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Speaking: Accuracy to Fluency Gerard McLoughlin.

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1 Speaking: Accuracy to Fluency Gerard McLoughlin


3 Spoken fluency revisited Michael McCarthy University of Nottingham, UK Er when do you have breakfast? I have my breakfast er at er seven oclock. Where do you have breakfast? Er in my kitchen in my house In what room? In the kitchen. And do you have coffee or tea for breakfast? Er tea. Er what do you eat? I eat toast and a cup of tea. How many days er how many times a day do you have it? Er two times. [4 seconds pause] Sorry I dont understand you. Repeat the sentence please. How many times a day do you have breakfast? One time a day of course!

4 First of all wed like to know a little bit about you. Erm where do you both live? I live in (place name) in South Korea yes. And I live in (place name). Its in Switzerland and its near Zurich. (Candidate name) how long have you been studying English? Well actually I study English mm in junior high school and high school for six years around for six years. Different classes. Good. Now Id like you to ask each other something about things you particularly like about living in this country and entertainment and leisure facilities in this area. [intervening text] Erm I like to go erm to see a movie Mm I see a lot of them since Ive been here and I like to go to pubs and + Ah +together with friends and - -Yeah me too actually

5 Disappearing dialogues A: Did you have a good weekend? B: Yeah, I did, thanks. It was really nice. A: What did you do? B: Well, I went to visit a friend in London. A: Oh yes? Did you have a good time? B: Yes, it was great. We had a really good time. We went dancing on Saturday night. © Framework, Jones & Goldstein, Richmond 2005

6 memorise A: Hi, Good Morning. B: Oh, Hello. How are you? What happened to you last Friday? A: Yes, sorry I couldnt come to class. I was ill. B: Thats OK. Are you feeling better now? A: Yes, much better thanks. Can you give me the papers from last week? B: Yes, of course. Here you are. A: Great. Thanks. Ill look at them tonight. B: OK. No problem. © Innovations, Dellar & Walkley, Heinle 2005

7 Read and Listen D: Oh, and I saw John a couple of days ago. M: Oh yes! How was he? D: Very well. Did you know hes got a new girlfriend? M: No, I didnt. But you know your brother, he never tells me anything. Have you met her? D: Yes, she was there when I went to his house. M: and whats she like? D: Shes really nice. Shes very interesting, she works in an art gallery and she likes painting. © Innovations, Dellar & Walker, Heinle 2005


9 1 del arte de curar, claro está. Del suyo respectivo, otro tanto podrían dclaro 2 del Atlántico pero también del Pacífico. Está claro para los expertos, las academiasclaro 3 como para los que no lo son, y está claro que "puede" servir para todasclaro 4 ocurre hoy en la España de las autonomías? - Sí, claro, y la Academia no puedeclaro 5 el punto de partida es rigurosamente claro, y Lázaro se remonta al Diálogo de laclaro 6 el dueño le contestó que bien claro estaba lo que allí decía: "Ca pancalá".claro 7 "Para los católicos está claro que sólo hay un "Heiliger Vater" (el Papa), perclaro 8 En castellano no puede estar más claro que ese ambiguo "su" de "todo el mundo"claro 9 la palabra que lo nombra tomó el color del claro brillante y se formó conclaro 10 sólamente queremos dejar claro que estos contrastes entonativos tienen en la lclaro

10 Corpus data: Chunks TwoThreeFourFivesix You knowI dont knowYou know what I You know what I mean Do you know what I mean I meanA lot ofKnow what I mean At the end of the At the end of the day I thinkI mean II dont know what Do you know what I And all the rest of it In theI dont thinkThe end of theThe end of the day And all that sort of thing It wasDo you thinkAt the end ofDo you want me to I dont know what it is

11 Chunks & Fluency // hes SHY//you know what i MEAN //they sell JEWellery//and THAT sort of thing// //the ROOM was//a BIT of a//MESS actually © From corpus to classroom, Language use and language teaching, OKeefe, McCarthy, Carter, CUP 2007

12 D: Oh, and I SAW JOHN a COUple of DAYS ago. M: Oh YES! How was HE? D: Very WELL. Did you KNOW hes got a NEW GIRLfriend? M: NO, I Didnt. but you KNOW your BROther, he NEver tells ME ANYthing. have you MET her? D: YES, she was THERE when I WENT to his HOUSE. M: and WHATS she LIKE? D: Shes REALLY NICE. Shes very INteresting, she WORKS in an ART GALlery and she likes PAINting.

13 Confluence Listenership Minimal response: Mm, Yeah, Lovely Clusters: Yeah mm, Right Fine Negation: Absolutely not, Definitely not Convergence: Closing/changing topic © From corpus to classroom, Language use and language teaching, OKeefe, McCarthy, Carter, CUP 2007

14 Pre-closing and closing routines S2: They look very good S1: Thanks for that S2: They look very good S1: Great S2: Yes S1: Fabulous S2: All right S1: Ok thanks for that S2: Okay, Cesca S1: Cheers S2: Bye

15 Opening & Closing Conversation & daily chat In a bar/café At a bus stop In a waiting room

16 PlaceOpening phraseClosing phrase In a bar/caféIs this seat free?Sorry, Ive got to go At a bus stopIs this the stop for the 27?Thats my bus In a waiting roomBeen waiting long?Nice meeting you

17 Decision making Suggestion => Agree => modification/negotiation => Agree/Disagree etc => Summary Disagree => negotiation/new suggestion => Agree/Disagree etc => Summary

18 Class data Pre:you can going to walking Post: we could go walking, Pre:the car is difficult and drink… and see the artists, Post:Im sorry, I dont really like it, because I live next to the Borne, but we could go to your house; thats a great idea, and we could make a picnic;

19 FunctionExponent Making suggestionsCould we go to the beach? Why dont we go to the beach? (I think) We could go to the beach. AgreeingThats a great idea! DisagreeingIm not sure (about that) Negotiating: after agreeing..and we could/might go swimming too after disagreeingPerhaps/Maybe we could/should go to… SummarisingSo, were all agreed to…. So. Were going to….

20 Daily chats Restaurant Film Football Weekend…..

21 Matching sentence halves went out for a meal The last time I fairly basic but clean The restaurant was go there when you want to impress visitors You should really

22 ………… The last time I ………… The restaurant was ………… You should really


24 How? Memorisation Chunking Noticing

25 Bibliography Framework, Jones & Goldstein, Richmond Innovations, Dellar & Walkley, Heinle Spoken fluency revistited, McCarthy, English Profile Journal 2010 From corpus to classroom Language use and Language teaching, OKeefe, McCarthy, Carter, CUP Johnny Depp interview: Hofesh Scheckter interview:

26 THANK YOU!!! Gerard McLoughlin

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