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Welcome to Kindergarten!

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1 Welcome to Kindergarten!
Laura H. Carnell Elementary School Philadelphia, PA

2 Content Introducing the Teacher Information Daily Schedule Uniform
Supplies Homework First Day Reminders Thank You! ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙

3 Miss Beck A-5

4 First Day of Kindergarten:
Information First Day of Kindergarten: Monday September 10, 2003 Time: 8:30am-3:09pm Teacher: Miss Beck Classroom: A-5

5 Daily Schedule 8:30am Arrival (Unpack, Attendance) 8:45 Morning Story
9: Guided Reading/Morning Work 9: Shared Reading 10: Math 11: Lunch/Recess 11: Independent/Quiet Reading-Bathroom Time 12:00pm Journal Writing 12: Activity Centers 1: Prep 1: Story time 2:00 Snack Time 2: Science (Mon/Wed/Fri) or Social Studies (Tues/Thurs) 2: Clean-up/Pack-up 3: Dismissal

6 Uniform Students must wear the uniform everyday!
Boys Navy Blue Slacks White Collared Shirt Black Shoes Navy Blue/White Socks Navy Blue Sweater Girls Navy Blue Slacks/Jumper/Skirt White Collared Shirt Black Shoes Navy Blue/White Socks/Tights Navy Blue Sweater

7 Supplies (Provisiones)
*All students must bring all supplies on the First Day of Kindergarten, September 10, 2003. *(Todos los estudiantes deben traer todas las provisiones durante el Primer Día del Jardín de infancia, el 10 de septiembre de 2003.) *Write your child’s name on all supplies with Black Permanent Marker. *(Escriba el nombre de su niño sobre todas las provisiones con el Jalón Negro Permanente.)

8 Supplies 2 packs of washable markers 1 box of 24 crayons

9 Supplies 1 notebook 2 folders (any design)

10 Supplies 2 bottles of glue 3 glue sticks

11 Supplies 1 box of tissues back pack (any design)

12 Homework Please sign your child’s homework book everyday!
All Kindergarten students will have approximately 5 minutes of homework on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. There will be no homework on Fridays! The homework book will be given to students on Monday and returned to school on Friday morning! Please sign your child’s homework book everyday! Monday: Practice printing first name. Tuesday: Practice printing the letter of the week. Wednesday: Practice writing the number of the week. Thursday: Complete worksheet.

13 First Day of Kindergarten
Monday, September 10, 2003 1. Wear Uniform. 2. Bring All Supplies. 3. Bring a healthy snack. 4. Meet Miss Beck (A5) in the yard at 8:30am. 5. Pick up your child at 3:09pm in the yard.

14 Thank You! Feel Free to ask any questions at the end of this presentation. Miss Beck is available by or telephone. or (215)

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