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Your connection to the world

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1 Your connection to the world
Low-end Media Gateways for voice, fax and modems MP-11x, MP-10x solutions November 2006

2 Contenu Needs to fulfill MP-11x, MP-10x products Benefits
Solution’s engineering How to get support ?

3 Low-end media gateway Pourquoi ?
Les systèmes de téléphonie sur IP sont distribués sur tout le réseau Des petites passerelles analogique-IP sont nécessaires pour raccorder des équipements traditionnels distribués tels que : Postes analogiques FAX Modems Cas typique : campus ou petite agence Besoins essentiels : Produit à bas coût pour 2, 4, 8 ports Configuration et déploiement simples

4 Low-end media gateway Architecture
IP phone MP-114 ? Fax IP phone CTI Software phone LAN Analog phones Branch office WAN Analog Phones ? MP-112 Fax LAN PVI CAMPUS NeXspan Communication Server NeXspan S PSTN PT2 TDM phones NeXspan 500

5 MP-11x products Overview
Modular 2, 4 or 8 ports analog VoIP Gateway Supports: FXS Short Haul or Long Haul - Up to 3000m Internal 110/220V 10/ 100 Base-T network interface QoS: DiffServ marking SIP or H.323v2 Codecs: G.711, G.723.1, G.729A Echo cancellation (G.168, 25 milliseconds) DTMF and tone generation Fax and Modem transparency Class set (Caller ID) : BELL202 or ITU- T V. 23 Manageable via BootP / TFTP, SNMP and Web Browser MP-112 MP-114 MP-118

6 MP-10x products Overview
Old releases of MP11x gateways Support AudioCodes software release up to V4.6 SIP or H.323 MP-102 MP-104 MP-108

7 Web Management

8 Benefits For the integrator For the customer
Certified Solution by EADS TELECOM Public interoperability report Simple Engineering. Access on Extranet to : Reference configurations Quick installation document Simple gateway deployment No multi-site configuration Full remote management For the customer Cost reduction Wiring simplification Investment preservation (fax, modems)

9 Bénéfices Fonctionnalités

10 Solution’s engineering Principles of default configuration
Transparent integration in M6500 network MP extension are seen as SIP or H.323 IP terminals « Speech » type for phones « Data» type for fax and modems (recommended) Signaling goes to the SIP access point IPS board NeXspan SIP Access Point on a PC server, or integrated with the NCS Routed signaling Out of Band DTMF Signaling goes to « H.323 Signaling Gateway » Static gatekeeper VoIP goes through the « TDM multi-site access point » G.729 for voice by default G.711 bypass for fax and modems DiffServ EF marking

11 Solution’s engineering SIP architecture
NCS SIP Signaling i2052 i7xx MOVACS Signaling MOVACS M7xx Voice NeXspan DECT SIP access point (IPS) LAN SIP access point (NSAP : on a server) TDM access point LAN Analog MP-11x WAN Without NAT or with VPN MP-11x

12 Solution’s engineering H.323 architecture
NCS H.323 signaling i2052 i7xx MOVACS signaling MOVACS M7xx Voice NeXspan DECT LAN H.323 Signaling Gateway (PHM) TDM access point LAN Analog MP-11x WAN Without NAT or with VPN MP-11x

13 Solution’s engineering Pre-requisite
SIP H.323 NeXspan NCS, NeXspan Minimum : R4.2 G2J5 SIP access point (IPS ou NSAP) G2J7 MP-10x Hardware MP11-x, MP10-x Software Minimum R4.6 NeXspan NCS, NeXspan Recommended : >= R4.2 G2J5 Minimum : R2.1 E3FL, R3.1 H.323 gateway (PHM) Recommended : >= R3.2 F3E5 Minimum : R2.1 E3H MP-11x, MP-10x Hardware Software Recommended : >= R4.6 Minimum R

14 How to get support ? Contact AudioCodes to find the local MP products distributors AudioCodes Commercial support Worldwide : France : Web site : AASTRA MATRA Telecom marketing support Extranet : Zone : product partners

15 How to get support ? AudioCodes local presence
Worldwide Presence Distributors: USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, India, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico Offices: San Jose, Dallas, Boston, Chicago, Paris Tel-Aviv, Beijing, Tokyo AudioCodes Offices AudioCodes Distributors

16 How to get support ? AudioCodes technical support
Specific technical information available : Interroperability report Installation guideline Reference configuration Tones files per country Software releases

17 MP-11x indicative distributor price
MP-112 /FXS € 210 MP-114 /FXS € 400 MP-118 /FXS € 700

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