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Presentation of the French education system and the public adult education system Key Skills at the workplace.

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1 Presentation of the French education system and the public adult education system Key Skills at the workplace

2 Principles of the French Education system Free education Compulsory education (up to the age of 16) Secular / non religious (both system : public and private)

3 AgeType of schoolClass 3 Ecole maternelle Nursery school Small section 1st degree 4 Medium section 5 High section 6 Ecole primaire Primary school Preparatory class 7 Elementary class 1st year (CE1) 8 Elementary class 2nd year (CE2) 9 Medium class 1st year (CM1) 10 Medium class 2nd year (CM2) 11 Collège Junior High School 6 th class 2nd degree 12 5 th class 13 4 th class 14 3 rd class 15 Lycée Senior High School Seconde / Second class 16 Première / First class 17 Terminale / Terminal class +17 University – High Schools university studyUpper level The Structure of the French education System

4 After collège (Junior High School) orientation Collège Junior High School CFA / Centre de formation dapprentis Centre of Apprenticeship Lycée professionnel / Vocational senior high school Lycée denseignement général et technologique Senior high school Post studies Entry in high schools, University… Vocational life entry or post studies Vocational life entry General and technological education… Vocational training EREA Specialized school Vocational life entry

5 Competences and responsibility / schools Overview of competencies Nursery & elementary school College Junior High School Lycée Senior High School Investment (construction, reconstruction, equipment, functioning) MunicipalityDepartmentRegion Teaching material MunicipalityState / Ministry Teaching staff (recruitment, training, posting, pay) State / Ministry Curriculum and Awarding diplomas

6 CORSE PARIS AIX-MARSEILLE BESANCON BORDEAUX CAEN CLERMONT-FD DIJON GRENOBLE LILLE LYON MONTPELLIER NANCY-METZ POITIERS RENNES STRASBOURG TOULOUSE NANTES ORLEANS-TOURS REIMS AMIENS ROUEN LIMOGES NICE CRETEIL VERSAILLES The French Ministry of Education -defines the general orientation -matches the required tools and skills -ensures the coherence of regional involvement -Manage salaries and carrier of 1.05 million people1.05 million people............................ 30 Academies (regional Level) - Regional office : the Rectorat - Manage the vocational training organisation with the Regional government body............................ Total +/- 50 000 schools +/- 7 000 colleges +/- 4300 lycées (1600 vocational lycées) 210 Greta National Education system in France

7 The Academy of Brittany Capital city : Rennes Main administration: Rectorat of Rennes 2472 nursery & elementary schools 388 colleges (Junior high schools) 122 lycées denseignement général (General education senior high school) 57 lycées professionnels (Vocational Senior high schools) The Academy of Brittany

8 57 Lycées (38 public and 19 private lycées ) The Lycées / Senior High School in Brittany GIP-FAR Lycée Freyssinet

9 Key skills for adults What about adult education, then ? ?

10 GRETA Training department Com- munication department Accounting department Development department Teachers and trainers Public adult education system Training for adults - Vocational training - Key skills training General education senior high school Vocational Senior high School X Vocational Senior high School Z Vocational Senior high School X

11 What is a Greta ? A GRETA is a group of several public schools and colleges, that voluntarily co-operate to combine their human and material resources in order to provide adult vocational training. THE GIP-FAR and GRETA Network in FRANCE Example of the Greta Est Bretagne Agency of Rennes BREST MORLAIX LANNION ST-MALO RENNES VITRE REDON VANNES PONTIVY LORIENT ST-BRIEUC CARHAIX QUIMPER

12 4 GRETA in Bretagne and their agencies GIP-FAR and GRETA Network in Bretagne GRETA de Bretagne Sud GRETA des côtes dArmor Training areas of GRETA Basic skills and education Tertiary and services Social and health Industry Construction Hotel business and catering industry Tourism Language training GRETA Est Bretagne GRETA de Bretagne Occidentale

13 Greta Est Bretagne Agencies and sites Rennes * St Malo Redon * Vitré * Fougères * Tinteniac Dinan * * Key skills training Greta Est Bretagne GRETA Network in Bretagne

14 Key skills training offer

15 GIP-FAR is an administrative body depending on the Academy related to adult vocational training. Assignments of GIPFAR: Vocational Training for teachers and trainers (actors of adult training) Engineering : - Training course design - Consulting and training organization - Research and development (Pedagogical innovation, ODL...) « VAE » : « Validation of skills acquired through experience » Guidance for job-seeking Training trainers and actors involved in apprenticeship centers. Research and development through Regional and European Projects (Grundtvig - Minerva – Leonardo - Equal...) The GIP-FAR in Brittany

16 Research and development Individualization of training ICT based learning and blended learning Development of the autonomy of learner (*) Competence approach in training and assessment Society responsibility (sustainable development and gender equality education) Individualized training and accompaniment for SME Axes of innovation for adult training and trainer training:

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