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A town-wide tomato fight La Tomatina.

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1 A town-wide tomato fight La Tomatina

2 ¿Dónde? Eastern Spanish small town of Buñol

3 ¿Quién? People from all over the world

4 ¿Cuándo? The last Wednesday in August

5 ¿Cómo? Prepare to get messy! Wear old clothes you can throw away. – Lleva ropas viejas puede tirar.

6 ¿Por qué? A strong tradition since 1945 There are many theories about the beginning of this festival.

7 The tomate fights were made official in 1959. Participants must start and stop the fight at a specific time. Más Historia

8 August 25, 2010 Village of Buñols 65 th annual Tomatina Festival Set world record: 220, 462 lbs of tomatoes thrown

9 Squish antes de (before) throwing!

10 Hechos de Tomate In English, the word comes from the Spanish form, tomate. First discovered by Cortez in 1519 Grown in western South and in Central America

11 FOOD FIGHT with music, dancing, parades, and fireworks

12 CONTEST: Paella, a Valencian rice dish

13 Photos: Associated Press, Reuters, Getty Images

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