 1. Goal: Strengthen the FPTT network by providing a forum to share best practices FPTT chapter meetings: Quebec June 21, September 14, December 6; February 7; Ontario September 20, December 20, February 21 FPTT National Meeting: 12 June 2007 FPTT network luncheon at ACCT conference November 19 Workshops in Halifax and Winnipeg

6 Networking contd 2. Goal :Promote strategic networking and develop linkages with leaders in the technology transfer field including federal, provincial, academic and private industry representatives ACCT : les PFTT sont un partenaire de la Conférence de lACCT en 2007 IPIC: le directeur est membre du Comité de TT MAÉCI : a fourni un apport à la réunion des partenaires en S et T LES - É.-U. et Canada : a fourni un apport au programme et des conférenciers. Innovation Council du CBOC : Rôle actif dans létablissement du programme

7 1. Networking contd FPTT password protected Members Corner: Launched at December 20 FPTT Ontario meeting. Consultant hired to complete addition of content. ERA-Can: Member of Finance Committee; participated in staffing interviews for ERA-Can Office assistant. Providing ongoing information support to the ERC-Can Liaison Office.

8 2. Professional Development 2.1 Goal: Facilitate access to technology transfer tools, information and experts Scanned the TT literature and selected relevant information for the FPTT newsletter Developed and maintained FPTT website and worked to ensure it isCLF2 compliant Responded to requests for information and provided referrals to experts and technologies

9 2. Professional Development contd 2.2 Goal: Build technology transfer capacity Surveyed members to determine training needs Planned and organized the FPTT 2007 National Meeting in Halifax and began preparations for this years national meeting Held three workshops on tech transfer for our non TT colleagues : Ottawa, Winnipeg, Halifax et Trios audioconférence. CDs disponibles pour prêt. Rétroaction importante reçue pour lamélioration des séances futures

10 2. Professional Development contd 2.3 Goal: Creation of a specialist certificate program for federal TT professionals. Gathering information on programs offered by U of Man, U of A, UNB, US Federal Laboratory Consortium, and associations such as LES, AUTM, ACCT, WIPO and others.

11 3. Communications et promotion 3.1 Objectif : Promouvoir les laboratoires fédéraux et le transfert fructueux de la technologie Prix et le Gala des PFTT 2007 à Halifax*. Trois lauréats. Lauréat précédent a agi comme conférencier-présentateur Began development of new promotional material to augment the Century of Innovation Poster and demonstrate the successful transfer of new technologies from federal labs Exhibited the FPTT booth at WBT and FLC plus LES US and Canada Article sur les PFTT dans le CNRC à loeuvre qui portera sur les partenariats. Présentation offerte à une délégation de TT russe

12 3. Communications and Promotion contd 3.2 Goal: Develop some key options for a communication strategy Consultant was hired. FPTT stake holders were interviewed and report completed. Recommendations to be discussed with FPTT Working Group.

13 4. Research and Advocacy 4.1 Goal: Take an active role in advocating change and influencing technology transfer related policies as recommended by FPTT Advisory Council S&T Strategy Implementation: Knowledge Translation and Technology Commercialization Working Group to review intellectual property policies and other possible barriers to successful S&T collaboration and technology transfer from federal labs Conduct an analysis that will identify the TT processes and challenges associated with the non-commercial transfer of R&D out puts Policy Research Initiative: improving Measurement and Reporting on Impacts of Federal S&T

14 4. Research and Advocacy contd 4.2 Goal: Raise the profile of the FPTT Advisory Council with a view to becoming the voice for technology transfer in the federal government FPTT Advisory Council agreed to take on an enhanced role in policy making related to knowledge translation and technology transfer and commercialization and was re-named the FPTT ADM Committee FPTT Executive Office (i.e., 3 NRC employees) has been re- named: FPTT Secretariat and it will carry out the direction of, and report to, the FPTT ADM Committee FPTT Steering Committee (i.e., one senior tech transfer representative from each member department) to be re-named: FPTT Working Group.

15 Our activities will increasingly address the different needs of departments in non-economic ( as per the Belinko model) based departments (e.g., what are the best practices in managing IP in non-economic based departments?) Support to ADM Committee These activities will assume a greater importance than previously (when they were called research and advocacy) The Secretariat will coordinate its own activities and those of the Working Group in examining critical issues as requested by the FPTT ADM Committee

16 For 2008-09, the ADM Committee will likely wish to focus on specific IP and TT issues of the DGSI and the Commercialization Pilot The Secretariat will need to provide support for reporting to the ADM Committee on S&T to ensure this link is strengthened The Secretariat will also need to support more regular meetings of and follow-up from the FPTT ADM Committee

17 5. Administration des PFTT Le Bureau de direction des PFTT relève maintenant de la directrice exécutive du nouveau bureau de Soutien aux affaires du CNRC et non plus de la VP-STI La dotation du poste dagent principal de programme est maintenant chose faite, après 18 mois de recherche. Bienvenue a Marc-André Massie Renouvellement du Protocole dentente 2008-2011

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