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Democracy, Innovation and Partnerships Jens Thorhauge Danish Agency for Libraries and Media.

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1 Democracy, Innovation and Partnerships Jens Thorhauge Danish Agency for Libraries and Media

2 Next library Challenges a la carte To develop the new library concept – aiming at all citizens To reorganise the library according to the concept – from collection to connection to facilitating learning and inspiration To create services in support of the agenda of the society – where libraries can be of help

3 Next library The vision for a new concept Coherent digital library covering all fields of media and library services from baby- to researcher level Corresponding with the library space activities and programmes Aiming at all citizens with segmented services and building on partnerships of all kind

4 Next library Reorganize library work Turn around from collection- centered organisation towards user-need driven organisation Build on national cooperation and national services and development in combination with local tailored services

5 Next library New cooperative models state/municipalities Danish Agency for Libraries and Media responsible for infrastructure Municipalities responsible for public libraries Create an organisation taking responsibility in new (inter)national structure and frame for (public) libraries, closer cooperation

6 Next library Segmented and including services The library niche is facilitating the use of media for lifelong learning, inspirational purposes & other kinds of personal and democratic development activities

7 Next library Challenges for democracy Bridge the divides in a still more fragmented society Coherence creating activities Educating the public Democracy and social media

8 Next library Innovation – more than a buzz-word jobs lost in few years Competition on production costs lost Creativity and innovative ways to work should be pursued systematically Social innovation needed – find ways to integrate innovation work in everyday life

9 Next library Partnerships essential to change Partnerships is a method To ensure user orientation For competence and scope building For segmentation of services For relationel development

10 Next library A new library concept

11 Next library Do we need a new kind of institutions? We need a change from institution-centered thinking to user need-driven activities. We need more fluid and flexible activities We need to facilitate people where they are Connect this need with the trend towards reorganizing library work

12 Next library Some citizens needs – democracy and innovation related Develop media literacy- stimulate linguistic development Support learning, help pupils with difficulties Inspire innovation – small and mediumsized businesses Building basic ICT competencies Lifelong learning activities of many kinds Inspire and support networking and participation Coping with everyday issues in a strange culture

13 Next library Some Danish steps so far – integrating virtual and real services – and building on partnerships Bookstart Pauls Giftshop Homework café Home work online Literature-web Open access Ageforce Danish Digital Library

14 Next library Bookstart in ghettos

15 Next library The website forms an inspiring universe of its own – inviting children to participate

16 Next library Homework café works

17 Next library Homework-online hits boys that are not visiting the library

18 Next library Borrow an expert – the human ressource! Billede fra

19 Next library Open access and inspiration for SMB

20 Next library The web for literature is a new intermediary

21 Next library Empowerment of 50+

22 Next library – a backbone to be improved

23 Next library Next library Danish Digital Library Integrated acces/federal search to all relevant material Open source and SOA National solutions on infrastructure and licensing– local priorities and presentations, local profile in library space and programme Basic collection of web-media for all libraries

24 Next library The library space remains - but virtual services are part of it as water taps in a household

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