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Center for Intercultural Dialogue Kumanovo, Macedonia.

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1 Center for Intercultural Dialogue Kumanovo, Macedonia

2 Introduction - Center for Intercultural Dialogue is a non-govermental, non-profit volunteer youth organization - acts locally in Macedonia through local projects like the youth center or activities and networks internationally through the networks SCI, YEU, UNITED - works for society of intercultural dialogue, active citizenship and sustainable development where all people live together with mutual respect. SCI CID MultiKulti Youth Center Projects and Activities YEU UNITED

3 - WHEN AND WHERE? was formed in May 2006 by active youth leaders and youth workers from Kumanovo;WHERE? -WHO? From young people, for young people and with young people - WHY? the society in Macedonia is very multicultural with the biggest ethnicities being Macedonians, Albanians and Roma. There are still interethnic conflicts, racism and nationalism in this country. - HOW? CID tries to bring the different ethnicities together in a dialogue, encourages them to work together on the problems of the country. It offers and supports non-formal education and exchange programs. It also organizes different cultural and educational activities Description

4 - The target group is young people and citizens from diverse religious ethnic, national and other beliefs who are at the same time creators and beneficiaries. CID also works with public administration that works with youth as well as all stakeholders involved in inter-community dialogue and sustainable community development -The VISION is to create diverse, responsible and cooperative communities where citizens are actively contributing to the social development and integration - behind everything there is promotion of peace, solidarity and human rights as a culture of living Target VISION

5 - to promote and support intercultural understanding and cooperation especially through volunteerism on local and international level - Ensure sustainable community development by creating opportunities for quality engagement of civil society - advancing learning opportunities - active involvement of young people and other citizens for peace and solidarity Mission

6 Focus Areas Establishment of local youth support system -> youth center MutiKulti Support for development of inclusive youth councils on local and national level Quality professional support in education and training for local, national and international users -> pool of trainers and international networks Partipation of youth from Macedonia to international meetings, traings and education opportunities Support in inter-community relations as well as establishment, facilitation and monitoring of effective intercultural dialogue on local, national and international level

7 International Networking: - Service Civil International (SCI) is a peace organization and one of the biggest world networks for volunteers - Youth for Exchange and Understanding (YEU) works on promoting peace, solidarity and cooperation among the young people in the world, in the spirit of mutual respect and promotion of human rights -UNITED for Intercultural Action is a network which is combating nationalism, racism, fascism, and provides support to emigrants and refugees National Networking: CID as founder and member of: - National Youth Council Macedonia (NMSM) - Union of Youth Work (SMR) Networking

8 -WHAT? interethnic youth center -WHO? operated by local and international volunteers (volunteer club) with support of youth workers - WHEN? every year different sets of activities - WHY? The conflict between Albanians and Macedonians already starts with the smallest kids. We want to bring the children together to get used to each other and stimulate mutual understanding and intercultural learning - HOW? Through organizing different workshops, educational and cultural processes (theatre workshop, photography, arts and crafts, leadership and activism …) MultiKulti

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