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Report writing in English In a professional context.

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1 Report writing in English In a professional context

2 Plan Definition Basic report structure Further reading Your first report

3 What is a report? A report is a statement of the results of an investigation or of any matter on which definite information is required. (Oxford English Dictionary)

4 Report structure Title Page Contents Executive summary Introduction Methodology Results or findings Discussion Conclusion or recommendations References/Sources

5 Title Page This should include:  the title of the report (clearly indicative of the subject)  the author’s name  the date

6 Contents List all the main sections of the report

7 Executive summary (or abstract) A short paragraph summarising the main contents of the report. It should include:  a short statement of the main task  the methods used  conclusions reached  any recommendations to be made. Write this section after you have written the report.

8 Introduction Give the context of the report State your objectives clearly, define the limits of the report, outline the method of enquiry give a brief general background to the subject of the report Indicate the proposed development.

9 Methodology State how you carried out your enquiry What form did your enquiry take ? Did you carry out interviews or questionnaires? How did you collect your data ? What measurements did you make ? How did you choose the subjects for your interviews ? Present this information logically and concisely

10 Results Present your findings in as simple a way as possible Use graphics to help: Tables Graphs Pie charts Bar charts Diagrams

11 Discussion A short paragraph  Analyse  Interpret

12 Conclusion/recommendations Do not not present any new information Give suggestions or recommendations

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