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Status of AWAKE Laser Line Installtion For the EN-STI Management Board - 30 May 2016 Presented by Valentin Fedosseev.

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1 Status of AWAKE Laser Line Installtion For the EN-STI Management Board - 30 May 2016 Presented by Valentin Fedosseev

2 Laser lines in AWAKE 2 Laser beam line to plasma cell – = 780 nm – t pulse = 100-120 fs – E = 450 mJ Diagnostic beam line (“virtual plasma”)  = 780 nm -t pulse = 100-120 fs, -E ≈ 5 mJ Laser beam line to electron gun – = 260 nm – t pulse = 0.3-10 ps – E = 0.5 mJ

3 3

4 4 Functional scheme of main laser lines 4 LSSP1, LSSP2, LSSE1, LSSE2 – Laser Safety Shutters for proton and electron beam lines LBDP1, LBDP2, LBDP3 – Laser Beam Dumps for proton beam line MP1- MP5 – Mirrors for proton beam lines (IN VACUUM) ME1- ME4 – Mirrors for electron beam line VP1 – VP5, VE1 – Vacuum vessels for proton and electron lines Photoinjector LSSE2 VE1 LSSE1 ME1ME2 ME3 ME4 THG Delay line Shutters and dumps LSSP1 – in air LSSP2 = 420255 LBDP1 = 412322 LBDP2 = 412424 LBDP3 = 412443 LSSE1 – in air LSSE2 – in air Driven by compressed air Driven by step motors Vacuum tanks with mirrors Vacuum tanks: VP1 = 420100 VP2 = 420200 VP3 = 420300 VP4 = 412312 identical 2 mirrors inside Mirrors for electron beam line ME1 – ME4 - All in air

5 Laser elements in layout drawings 5 SPSLAWK_0015 Vacuum tank 412312 With mirrors MP4, MP5 Vacuum tank 420300 with mirror MP3 Vacuum tank 420200 with mirror MP2 Vacuum tank 420100 with mirror MP1 Vacuum tank 420255 with laser shutter LSSP2

6 6 Laser elements in layout drawings 6 SPSLAWK_0006 Vacuum tank 412312 With mirrors MP4, MP5 Vacuum tank 420300 with mirror MP3 T-cross tank 412322 With laser beam dump LBDP1

7 77 Laser elements in layout drawings 7 SPSLAWK_0007 Vacuum tank 412424 With laser beam dump LBDP2 Vacuum tank 412443 With laser beam dump LBDP3

8 Laser room Completed: – Infrastructure of the laser lab Electricity, CV, cabling, Ethernet, GSM, compressed air – Vacuum beam line to SPS beam – Access hardware – Laser beam control hardware – Laser tables – Laser – Pulse compressor – Beam transport optics 8 To install : – Laser beam diagnostics – Laser beam shutter LSSP1 – RF timing hardware Laser firm Amplitude and MPI Munich EN-STI BE-RF

9 Laser room photos 9 December 2015 - Ready for laser February 2016 – Laser delivered March 2016 – Compressor tank delivered April 2016 – Laser and compressor installed May 2016 –Laser beam transport optics installed

10 Remarks to laser installation Laser system has been delivered from Munich within the schedule margins. Delivery of Compressor vacuum tank was delayed by 3 months because of non-conformity of vacuum test procedure. Vacuum test have been performed at CERN: results do not fulfil specification => baking at 80⁰C was applied Work on laser setup by Amplitude was delayed until the compressor tank was accepted as it is. Another baking of the compressor tank was applied in the laser room before installation of the optics. Now vacuum is good: 1x10 -7 mbar A special heat exchanger for laser water cooling has been constructed by EN-CV. Laser safety visit was arranged before the start of work with laser: EDMS document 1688452 currently “in Work”, to be approved before DSO test. 10

11 Laser beam to plasma 11 Pulse compressor under vacuum Beam diagnostics setup Mirror with a CCD camera behind MP1 MP2 MP3 MP4 MP5

12 Standard mirror chamber VP1 12

13 Assembly for merging of the laser and proton beams 13 Mirror mount assemblies installed into all vacuum tanks (April - May 2016).

14 14 Laser beam transport Installed: – Vacuum tanks for mirrors – Merging tank – Laser safety shutter LSSP1 – Supports for optical delay line – Optical table for beam diagnostics – Control cables – Beam transport optics – Laser shutter control – Laser beam dump LBDP1 To install: – Laser beam dumps LBDP2 and LBDP3 Parts to be delivered from MPI in this week – Diagnostics hardware LBDP1 modified for injection of alignment laser

15 15 Laser beam transport photos Diagnostics table Laser safety shutter Merging tank

16 16 Delay line for beam diagnostics Parts produced Ready for installation / partially installed

17 Integration of laser into the SPS access system 17 Sectorisation of the AWAKE areaCabling scheme for EIS Access is restricted to laser experts and laser users: Sector 7 – all the time Sector 3 – during the setup of laser beam to plasma cell Sector 6 – during the setup of laser beam to photoinjector

18 18 Laser shutter control Power supply for all laser safety shutters “Retour veto” functionality for all shutters. Pass-through of end switch signals (SAFE A/B/R, UNSAFE, Presence cable A/B) from the laser safety shutters to the access system. Generation of these signals for shutters, which are not capable to provide all these signals. Local control of primary shutters from shutter switches in TT41, TCC4 and the electron gun room during laser access. Remote control of the primary shutters during beam operation. Monitoring and logging of shutter status. Specifications of laser beam shutters: EDMS document 1583957 (In Work)

19 Laser safety shutters 19 LSSP2 – in vacuum LSSP1, LSSE1, LSSE2 2 – in air Bottom platform is to be modified for installing 4 end-switches Being constructed by E. Grenier-Boley (STI/TCD) Based on VAT “Beam stopper insert”

20 Laser power interlock 20 Algorithm to check that laser is in low power mode BTV.412350 BTV.412353 MPP CTR screen MPP OTR screen 2 BTV.412426 BTV.412442 Transmission of ENABLE1, ENABLE2 to BI and MPP equipment to permit insertion of screens Acquiring of SAFE1, SAFE2 from BI and MPP equipment to permit high energy laser pulse Before plasma After plasma SAFE1 SAFE2 ENABLE1 ENABLE2 Specifications are being prepared by Joshua Moody (MPI): EDMS 1687867 “In Work”

21 Controls of laser beam line 21 Real-time FESA will be used for all laser beam elements, except the laser itself which has own local control interface accessible via standard remote desktop control tools. Connected to locally installed PLC: Laser shutters and dumps Filter wheels Flip mounts Mirror translator in air Interlocks Laser energy meters Connected to a remote Front-End Computer via CERN Technical network (Ethernet) : Pico-motors controllers of mirror mounts SmarAct mirror translator controller Connected to a National Instruments PXI: GigE digital cameras Specifications for laser beam electronics & control system: EDMS 1687846 “In Work”

22 Acknowledgements EN-STI-LPChristoph Hessler, Misha Martyanov, Eric Chevallay, Florence Friebel EN-STI-ECEAlessandro Masi, Thierry Feniet, Krzysztof Szczurek, Pierre Gander, … EN-MMENicolas Chritin, Cedric Delory EN-MEFAns Pardons, Frederic Galleazzi, Vincent Clerc, Marzia Bernardini, Michel Arnaud, Patrick Vincent, Yannick Grislain EN-CVMichele Battistin, Frederic Teixeira, Daniel Lefils EN-ELGuillaume Gros, Thierry Charvet EN-HEJean-Louis Grenard, Franck Daclin GS-SERichard Morton, Alex Selles GS-ASEVitor Martins De Sousa Dos Rios, Didier Vaxelaire MPI MunichPatric Muggli, Joshua Moody, Mathias Hüther 22

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