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The leprechauns.

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1 The leprechauns

2 Quesqu'un leprechaun the leprechaun is a small magical creature after man of Irish folklore, the leprechaun says leipreachan in ireland and the farfedet then became a fictional character

3 Sa description leprechaun are small to be dressed like the first emigrants américains.ils wear a top hat with a buckle, a jacket, short pants, and shoes as loop; formerly leprechaun was dressed in red, her green garment is very recent. He Tours and Cruises in the forest are carrying his bundle and sometimes trésor.son main activity is to manufacture and polish shoes fairy his size.

4 The clover a symbol of saint patrick
Its pot of gold The clover a symbol of saint patrick His shoes fairy The magic flute

5 Saint patrick the leprechaun is the symbol of saint patrick is March 17, so it is for this that he has a clover on his jacket.He is shown saint patrick cards that Irish exchange .

6 Sa légende the leprechaun is depicted with a cauldron of gold coins is his treasure, he carries thanks to the magic. according to legend, he hides his treasure at the foot of a rainbow and whoever manages to capture him may to admit the place of cahette.Mais attention, catch a leprechaun is not guaranteed to find the trésoncar it is clever and will try anything to protect his treasure, care should be taken to avoid the music of his flute magical instrument he plays the same way as the flute

7 À la television the leprechaun is famous it is often used in film and TV for example in 1959 in the studio for a disney movie called » Darly o 'gill and leprechaun » Dans le téléfilm « le monde magique des leprechauns » AU cinéma il apparaît dans une saga de 6 films d'horreur Dans le film »Harry Potter et la coupe de feu » Dans plusieurs épisodes « des Simpson et de South Park » Dans plusieurs séries comme « les sorciers de waverly place »


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