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Run Lola Run Assignment Plot Uriel, Chelan, Kurtis.

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1 Run Lola Run Assignment Plot Uriel, Chelan, Kurtis

2 Plot Synopsis Lola’s boyfriend Manny calls her and tells her that he lost 100,000 in German currency. He left the money on a seat on the subway and a homeless man took it with him. From here, the plot splits up into three different possibilities…

3 First Scenario Lola starts running and a dog growls at her. Lola runs through the streets towards her father's bank. She bumps into a woman and a flash-forward shows that the woman's baby is being taken away making her to steal someone else's baby. Continuing, Lola causes a man to be crash his car. When she arrives at the bank she bumps into a woman who is shown in a flash- forward to be paralyzed in a car accident, and then kills herself. She walks into his fathers office and asks him for money and he gets mad and says no, telling her that he is unhappy with his current family, and that he is leaving her and her mom for another woman who is pregnant, and that he is not Lola's real father (She’s a ‘coo coos egg’). Lola runs to meet Manni, and when she arrives Manni's already robbing the store and Lola decides to help him rob the store. The run away but the police arrive and they shoot Lola. Lola and Manni are then shown in a flashback from Lolas memory, and they are talking in bed. Lola says "Stop" and the film restarts to where she started running out of her house.

4 Second Scenario The kid with the dog trips Lola, and she falls down the stairs. She bumps into the same woman again, but a flash forward this time shows the woman winning the lottery. She causes the same car accident again to the same guy. Lola arrives at the bank a little later this time, which leaves enough time for the woman who was with Lola's father to explain that she is pregnant by someone else. Lola gets really mad, and robs her father's bank with the security officer’s gun, and escapes because the police mistake her for someone who is trying to get away, and takes off with the money to meet Manni. A flash-forward shows the lady who passes Lola in the hallway later getting married with the cashier who gave Lola the money. When Lola reaches Manni, he hears her call his name, but he is run over by an ambulance. The scene again fades to Lola and Manni in bed again, but the conversation is different. The film returns to the present day and shows Manni refusing to die, before restarting once more at the beginning of Lola's run.

5 Third Scenario The third time Lola is faster, and she now knows that she has to avoid getting tripped by the kid with the dog. This time she doesn’t bump into the woman and she doesn’t cause the accident with her father’s friend, who is then able to pick up Lola's father. Lola misses her father and keeps on running. She goes into a casino, buys a 100-mark chip, goes to the betting table. She wins two times on the number "20", which wins her 123,500 marks. She gets a ride in the ambulance from the other runs. The ambulance is carrying the security guard from her father's bank. Meanwhile, Manni sees the homeless man who took his money in the beginning of the film. Manni chases him, causing a car crash involving Lola's father. Manni gets back his money, and Manni gives him his gun. Manni gives the money to his boss, and Lola arrives. The movie ends with Manni asking Lola what is in the bag she is carrying.


7 Plot Sequence Run Lola Run does not follow a traditional plot sequence; the plot splits up into 3 different scenarios. The plot kind of demonstrates the “Butterfly Effect” There is a mix of determinism and free-will

8 Point of View The Point of View of Run Lola Run is omniscient. The editor also used many point of view shots and eyeline shots at different scenes. POV editing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with the audiences. The visual interactions between characters in Run Lola Run were enhanced through these devices. Another enhancement that the editor brought to the film was parallel action, which is showing two or more actions occurring at the same time.


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