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How To Reset an HP Computer Without a Restore Disc?

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1 How To Reset an HP Computer Without a Restore Disc?

2  HP computers dispatched with Windows 7 include a recovery partition that performs the same tasks as a restore disc. The HP “Recovery Manager” software installed to the barrier provides various functions. To reinstall the OS and to back up company files to another storage device before applying the hard drive, the user can easily use the software. You can reset the HP computer on your own or simply take HP Technical Support from our experts.  Here first you need to turn “ON” or “Restart” the HP computer and press "F11" until the computer boots to Recovery Manager

3  After this, you need to select "System Recovery" from the option "I Need Help Immediately" section in the left pane.  Next simply click "Back Up Your Files” if prompted and select "Next"  Here then you need to choose which types of files you want to backup and click "Next".

4  Then the external drive needs to be connected to the computer or insert a blank disc into the optical drive  Once you complete the above procedure you need to select the drive letter associated with the optical or USB drive, and then simply click "Next"  Follow the further procedure prompted onscreen and then click "Finish"  Follow the on-screen prompts to set up Windows 7

5  In case you encounter any sort of difficulty while following the above-stated procedure, you need to directly contact at toll-free (1-877-213-5868) - HP Customer Support Phone Number. Here you will have a quick response from the experts of our third-party customer service. We hold the group of technicians who are skilled and knowledgeable to resolve and handle all kind of situation related to HP computers. They provide support and guidance at your fingertips so that you don’t have to rush to the technicians’ workshop to attain help.

6 Contact Details Visit Us Call Us Toll-Free : 1-877-213-5868

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