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“La Que Te Toca Puras Buenas”

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1 “La Que Te Toca Puras Buenas”

2 Regional Mexican “LA PODEROSA ”KZLZ 105.3fm ….Mission Statement We provide the best Spanish language programming while offering Advertisers the most professional services in the area of sales and Execution. “LA PODERA ”KZLZ 105.3fm …., our live local morning show and Local primetime programming features up to the minute traffic reports, Community issues and news. We strive to provide the best avenues for Our advertisers to utilize to accomplish their marketing goals. “LA PODEROSA ”KZLZ 105.3fm is …… Tucson’s Mexican Regional Format!! Playing the best current and Recurrent Norteño, Banda, Ranchero, Cumbias, and Grupero Hits. La Poderosa 105.3fm targets adults ages reaching Tucson’s Hispanic consumer. “LA PODEROSA” KZLZ105.3 fm ….. Features the most Popular recording artists Vicente Fernández, Los Tigres Del Norte, Temerarios, Montez de Durango, Marco Antonio Solís, Pepe Aguilar, Los Horóscopos de Durango, Juan Gabriel, Jenny Rivera, Los Originales De San Juan, Graciela Beltrán y muchos más!

3 “Puro Vacilón con Gaston Mascareñas”
Born in Nogales, Mexico, Gaston Mascareñas inherited his passion for radio from his grandfather, who founded the first radio station in the neighboring state of Sonora in Despite being totally blind, he has worked in the radio industry for over 15 years, hosting a wide variety of successful shows as well as producing jingles and spots for radio and television. “Puro Vacilón (The Morning Tease)” is his latest radio adventure, featuring outrageous comical sketches, voice impersonations, news, sports and entertainment updates, horoscopes, and everything you need to start your day with a good laugh. Mon/Fri 5 to 10 AM, and Sat 6 to 10 AM. Gaston Mascareñas

4 “El Show De la Chiquita Villarreal” Toni La Chiquita Villarreal
Maria Villarreal, known as “Chiquita” for being the youngest of the family has 20 years experience in media and broadcasting. “I can say that I was born to do radio, with respect to the microphone, which reflects my personality. I identify myself with the moon, because the moon was born under cancer and Everything on open air” 10AM – 3PM “El Show De la Chiquita Villarreal” Toni La Chiquita Villarreal 20 Years on air experience. A mid-day show with health segments, informational, news, And the most curious and uncommon. Toni “La Chiquita” Villarreal

5 “Chikirrirris DJ” (Sponsored by Chikirrirris DJ)
Native of Cuidad Obregon, Sonora. Born on April 26, 1971. Hobbies: listen to good music. His favorite pastimes are sports: Baseball, Soccer, and Volley ball. With 8 years experience, long-time on-air Personality “Chikirrirris DJ” Plays your favorite up beat songs and corridos. 3pm - 7pm Puro Veneno 3pm -4pm Corridos Poderosos 4pm-6pm La Hora de Los Claveles 6pm-7pm “El Chikirrirris DJ”

6 La Poderosa Features: Puro Vacilon con Gaston Mascareñas (5am–10am Sponsorship by the hour) Traffic Report Sponsorship Horoscopes with Marisol Felix Weather / Time Sponsorship News Capsules Las Buenas de La Chiquita Villarreal Programming by Hour Sponsorship 24 Hour Top of the Hour Sponsorship/ 24 Hour Las Breves de La Chiquita Villarreal Bazaar KZLZ- La Chiquita Villarreal “Platicando de Tu Con la Salud” Monday – Friday. Puro Veneneno With Chikirrirris DJ (Sponsorship) Corridos Poderosos With Chikirrirris DJ (Sponorship) La Hora de Los Claveles With Chikirrirris DJ (Sponsorship)

7 La Poderosa Coverage Map

8 “La Poderosa Calendar of Events” Monthly promotions present huge exposure opportunities for your business, with the following sponsorship opportunities. January 2009 Three Wise Men Promotion ( Rosca de Reyes Giveaway ) February 2009 14 Day’s of Valentine’s ( 14 Day’s of Valentine’s Giveaway’s ) Rodeo Promotion ( Live Party Broadcast from Rodeo Parade ) Pay Rent Promotion ( Giveaway of up to $ for Rent ) March 2009 El Rio Health Fair ( Community event to promote Health event ) Baseball Spring Training Promotion ( One month event with MLB ) VIP Concert ( A private concert for our listeners ) April 2009 Children’s Day Concert (Free concert to celebrate Children’s Day ) Expo/Gan Fiesta del Pueblo ( Free Giveaway to Mexico Fair Event ) Tucson Pima County Fair ( Tucson Pima County Fair Event ) Pay Rent Promotion ( Giveaway of up to $ for Rent ) May 2009 Mother’s Day Promotion ( Prizes and Party for Mother’s Day ) Tucson Toros Baseball Promotion ( Local Minor League Baseball ) June 2009 Father’s Day Promotion ( Prizes and celebration for Father’s ) Monsoon Season Promotion ( Cultural music and food event )

9 “La Poderosa Calendar of Events” Monthly promotions present huge exposure opportunities for your business, with the following sponsorship opportunities. July 2009 La Poderosa” KZLZ 1st Anniversary ( Community Free Concert) 4th of July Promotion ( Music and Giveaways to Celebrate event) August 2009 Back to school Promotion ( Giveaway of School supplies ) Taco Eating Contest ( Looking for person that can eat more Tacos ) Pay Rent Promotion ( Giveaway of up to $ for Rent ) September 2009 VIP Concert Promotion ( Private concert only with KZLZ invitation ) October 2009 Halloween Carving Contest ( Halloween party with candy & prizes ) Haunted House Halloween Promotion ( Ticket Giveaway for House ) Pay Rent Promotion ( Giveaway of to $ for rent ) November 2009 Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway Promotion ( Free Turkey Giveaway ) December 2009 Navidad Poderosa ( Collection of toys and food for less fortunate ) Pay Rent Poderosa ( Giveaway of up to $ for Rent )

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