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Capítulo 2 – Lección B Photo 1

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1 Capítulo 2 – Lección B Photo 1
Pelearse Enojarse El lápiz de labios Secarse el pelo Pintarse los labios Faltar To fight To get angry Lipstick To dry one’s hair To put on lipstick To lack/ be missing (to need)

2 Photo 2 Darse prisa Bastante Cepillo de dientes Pasta de dientes
Mandón(a) Ahora mismo Tocar To hurry up Pretty Tooth brush Tooth paste Bossy Right now To be someone’s turn

3 Photo 3 Ponerse Desorden Esmalte de uñas Secador Mojado
To become (emotion) Disorder Nail polish Hair dryer Wet

4 Other common reflexive verbs
Acostarse Bañarse Despertarse (ie) Ducharse Lavarse las manos Levantarse Vestirse (i) Peinarse To go to bed To take a bath To wake up To take a shower To wash your hands To get up To get dressed To comb your hair

5 More common reflexives
To feel (health) To sit down To put on To be mistaken To forget To imagine To get bored To stay, remain To remember To have fun Sentirse (i) Sentarse (ie) Ponerse Equivocarse Olvidarse Imaginarse Aburrirse Quedarse Acordarse (ue) Divertirse (ie)

6 Definition changes when reflexive
Levantar – to lift Dormir – to sleep Ir – to go Parecer – to seem Reír – to laugh Levantarse – to get up Dormirse – to fall asleep Irse – to go away, leave Parecerse a – to look like Reírse de – to laugh at

7 Reciprocal Reflexives
Abrazarse Ayudarse Besarse Conocerse Darse Escribirse To hug each other To help each other To kiss each other To know each other To give each other To write each other

8 More Reciprocal Reflexives
Llamarse Llevarse Pelearse Quererse Saludarse Verse Mirarse Hablarse To call each other To get along To fight with each other To love each other To greet each other To see each other To look at each other To talk to each other

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