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LOGO Electronics security ING. El Kalamouni Samer.

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1 LOGO Electronics security ING. El Kalamouni Samer

2 LOGO Security Systems  Security is the condition of being protected against danger, loss, and criminals.

3 LOGO Difference Disjuncture Contents CCTV Access Control Intruder detector Alarm Security Systems

4 LOGO Difference Disjuncture GFCI The role of difference disjuncture: - Protection circuits against over-current due to overload or short circuit. -Protection of persons against indirect contact (current leakage to ground).

5 LOGO Difference Disjuncture GFCI The differential switch The differential relay The subscriber circuit

6 LOGO The differential switch  He created a monitoring circuit and does not cut it in case of leakage current to ground. Level of immunity: 200A peak following periodic wave 8 / 20 microseconds. Operating voltage 230 V. Mechanical life cycle (on-off): 20 000

7 LOGO  CCTV(Closed Circuit Television Cameras) camera systems give the user the ability to observe several areas of a home or workplace simultaneously. These images can also be recorded on a digital video recorder or a network video recorder; either being very useful in the instance of an unfortunate event or crime. CCTV

8 LOGO Choice of Camera ♦ Indoor or Outdoor? ♦ Lighting conditions (during day and night)? ♦ Mounting locations? Types des cameras :  Indoor Dome Camera  Outdoor Dome Cameras  Box Camera  Day/Night Camera  Infrared Camera  PTZ Camera (Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera)


10 Biometric technology Access Control Vein Geometry Finger Print Reader FaceKey HandKey Iris scanning

11 LOGO Proxy Reader I

12 LOGO Fingerprint  Cards can be stolen, replicated or shared.  fingerprints identify the authorized person, which ensures the highest level of security.

13 LOGO FingerKey Biometric Fingerprint Reader Time Clock with Fingerprints Fingerprints& Facekey

14 LOGO Biometric Fingerprint Reader


16 LOGO Time Clock with Fingerprints Benefits and Features:  Easy installation  Connects directly to the local area network  Red and green status indicators  Equipped with fingerprint reader and keypad  Utilizes optical fingerprint reader  Acknowledgment of acceptance: LED indicator, display indication and voice reply  Includes extensive configurable business rules  Many ways to identify: ◊ Fingerprint only ◊ Card + Fingerprint ◊ Password +Fingerprint ◊ Card only

17 LOGO biometric one door locked  There are three ways to unlock the door: o Pin + fingerprint, o Pin only o mechanically by using the special key which is supplied.  When ordering specify either a left or right handed door lock model.

18 LOGO Access Keypad With Fingerprint Reader

19 LOGO When networking readers you are only required to enroll on a single reader, your template is then passed to all other readers.

20 LOGO Facekey Biometric  Verifications time : Less than 1 sec

21 LOGO Face key & fingerprint reader  Obtain the highest levels of security by combining multiple biometric devices.  Comes complete with camera and fingerprint.  Connects directly to a local area network.

22 LOGO Hand Key biometric access Captures a three dimensional image of the hand using a 32,000 pixel image array. The 90 measurements including the lengths, widths, thickness and surface area of the fingers and hand are taken. hand geometry and finger fingerprint biometric technology.

23 LOGO Iris Scanning  Iris scanning measures patterns on the colored part of the eye - the iris.  your eye is 3 to 10 inches from the camera.  When the camera takes a picture, the computer locates:  The center of the pupil.  The edge of the pupil.  The edge of the iris.  The eyelids and eyelashes.  They also allow more than 200 points of reference for comparison, as opposed to 60 or 70 points in fingerprints.

24 LOGO Speaker recognition systems use Spectrograms to represent human voices Biometric voiceprints  the data used in a voiceprint is a sound spectrogram, not a wave form.  A spectrogram is basically a graph that shows a sound's frequency on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis.  Different speech sounds create different shapes within the graph.

25 LOGO Vein geometry Vein scanners use near-infrared Light to reveal the patterns in a person’s veins.  To use a vein recognition system, you simply place your finger, wrist, palm or the back of your hand on or near the scanner.  The hemoglobin in your blood absorbs the light, so veins appear black in the picture.


27 Security Systems Intruder detector PHOTOELECTRIC DETECTOR LV-H62F Laser

28 LOGO LV-H62F Detecting the Transfer of Two Copper Plate With its powerful laser, the LV Series can reliably detect thin targets at long distances.


30 LOGO Alarm security systems security CO detector Fire alarm Smoke detector Heat detector Gas detector Wireless security systems

31 LOGO Alarm Security Systems

32 LOGO Alarm Security Systems 2- types of smoke detectors (smoke alarm): the optical detector ion detector

33 LOGO Alarm Security Systems  An optical sensor uses a straight line of light from the transmitter to receiver.  In the presence of smoke the amount of light received by the receiver and decreases the electronic alarm is initiated.  the optical detector:

34 LOGO Ion Detector - Americium: radioactive element - source of alpha particles ionize the atoms of oxygen and nitrogen in the air in the room. -Free electrons (charge -) to + plate Positive ions (+ charge) to the plate – -Appearance of a weak electric current and constant between 2 plates detected by the sensor electronics. -The presence of smoke in the room break the current (smoke particles absorb alpha particles and thus reduce the ionisation). -The smoke detector point deficit in current between the 2 plates and spear the alarm Electronics.

35 LOGO Detector temperature : Responds to changes in ambient temperature. -Appeals manual: A handful down the electrical circuit is closed which activates the alarm handle is locked in position for activation.

36 LOGO Alarm Security Systems  Gas Alarm Largely used in various industries, we manufacture and offer area gas alarms. These alarms come with audio and visual alarm indicators. These alarms have LED displays that are bright and hence easy to read. 4 Gas Detector 6 Gas Detector

37 LOGO Wireless alarm systems wireless alarm systems are designed for homes where traditional cabling is difficult. The wireless system also would eliminate many false fire alarms, because telephone line problems cause half the false alarms in some communities.Wireless alarm systems are available where it may not be possible to install the electrical wires required for the other types of systems.

38 LOGO Edit your company slogan

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