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Options in your college search

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2 Options in your college search
Out-of-State Colleges= 3,400 Colleges Only 23 universities in Colorado for you to consider Different sizes Different locations Costs Increase search= find match and right fit

3 Take time to Learn about yourself
Some questions to consider: Do I like the city or country? Individual attention vs. work well on my own Do I like a lot of activity? What environments challenge and excite me? Academically: What is your GPA? What are your test scores? How many honors/Aps have you taken? What are your extracurricular activities? Class rank

4 Know the college The academic profile Class size
Student to teacher ratio School population Majors Extracurricular activities Campus and surroundings

5 College search timeline
Sophomore Year Start your college search Junior Year Make a college list Standardized tests Go to college fairs and speak with representatives visiting your school Visit colleges Senior Year Complete admission and scholarship applications Submit financial aid forms

6 Types of Admissions Plans
Rolling Early Action (EA) Restrictive Early Action(REA) Early Decision (ED) Regular Decision (RG) Talk about common app vs. school specific app

7 Who Reads your application?
Who will be reading your application for admission? What matters most in your application?

8 Your Application Transcript Testing Recommendations Extracurricular Activities Essays Interview Demonstrated Interest

9 Transcript Strength of curriculum Classroom performance Number of solid courses taken- especially senior year Reviewed within context of the school a student attends

10 ACT vs. SAT SAT Subject Tests Test Optional Superscore
Standardized Testing ACT vs. SAT SAT Subject Tests Test Optional Superscore

11 Teacher and Counselor Recommendations
Ask far in advance to give the teacher and counselor plenty of time to write a thoughtful recommendation Ask a teacher who knows you well and can speak about your strengths and weaknesses Teacher recommendation should be an academic teacher from junior or senior year Spend time talking with your counselor about your accomplishments and plans. Teacher who gave you an “A” isn’t always the best choice

12 Extracurricular Activities
How important is your involvement outside of the classroom? Looking for quality, not quantity!

13 Let your personality come through in the essay!
Essays Let your personality come through in the essay! The essay provides insight into who you are Demonstration of your writing abilities

14 Interview You are more than just a GPA and test score!
If offered, take advantage of the opportunity to interview Tips for a great admissions interview Bring questions with you Do your research on the college before your interview Practice interviewing

15 Sample interview questions
Why are you interested in X College and why do you feel you are a good fit? What classes have you enjoyed most in high school? What do you want to major in? Tell me about the extracurricular activities you’ve been involved with. What has been your proudest achievement so far? How would you describe yourself? What do you do in the summertime? What about you is unique?

16 Demonstrated Interest
Campus Visit Admissions Interview College Fair High School Visit Who should I contact with questions?

17 Making the most of your college visit
Do as much as that college/university will allow during your visit! Things to consider: Campus tour Observing a class Chatting with a professor in your academic area of interest Having lunch in the cafeteria with current students Meeting with the President of a club or organization in which you are interested Meeting with an athletic coach Meeting with a financial aid counselor Interview with an admissions counselor Overnight visit

18 Aspen University Profile: AU was founded in The campus is located thirty minutes from Denver, CO. Students pursue a wide range of internship opportunities in the Denver area. Recognizing AU’s excellence in education, U.S.News and World Report has ranked AU consistently among the "top national universities" in its annual publications, and named the University a "best value" in its 2010 rankings. Nearly 75 percent of AU undergraduates study abroad during their time at the University. Students participate in 15 division III sports, as well as many club s and organizations. 96% of the faculty at AU holds a Ph.D or equivalent. Student Body= 2,300 Freshman Class Profile Admit rate= 44% Average GPA= 3.7 Mid 50% ACT composite= Mid 50% SAT composite (without writing)= Admission Factors: Holistic review process where we evaluate the strength of curriculum and grades, recommendations, strength of writing and extracurricular involvement. Admission interviews are highly recommended; strongly value the fit between you and the College. Institutional Priorities for this year: Admit more students with strong science and math background. Our theater program needs more talented students to be a part of productions. More national diversity.

19 Student: David Smith (Chicago, IL) Liberty High School High School Profile: 65% attend 4-year colleges, public high school serving 2,000 students. AP Courses offered: 14 9th Grade Grade 10th Grade Grade English 9 C English 10 B Geometry B+ Pre-Calc honors A Spanish 1 C Chemistry honors B World Geography B Spanish 2 C Biology A World Politics B GPA= 2.86 GPA= th Grade Grade 12th Grade* Grade English 11 honors B AP English Lit B AP Calc AB A AP Calc BC A AP Env. Science A AP Physics A Spanish 3 B Government B US History C Economics C GPA= 3.2 *1st quarter grades Cumulative GPA= 3.02 Activities: Was involved with baseball until sophomore year. No involvement since quitting baseball. No interview or engagement with the admissions office ACT English- 30 Math- 34 Reading- 30 Science- 34 Composite= 32

20 Student: Kristen Bell (Seattle, WA) Mountain Academy Profile: An independent secondary school. 100% of graduates attend 4-year colleges or universities. Regular classes on a 4.0 scale and AP classes are weighted on a 5.0 scale. 9th Grade Grade 10th Grade Grade English 9 honors A Spanish 3 C Geometry honors B World History Honors C Biology honors A English 10 Honors C Spanish 2 A AP Biology C GPA= 3.75 GPA= 2.0 (UW) 2.25 (W) 11th Grade Grade 12th Grade* Grade US History A AP Macroecon A AP Psychology A AP Gov’t/Pol A AP English Language A AP English A Pre-Calc/ Trig B AP Calculus AB B Chemistry honors A Physics Honors A Media Production B *1st quarter grades GPA= 3.67 (UW) 4.0 (W) Cumulative GPA = 3.74(weighted) 3.36 (unweighted) ACT= English- 25 Math- 25 Reading- 26 Science- 24 Composite= 25 Involvement: President of NHS, Captain of volleyball team, completed 100 hours of community service, volunteers at a local hospital in her community Visited campus in the fall and had a fantastic interview with an admissions counselor. The counselor found that Kristen had a clear rational for applying the College, mature personality and would contribute immensely to the community with her commitment to service. Important to note that she became extremely ill during her sophomore year and missed a lot of school. We will see a dip in her grades this year.

21 Student: Susan Young (Denver, CO) Dakota Prep Profile: An independent school with 700 students. 92% attend a four-year college or university. All courses are considered honors level. No AP courses are offered. 9th Grade Grade 10th Grade Grade 9th English A 10th English A 9th History A 10th History A Algebra 2 A Geometry B French 2 A Biology 1 A Beginning Drama A French 3 B GPA= 4.0 Intermediate Drama A GPA= th Grade Grade 12th Grade Grade Adv. Composition A Irish Literature A Shakespeare Comedies A Society and Self Lit A US History A Intro to World CinemaA Trigonometry B Statistics B Chemistry 1 B Chemistry 2 A French 4 A French 5 B Theater Arts 3 A Art 1 A GPA= 3.71 *1st semester grades Cumulative GPA= 3.77 ACT: English-28 Math- 26 Reading- 27 Science- 26 Composite= 27 Activities: Theater (school and community), School newspaper (Editor-in-chief), 3 week summer program in Cambridge Came to presentation at Dakota Prep by admissions representative.

22 Contact Information Jennifer Motzer Lake Forest College Associate Director of Admissions Regionally Based in Denver

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