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Benefits of Gyan Mudra BY :

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1 Benefits of Gyan Mudra BY :

2 Gyan Mudra is a one of the most popular mudra positioned by hand and fingers. Traditional yogis prefer this mudra to bring the calm and peace of mind in life. It also helps in bringing good spirit, good health and good wealth in life.

3 Most popular Gurus like Guru Nanak, Christ Buddha, Mahavir and many divine saints followed this position. Gyan mudra is also acknowledged as a “mudra of knowledge”.


5 You might be thinking about how to make gyan mudra from your hand; here it is in your fingertips, just look at down the guidance for making Gyan Mudra.gyan mudra

6 How to Do Gyan Mudra First of all take a deep breath and sit in the calm place. Early morning is the best time, but no time is fixed to do this mudra.

7 Whenever you get the time you can do this mudra for calming your mind. Just sit at one place touch the tip of thumb. Use the index finger to touch the thumb.

8 Meanwhile keep other fingers straight. Do this mudra in both the hands. If you feel you can do it in Padmasan mudra. Otherwise sit on the chair and just put your gyan mudra positioned hands on your knees.

9 Benefits of Gyan Mudra Gyan Mudra has many spiritual and healthy advantages. It cools down the temperature of body. It is also a good mudra to release the stress and tension from the body.

10 On the other hands spiritual practitioners says, this is good mudra to welcome the god of wealth “Laxmi”. This mudra also helps in respiration, improving blood circulation, stimulating endocrine system. It is mostly used to boost the air element, used to empowering the mind.

11 Why Love Mudra is So Popular Mudra Gyan Mudra is very simple, anyone, anytime can enjoy doing this gyan mudra. It diversifies your busy mind to relaxing and resting mind with simply joining tow fingers.

12 If you feel that any of your friend or family having stress problems or require medication share this article to them. What is gyan mudra position will help them all who are in a great need of this.What is gyan mudra


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