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Teenage Pregnancy in a nutshell. Ashleigh Boeckmann.

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1 Teenage Pregnancy in a nutshell. Ashleigh Boeckmann

2 Teenage Pregnancy Pregnancy is by a female, age 13 to 19, which is understood to occur in a girl who hasn’t completed her secondary school. When becoming pregnant you have to change how you live. These include, financial responsibility, loss of education, not being able to socialize, your family life, and how you change.

3 Why you chose this issue 0 I believe that teenage pregnancy should be talked about. Many things that I didn’t even know happens to you when you become pregnant at a young age. This is an important issue.

4 Why is this issue important? 0 This issue is important, because you go through many changes when this issue can happen to you. You go through changes as well as learning to be a parent, and focusing on your child, not your own life.

5 What can be done to help this issue? 0 People can come in and talk about this global issue. They should include everything that would happen to you if you become a teenage mother. Like a loss in education, or you main priority would be on your baby, not on you school or social life.

6 What will you be doing to help end this issue? 0 I will be learning more about the issue of teenage pregnancy, and finding new ways to try and help to make the number of teenage births decrease.

7 Appropriate Conclusion 0 When becoming a teenage mom, you have to realize all of the changes that you go through. Your appearance will change, you will lose you education, you wont have a social life, and all your main focus will be about you child.

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