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Alternative to Microsoft Office

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1 Alternative to Microsoft Office Alternative to Microsoft Office

2 What is Suite of Programs Word Processor - Writer
Spreadsheets – Calc Presentations – Impress Database – Base Graphics – Draw Formulas - Math Open Office Suite of programs Go over Will concentrate of first 3 for this presentation 06/24/10 Steve Costello - BRCS

3 Why Comprehensive suite of Programs
Capabilities similar to Microsoft Office Accepts and Creates files useable by Microsoft Office $ 0 No Cost FREE Comprehensive – 6 programs Capabilities similar to Microsoft Office Main features average user needs Accept files created by Microsoft Office Creates files readable by Microsoft office Money factor 06/24/10 Steve Costello - BRCS

4 Writer Word Processor Look and Feel of Word 2003
Looks very much like Word 2003 Standard and Formatting Tool bars Similar Menus 06/24/10 Steve Costello - BRCS

5 Writer Basic and advanced features
Lists, Paragraph formatting, Find Replace, Spell Checker Styles, Templates, Tables, Mail Merge Can open Microsoft Word documents Can save Microsoft Word documents Writer has all of the basic features of a Word Processor including fonts,paragraph formatting, find/replace, spell checking, It has many advanced features such as styles, templates, lists, Tables including Table of Contents and Mail Merge Major advantage – can OPEN Microsoft Word documents people may send you in an Can also save a document in Microsoft Word format Caveat – can open .docx files, can only save .doc files 06/24/10 Steve Costello - BRCS

6 Writer demo 06/24/10 Steve Costello - BRCS

7 Calc Spreadsheets Look and feel of Excel 2003
Calc looks and acts very similar to Excel 2003 06/24/10 Steve Costello - BRCS

8 Calc Basic and advanced features
Enter Data, Format cells and pages, Formulas, Copy formulas Functions, Charts, Links Can open Microsoft Excel spreadsheets Can save Microsoft Excel spreadsheets Same basic grid for entering data and formatting cells and pages Formulas work similarly Can Copy formulas form cells There is a large number of functions Abilty to do charts Link data from spreadsheets Opens Excel spreadsheets Can create Excel spreadhseets 06/24/10 Steve Costello - BRCS

9 Impress Presentations Look and feel of Powerpoint 2003
Looks a lot like Powerpoint 2003 Tool bars and layout 06/24/10 Steve Costello - BRCS

10 Impress Basic and advanced features Slide Background, Text, Layouts
Graphics, Tranisitions, Animations Can open Microsoft Powerpoint presentationss Can save Microsoft Powerpoint presentations Has many formatting features Includes a lot of basic layouts Ability to add graphics Slide Transitions Slide Animations 06/24/10 Steve Costello - BRCS

11 Websites The main website – download from here
Open Office forums – problem solving Documentation Tutorials The main website is where you can download OpenOffice The forums are a good place to go to solve problems Documentation Help in OpenOffice programs ok – not great Excellent documentation at this site – download pdf files from here –DEMO Tutotials Some of these still refer to OpenOffice 2.0 Search web for more help 06/24/10 Steve Costello - BRCS

12 Portable Versions Version Currently 06/24/10 Steve Costello - BRCS

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