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Performance Measurement

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1 Performance Measurement
Jaycee Ramil NR447- Collaborative Healthcare Professor: DeAnna Beverly

2 Hospital Information Westchester General Hospital in Miami, FL.
Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL. Non-profit tertiary care hospital. Provides teaching. Memorial Hospital Pembroke in Miami, FL.

3 Recommendations from Patients
Westchester General Hospital: A effective communication with patients one on one. Appropriate information on recovery as well as controlled pain management (Medicare, 2016). Jackson Memorial Hospital: A trauma center. Responsible nursing and doctor staff. Spacious and friendly environment. Information on the at-home recovery. Memorial Hospital Pembroke: Has the most effective communication within all three hospitals. Serves proper attention to pain management and patients’ needs. 66% of the patients recommend the hospital (Health Grove, 2016).

4 Recommendations for Future Employees
Westchester General Hospital: Provides benefits such as health insurance, life insurance and paid time off. They also provide things like cancer coverage and credit union membership plans. Jackson Memorial Hospital: Jackson provides teaching opportunities as well as good pay for their employees and long term benefits. Memorial Hospital Pembroke: Many opening for job opportunities as well as scholarship availability. Extremely skilled executive leadership staff.

5 Patient Experience Data for Westchester General Hospital in Miami, FL
Higher rights of medication explanation for patients and family More than half of the patients recommend the WGH Reviews rate good in area of environmental and clean facility. Great patient to staff communication and understanding. Facility provides a great deal of information on home recovery about 81% Only 39% of patients understood their care (Medicare, 2016). .

6 Patient Experience Data for Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL
On average 53% of patients received care when called for help quickly More than half of the patients received medication teaching An average rates of patient vs nurse communication 65% stated received proper pain management 67% of patients recommended the facility 63% of patients gave the facility the 9 or 10 rating (Medicare, 2016)

7 Patient Experience Data for Memorial Hospital Pembroke in Miami, FL
Rated highest in effective patient communication. 76% of patients recommend the facility Rated highest for patients that understood the care being given 62% stated quiet nights in the hospital Rated 83% for at home recovery teaching (Medicare, 2016)

8 Timely and Effective Care: Colonoscopy and Blood Clot Prevention
Westchester General Hospital: 8% of colonoscopy patients received appropriate recommendations and 100% were given VTE prophylaxis with in 24 hours of admission Jackson Memorial Hospital: 70% of colonoscopy patients received appropriate recommendations and 91% received VTE prophylaxis within 24 hours after admission Memorial Hospital Pembroke: 100% of colonoscopy patient received appropriate recommendations and 100% received VTE prophylaxis with in 24 hours of admission (Medicare, 2016).

9 Readmissions, Complications, and Deaths
Westchester General Hospital. Blood clots after surgery rated higher than nationally, MRSA cases were much lower than compared nationally, 30 day readmission was rated higher than nation wide Jackson Memorial Hospital. Scored 3 times higher in MRSA cases than nation wide, serious blood clots were higher nationally, lower rates of hip/knee replacement complications and 30 day readmission were higher than nation wide Memorial Hospital Pembroke . Blood clots higher than nation wide, C-DIFF infection was a minimal higher than normal on nation wide, serious complication were lower than nationally -The above information was collected from (Health Grove, 2016)-

10 Recommendations – Jackson Memorial Hospital
Reduce MRSA cases Prevent blood clots with VTE Provide on time service when patients call Increase the effectiveness of patient-nurse communication Increase environmental cleanness in hospital and patient rooms

11 Summary Communication is an important thing for patients
Quietness and cleanliness is something patient appreciate Education on at-home recovery is extremely important for them Pain control and management should always be attended to Patients lack understanding of their treatment and need teaching and understanding to feel at ease

12 References Health Grove. (2016). Retrieved from Hospitals health grove: Medicare Compare hospitals. Retrieved from

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