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BUILDING INDUSTRIAL DAIRY BUSINESS BASED ON SMALLHOLDERS: ‘Laiterie du Berger’ experiences Senegal, West Africa PRESENTED BY ARONA DIAW, Dairy collection.

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1 BUILDING INDUSTRIAL DAIRY BUSINESS BASED ON SMALLHOLDERS: ‘Laiterie du Berger’ experiences Senegal, West Africa PRESENTED BY ARONA DIAW, Dairy collection and livestock’ services Manager OCTOBRE 2013

Senegal, west Africa: Population, 12 millions Km2 cheptel bovin par habitant, direl 2005 - Cattle heads: millions Small ruminant heads : 10,3 millions (source, PNDE-MINEL 2011) 3 millions people as livestock’ producers

untes de transformation de lait Sénégal, D. Dia 2008 DAIRY MARKET, (source PNDE-MINEL, 2010) Dairy products consumption in Senegal (2010): 462 millions liters Local production and importations: Importation: 61%, $ 124 millions in value Local production : 39 % (a) Intensive and semi-intensive systems: 16% (b) Extensive et agropastoral systems: %

CREATED in 2006 by Young Senegaleses, main promoter in Veterinarian GOAL: Valorize local dairy of small producers for offering quality dairy products to urbans consumers. STATUS: S.A, ‘Société Anonyme’ based on social business (social act signed by the Executive Committee) 02 SITES: - RICHARD TOLL (in overage 400 km to Dakar) : dairy collection and processing departments - DAKAR: administrative and financial, supplying, Sales and Marketing departments employees

5 RICHARD TOLL & ENVIRONS Dairy Collection department
URBANS MARKETS: Dakar & others Regions Sales department, LDB RICHARD TOLL & ENVIRONS Processing plant Dairy Collection department smallholdcers (Walo and Diery)

6 3. DAIRY COLLECTION BY L.D.B, 2007-2012 Linking smallholders to market
Two dairy collection zones More than 1800 smallholders involved; each LDB’s supplier number is for about 2.3 producers Cartographie zone de collecte de la ldb Dairy collection system: in around 50 km around the plant at Richard toll. 10 months dry season

(3). DAIRY COLLECTION BY L.D.B, Linking smallholders to market Partnership LDB - smallholders, based on: Permanent dialogue to facilitate access to livestock services directly or indirectly, specially building capacities on best production practices. For each producer, 02 accounts as supplier and client; Services offered based on producers’ need and demand etc Implementation of innovative solutions to increase productivity and competitiveness in dairy production and collection valorization of local forage of rice, sugar cans… collection with motorcycles pilot project with lactoprexydase (FAO) Dairy volume collected: 2007 to 2011, +23% increase each year 2012, -14% decrease because of rains’ luck in 2011 02 keys factors for dairy collection: (1) Dairy production of small producers depend on rainy season (2) Dairy collection volume depend rainy season AND mostly on quality of partnership with small producers in terms of livestock services offered

8 (3) examples of livestock’ services offered to producers
From rice production: forage: forage, sons? From sugar cans production: forage, melasse? Forage transportation to producers Access to industrial animal feed Veterinary consultation in case of large demand In partnership with the Senegalese State Livestock department, 02 campaign of artificial insemination in DB’s collection zone In partnership with GRET, NGO: 02 projects ‘AICHA’: 16 km water pipe for animals and people ‘ASSTEL’: support to livestock services and organization for small producers of Dagana department In partnership with CIRAD, studies in pastoral dynamics; animal feed impacts in dairy production; etc

9 ‘Laiterie du Berger’ products
2009 –2010 ‘Dolima’ launch FOUNDATION Plan, to consolidate business and prepare increasing plan BB Mid-2009 LDB launched DOLIMA, brand new marketing mix : Repositioning : Dolima, the best yoghurt because the only made for the best milk, the fresh collected milk Senegalization of the brand name on the yoghurt range (from brand ‘Laiterie du Berger’ to Dolima meaning « give me more" in wolof) New design on pouches and pots (green color code) Launch of a vanilla recipe and renovation of all recipes with a smooth and thick texture, suiting better consumers’ preference Optimization of distribution : car visits multiplied by 2 towards small shops, implementation of pouss pouss to deliver to smaller D shops. Agressive prospection plan. Marketing and trade support : instore activation (TG, animations)+ TV since aug. 09 Plan Fondations - Reduction of quality issues since 2011 with rigourous organoleptic control Reduction of range complexity : stop liquid fresh milk Refocus on milk collection - Margin improvement through downsizing and reduction of milk collection costs - Push fresh cream - Better control on variable and fixed costs - Improvement in financial monitoring

10 ‘Laiterie du Berger’ products
1. Focus on proximity distribution (pouss pouss…) 2.Development of ‘Dolima Thiakry’ (mix cereals and yoghourt) 3. Development of ‘Dolima Dool’é (nutritional product for kids) BB La croissance des volumes 2011 – 2014 est de T (+ 842 Moi de CA), soit + 72% en volume versus 2011 et +69% en CANN, ie approx +20% / an. Les principaux leviers de croissance sont : Consolider le cœur de gamme yaourt Dolima (50% de la croissance): En travaillant notoriété et préférence à la marque Dolima via notamment un plan de communication d’envergure (vague 30 MioFcfa / an) focalisé sur bénéfice et RTB « meilleur des sow, car seul à partir de vrai lait de collecte » Etendre la distribution de la gamme yaourt en PDV D via pouss-pouss en région (25% de la croissance) Le nb de PDV où LDB est présente passe de 6100 fin 2011 à 8650 fin 2014 (soit + 40%, dont les ¾ de la croissance dès 2012) grâce à la mise en place de 11 pouss dès 2012 versus 28 pouss fin 2011 (chaque pouss additionnel apportant 150 à 200 PDV additionnels) Renforcer les positions sur la crème fraîche (croissance de la rentabilité et maintien du CANN/KG) Focus commercial et qualité à l’attention du Food Service : gros formats de crème liquide Innover (25% de la croissance) Préparation du thiacri dès 2012 pour un lancement réel en 2013 Préparation lancement offre valorisée petits pots enfants fortifiés en 2014 pour lancement 2015 10 10

11 Multi stakeholders partnership
Business and economic viability with DANONE Communities Access to livestock services (water, feed, training; organization) with GRET, NGO Ecological sustainability with CIRAD ___________________________________________________________________________ Global assessments of practice changes sustainability based on multistakeholders platform

Physical address: DAKAR: villa Bagore Kebe, Ouakam – Dakar : SÉNÉGAL RICHARD TOLL: quartier Thiabakh General manager: Mr Bathily Bagore, Presentation: Dr Diaw Arona, Tel:

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