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2014 Section Engineers Meeting By: Rachel Mills, P.E. March 4, 2014.

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1 2014 Section Engineers Meeting By: Rachel Mills, P.E. March 4, 2014

2 Process of Getting Equipment Master Agreement with Trimble Master Agreement Numerous Items Available under this Agreement Full List of Available Items can be provided Joint Effort District Construction Office Division of Highway Design-Dan Farrell Division of Construction Division of Equipment

3 Process Continued Inventory current equipment Determine if new equipment is needed What type of equipment? GPS Robotic Total Station Basic Level & Rod

4 Process Continued Obtain approval from your Chief District Engineer Active Construction Project 100% State Funded Contact Dan Farrell in Highway Design Determine part numbers of each piece of equipment from the Master Agreement Contact information for Dan Farrell (502) 782-4878

5 Process Continued Section Engineer contact Rachel Mills with the following: Contract Id (100% State Funded Project) Part Numbers from Master Agreement CO Construction obtains a quote from Trimble (Master Agreement Price less 10%) Central Office Construction Completes EO1 Division of Equipment places order

6 Survey Equipment Arrives Dan Farrell inspects equipment Inventoried in the Division of Equipment Assigned to the District which it is being transferred to District contacted to pick the equipment up Division of Highway Design – Maintains a warranty and maintenance contract on all new units purchased

7 How Long Is the Process Successfully purchased 2 Units last year Both in District 9 Figuring out the process took about 4 months Start to Finish – Approximately 2 months

8 MASTER AGREEMENTS Concrete Testing Equipment & Concrete Cylinder Molds

9 Concrete Testing Equipment MA 758 1300000576 Forney Expires: January 3, 2015 Many items available on the agreement Contact Wesley Glass for modifications

10 Concrete Cylinder Molds MA 605 1100000565 Paragon Products Vendor Rep: Doug Spenner Email: Phone: 1-800-776-0385 Expires: September 30, 2014 – Must be rebid

11 THANK YOU Questions?

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