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The Spanish online gambling market Jaime Ferré COO Grupo ITnet

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1 The Spanish online gambling market Jaime Ferré COO Grupo ITnet

2 Grupo ITnet ITnet is a holding company founded in 1996 that focuses on the T.I.M.E.* business in Spain and Latin America. Our principle business is a network of games, sports and lifestyle websites with more than 6 million unique users** per month. * Telecom, Internet Media & Entertainment ** Nielsen Netratings audited

3 Spanish offline gambling market (in millions)

4 Audiences 41% of the (Spanish) population has Internet access (+15.5 millions) 1.7 million new users in the last 12 months 57% male – 43% female (growing). 64% between 20 and 44 years old. 76% access from home 33 million expected in 2010 Source: AIMC April-May 2007

5 Sites Unique usersPage viewsPages / userTime Onlae.com175,000441,00020:00:34 Miapuesta.com169,00018,576,00050:27:00 JuegaBingoYa.com165,000582,00020:01:40 PartyPoker.com158,000362,00020:01:40 Loterias.com148,000788,00020:02:22 Bwin.com132,00031,599,00070:59:28 is the national lottery site Miapuesta and Bwin are the main players in the betting market Source: Nielsen home panel November 2006

6 Main online Players in the Spanish market National lottery resellers – – – Betting – (Sporting Bet) – Casino – Bingo – (ST Minver operated) –

7 Online figures More than 600,000 people play online games with money in Spain. More than 500 million euros was spent on gambling in 2006 –35.8% Sports betting –25.1% Casino and bingo –20.3 % Poker –15.2 % Lottery Source: Laura Guillot Spanish gambling expert

8 Market movements The Spanish offline operators are beginning their online operations. Last years offline Spanish operators created big partnerships with global operators. –Cirsa and Ladbrokes : Sportium –Codere and William Hill: Victoria –Grupo Orenes and Betbull: W1nners –Ekasa and Betfred: Reta –Atzaria and Stan James: 10 a 1 Source: Laura Guillot

9 Regulation The Spanish National Government doesnt have jurisdiction over the gambling industry. Internet betting and gambling are neither regulated nor prohibited by The Spanish National Government. Spain has 17 regional gambling jurisdictions, only the Basque Country and Madrid have online regulations. Gambling advertising is forbidden, but Real Madrid (Bwin), Sevilla F.C. (888) and the biggest, Media holdings have gambling advertisers.

10 New laws The Junes Plenary session of the Senate, has ratified the amendment of the law with the following text: –Encourage and promote an EU directive that regulates Internet gambling in the seat of the EU with prior consultation with the autonomous communities that regulate the gaming and entertainment industry. –Develop a standard that governs electronic betting services, with special focus on the internet, in accordance with Community Law.

11 Want to enter the Spanish market? Contact us! We have our own multiplayer game technology (Spanish games) We can help you build your Spanish team All the major gambling advertisers in Spain use our network, ask us why!

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