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Partners in Learning Network Africa User Guide

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1 Partners in Learning Network Africa User Guide

2 PiL Network Africa PiL Network Africa allows you to:  Create or join communities & discussions.  Find lesson plans, VCT’s, activities, & share your own resources.  Access free tools & learning programs for your class and school.  Collaborate with likeminded colleagues & improve education across Africa and globally.

3 Welcome Page 12 3 4 5 1.Use the dropdown to access global PiL Network Sites. 2.Sign In here (if already a member). 3.New to PiL Network? Join the PiL Network here. 4.Access local featured articles. 5.View description and ratings of latest featured resources.

4 Sign In 1 1.If already registered or if you possess a LiveID account, enter your details and click on the ‘Sign In’ button. 2.Create a new Live ID account by clicking on Sign Up. 2

5 My Notebook- Your Personalised Homepage 1 2 3 4 6 5 At “My Notebook” page, you can: 1.Access communities you have created as well as view all other communities you are a member of. 2.Access your public documents/resources/lesson plans/VCT’s uploaded to the Network. 3.Access any private documents uploaded to the Network. 4.Upload resources/lesson plans and VCTs to share with the community. 5.Update/ view your personal profile. 6.View a list of linked colleagues. You can also invite other colleagues to join the network.

6 My Profile 1.Complete all the sections in your profile page, especially your School details so you can connect with other schools globally. 2.PiLN Connect - Select this option to make your profile available globally so you connect with other teachers and schools across continents. 1 2

7 Connect 1 1.View full list of all members listed on the Network worldwide. 2.Advanced member search facility. 3.Access directory of schools listed on the network worldwide. 4.Invite a Colleague to join the Network. 4 2 3

8 Communities- The Heart of the Network 1 2 3 4 1.Access communities to which you hold ownership or membership. 2.View a complete list of communities available on the Network. 3.Create a Community- This feature allows members to start your own community. 4.Use the Discussions feature to share views and opinions in the PiL Network. Perhaps you are struggling to teach a particular concept? You can post a discussion and invite advice and feedback from other teachers.

9 Communities- Contribute and Collaborate Leader and Member list Announcements Discussions Events Links Shared documents

10 Create a Community From the ‘Create a Community’ page, give your community a name, summarize your community’s purpose, choose your community attributes, select whether you want your community to be public or private, and click on ‘Create Community’.

11 Library Resources 2 3 4 1.Access the latest Library Resources, organised according to categories such as: Teaching & Learning Leadership & Innovation Professional Development Learning Environments. 2.View full list of Classroom Resources. 3.Add Events to the Network. 4.Access list of Tools and Programs highlighted on the Network. 5.Add a Classroom Resource or Library Resource to the Network. 5 1

12 Classroom Resources 1 2 Access Classroom Resources which include exemplary uses of integrating ICT into teaching: 1.Access list of featured resources. 2.View full list of available Classroom Resources.

13 Add Classroom Resource To upload a resource, simply follow the following steps: 1.Give your Resource a Title. 2.Provide a description for your Resource. 3.Click on Browse to select your file (if your submission consists of several files, zip them and then upload). 4.Supply relevant tags/keywords for your resource. 5.Select relevant Subject options. 6.Specify target Age Level of the resource. 7.Specify Instructional type. 8.Click on ‘Upload Resource’.

14 Tools and Programs This page provides access to free tools, programs and solutions that enable lifelong learners to realize their full potential.

15 Partners in Learning Network For more information contact: Razan Fasheh:

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