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Environmental, Political, Social and Economic Impacts of Fossil Fuel Use.

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1 Environmental, Political, Social and Economic Impacts of Fossil Fuel Use

2 Environmental Impact – Fossil fuels cause air pollution, climate change and affect carbon cycle Carbon dioxide is released when burning fossil fuels, which is linked to an increase in temperature Release of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from the burning of oil and coal contribute to smog and acid rain. Combustion of gasoline releases ozone – eye and lung irritant, carcinogen, and part of smog

3 Environmental Impact – Water pollution and fossil fuel use Acid precipitation on freshwater ecosystems Oil spills and leaks from runoff from industries, homes, automobiles, gas stations, businesses Non point sources account for 85% of oil in the oceans, 8% from tankers, 3% from drilling, remaining is natural from seafloor. 5 million barrels of oil are released into the oceans each year

4 Environmental Impact – Coal mining Surface strip mining can destroy large plots of habitat and cause soil erosion as well as chemical runoff into waterways US regulations require restoration of land, but impacts are still severe (land reclamation) Mountaintop removal causes rock and soil slides and dumping of rock and soil in valleys and rivers have impacts on ecosystems, wildlife, and local residents New clean coal technology – “scrubbers” remove sulfur dioxide emissions, electrostatic precipitators collect particles


6 Environmental Impact – Human Health Underground coal mining is one of the most dangerous occupations – collapsing tunnels and inhalation of coal dust (black lung disease) and fumes Chemical components of oil are carcinogens, gases that evaporate from crude oil can cause asphyxiation, leaks can contaminate water supplies and cause cancer

7 Environmental Impact - Oil Though drilling has minimal impact, the rest of the infrastructure around an oil field, such as roads, housing, pipelines, waste piles, etc., disrupt the natural environment Many oil fields are located in arctic and semi-arid areas, where the environment is already unstable. Creating an oil field can have long lasting repercussions.


9 Environmental Impact – Area 1002 Possible effects on arctic vegetation, air quality, water quality, and wildlife, including caribou, grizzly bears, and birds, aquatic species


11 Political, Social, and Economic Impacts of Fossil Fuel Use Reliance on foreign oil can cause the seller nations to control the price of oil, forcing buyer nations to pay more as supplies decrease March, 2006 – Attempt to open Area 1002 for drilling to decrease foreign dependency, but impacts the environment. Did not pass by both houses.



14 Political, Social, and Economic Impacts of Fossil Fuel Use People in regions with oil reserves may or may not benefit from them Revenue from Alaskan oil reserves are placed in a fund, which pays yearly dividends to all residents – Alaska Permanent Fund (~$2000 in 2015) Most residents in oil rich areas never see any money. Profits go to major corporations and the people in the area live in poverty (Shell Corp. and Nigeria) mKelhM

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