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“Los Verbos Reflexivos”

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1 “Los Verbos Reflexivos”

2 Reflexive verbs have two parts.
A reflexive pronoun (me, te, se, nos) A conjugated verb in any tense *These two parts must match!

3 lavarse = to wash one’s self
me lavo te lavas se lava nos lavamos os laváis se lavan

4 Placement of Pronouns Reflexive pronouns can be:
1) attached to the infinitive 2) before the entire conjugated verb

5 Ej: Yo voy a ducharme antes del baile.
Yo me voy a duchar antes del baile. Ej: Me baño antes del baile.

6 *Reflexive verbs tell you that the subject of
the verb is involved in the action—the action falls back on the subject.

7 Libro – pa. 119

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