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Most Popular Payment & Gateways Extension for Magento Website.

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1 Most Popular Payment & Gateways Extension for Magento Website

2 Magento can best feature open source eCommerce platform to allow you the flexibility and attractive look, and advance functionality of eCommerce store. Magento Provides the great and Flexible web store complete the way with offering checkout to all the country, different languages, Currencies and various payment. This kind of checkout page will help you to transactions process via any country, conversions, and reduced cart leaving costs. Global customers will likely be completed purchase product then take a checkout page is offered in their languages, currency and payment types. Payment gateway is easy to install and fast configuration, with don’t requirement development. Prepared By : M-Connect Media

3 1. PAYONE Payment Extension 2. Fontis Australia 3. Payment Method Servired 4. Bcash 5. PayPal Payment Fee Prepared By : M-Connect Media

4  PAYONE Payment Extension is fully automated payment processes and integrated risk management for your Magento store.  Rate: 3.3/5  Popularity Score: 51673  More Read: Prepared By : M-Connect Media

5  Fontis Australia extension should be used only Australian people and it provided to Australia repayment method, Australian regions, post code, handles, and shipping and delivery method.  Rate: 2.4/5  Popularity Score: 14009  More Read: Prepared By : M-Connect Media

6  Payment Method Servired extension is the special for Spanish payment gateway services and it provides spain main system to follow payment method with safe.  Rate: 2.7/5  Popularity Score: 8633  More Read: Prepared By : M-Connect Media

7  The extent to Bcash Magento allows your online store web checkout use the feature and accept transactions made through credit cards, online transfers and bank bills.  Rate: 2.5/5  Popularity Score: 5674  More Read: Prepared By : M-Connect Media

8  PayPal Payment Fee extension is the greatest service, securely payment to pay and get paid online by using Magento store. This extension fully integration as well as functionality to different payment means for other payment gateway as part of your Magento store.  Rate: 3.2/5  Popularity Score: 3095  More Read: Prepared By : M-Connect Media

9  M- Connect Media is most Popular Company an eCommerce development presenting free Magento Extension for Payment & Gateways method to your website and it gives more attractive website. You can handle payment method like PAYONE Payment, Australia Fontis, ServiRed, Bcash and PayPal.  M-Connect Media is created best Payment & Gateways extension easy and quickly because more than 5+ experience in Design and development for your ecommerce Market. We follow business with advanced technology and new methodology to provide excellence and trustworthy solutions.  To get more information about Payment & Gateways extension development and customization so kindly contact us our official website: - http://www.mconnectmedia.com Prepared By : M-Connect Media


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