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How to introduce yourself in French And an introduction to les verbs reflexifs.

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2 How to introduce yourself in French And an introduction to les verbs reflexifs

3 Introduce yourself in French to someone Ask someone elses name Know whether or not to use tu or vous! Identify a reflexive verb, and know what it is! Correctly produce liaisons between words that end with vowels, and begin with consonants Know how to Conjugate regular –er reflexive verbs in the imperatif (Present tense) ! Allez, viens!

4 Sing along with our adorable petit sourris- ami, Ratournet! Je mappelle [Name]. Comment tappelles tu? Ou Je mappelle [Name]. Comment vous appellez – vous?

5 French has two ways to say the word you! Vous ( Formelle) people you dont know, your boss, teachers! Tu (Informelle) friends, people your own age, family! English had this same system until the 12 th century!

6 Cest important noter que: Apeller is a verb that begins with un voyelle! [ A, E, I, O, U ] When you have a pronoun that ends in s [Nous, Vous], the S sound becomes a Z sound next to a word that begins with a vowel, and that Z sound links them together! This part of pronunciation is called un liaison, en français! The ~ mark here denotes where to make the liaison! Comment vous~ appellez-vous? Comment nous~appellons-nous?

7 A reflexive verb [fr: verbe reflexif] is a verb that is used when the subject and direct object of a sentence are the same. A reflexive verb uses a subject pronoun, and then an object pronoun [Subj. pronoun] + [Obj. Pronoun]+[Conjugated verb] Review: «Tu manges un pomme» Direct Object Subject If your friend were an apple (which theyre probably not!) you could say «Tu te manges!»

8 Singulier Je me Tu te Il/Elle/On se Pluriel Nous nous Vous vous Ils/Elles se

9 Appeller is just a simple -er verb at heart! It has a stem, and an ending, like any other -er verb! Lets conjugate appeller, before we make it reflexive! Jappelle Tu appelles Il/Elle/On appelle Nous appellons Vous appellez Ils/elles appellent

10 Madness? This is French Class! Like in english, sometimes the French have vowels that they dont say When there is an unspoken vowel, we replace it with an apostrophe ( ) English: I cant go out tonight! (Cannot = cant) French Je mappelle Jean Wait a minute… wasnt there an e there a second ago? Yes, there was! The mark always replaces the e on the object pronoun, not the Subject pronoun!

11 Choose a pronoun! Je me Tu te Il/elle/on se Nous nous Vous vous Ils/elles se Match it up! appelle appelles Appelle Appellons Appellez appellent

12 Thanks for tuning in!

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