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1 CHURCH OF NIGERIA (ANGLICAN COMMUNION) OWERRI ECCLESIASTICAL PROVINCE DIOCESE OF IDEATO THE BISHOP’S CHARGE Delivered At The Third Session Of The 6th SYNOD THEME: NEVER GIVE UP! MARK 5:36 By His Grace, The Most Revd DR. CALEB ANNY MADUOMA The Archbishop, Owerri Ecclesiastical Province & Bishop of Ideato Diocese On: Friday, 22nd April, At: Christ Church, Ntueke By: 10.00am

2 My dear people of God, PREAMBLE & WELCOME We welcome you all to the Third Session of Our Sixth Synod in the name of the risen Lord Jesus Christ! We thank all Synod delegates for the sacrifices made in order to attend this last Session of another Synod. We thank you for your support and contributions these three years. For those who may not be re-elected at the Parish Vestry Meeting next year, we wish you God’s blessings as you serve Him in other capacities. Your Grace, the Archbishop(s), My Brother Bishops, Your Excellences, Brethren of the Clergy and the Laity, the Chancellor, the Registrar and the Legal luminaries, Noble Knights, Dames and Ladies, Your Royal Highnesses, Ndi-eze, Ndi Nna, Ndi Nne, Distinguished Synod Delegates, Special Invited Guests, Members of the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome! We appreciate your presence at this Synod.

3 Rt. Rev. Markus M. Dogo, the Anglican Bishop of Kafanchan Diocese was born 27th June, 1965 to the Christian family of Mr. and Mrs. Madugu Dogo of blessed memory, from Katul Kamuru in Zango Kataf L.G.A in Kaduna State. He had his primary education at LEA Primary School Majeru, Zaria ( ); secondary education at Kufena College, Zaria ( ) and College of Advanced Studies, Zaria in 1987 for his A level. He went to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria for his bachelor degree in Geography. He graduated and did his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Oyo State from 1993 to After his NYSC, he served briefly with Shiloh Development Limited as an Administrative Officer, and resigned in 1998 to join the Anglican Church as an Evangelist. He was ordained Deacon in 2000 after his ordination program at Archbishop Vining College of Theology, Akure and Priested in 2001 by the Rt. Revd. Dr. Ali Lamido of Kafanchan Diocese. In 2005, he went on Inter-Diocesan transfer to Kebbi Diocese. While in Kebbi, he was preferred Canon and Venerable by the Most Revd. Edmund E. Akanya in 2006 and 2008 respectively, and was elected the Bishop of Kafanchan Diocese (Anglican Communion) in the year Rt. Rev. Markus M. Dogo obtained M.Div and M.Th degrees from Crowther Graduate Theological Seminary, Abeokuta and is currently pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Ministry from Asbury Theological Seminary, USA. Bishop Dogo married his heart-throb Mrs. Rahila Inusa (a Hausa Muslim Convert) in 1998 and their marriage is blessed with 4 boys; Sammy, Stephy, Jethro and Jeremy. Beloved, you are welcome! SYNOD GUEST PREACHER: THE RT. REVD. MARKUS M. DOGO

4 Rev. Canon Engr. O. Echi Nwogu is a chartered Engineer (1982 COREN Registered), and a fellow of Nigerian Society of Engineers (1995). He is an alumnus of Government Comprehensive School, Port Harcourt and Government College Umuahia, Nigeria. He is a Civil Engineering graduate of University of Nigeria, Nsukka (1977), with Heavy Industrial Training at Bhilai, Bokaro and Ranchi with Steel Authority of India (Technology Transfer, Heavy Engineering Construction and Utilities Operatives and Maintenance). He is a Post Graduate of the University of Lagos (MBA), University of Port Harcourt (MA Course Work Completed- Religious Studies), University of Nigeria, Nsukka and St. Paul’s University College, Awka ( The Engineer is also a Knight of St. Christopher (KSC 1993). He has served as a Christian Leader since the past 45 years in various capacities such as: High School President of Scripture Union at Government College, Umuahia; General Secretary and President of University of Nigeria, Nsukka Christian Union; National Chairman of Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students; Founder of the Interdenominational Christian Fellowship and Church in Ajaokuta. He is an ordained Clergy and a Reverend Canon of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), who has served extensively as Vicar and Priest in Churches in Port Harcourt and Nsukka. He is known as a Conference Speaker and Bible Teacher with a passion for teachings in Leadership, Marriage and Family Life, Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, Personal discipline and Organizational Management. BIBLE STUDY LEADER: REVD. CANON ENGR. ECHI NWOGU B. Sc., M.B.A, FNSE

5 The Reverend Canon Engr
The Reverend Canon Engr. Nwogu is currently on the Chaplaincy team for the Knights of St. Christopher, Diocese of Owerri, Co-Chaplain All Souls Chapel, Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri and Adjunct Lecturer Trinity Theological College Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria. In private practice, he is the MD/CEO of WIGATAP (With God All Things Are Possible) Company Limited, a company with interest on Engineering Design, Construction, Oil Services, Computer Training, and Internet Service. Also, he is the Chairman of Sir Justus and Lady Grace Nwogu Foundation. The Canon Engr. O. Echi Nwogu is the serving Project Co-ordinator for the DECIBELS CONSORTIUM and a Trustee of African Telecommunications Foundation (ATEF), which are NGOs serving humanity. He is happily married to Lady Olive Nwogu, with four children who are graduates and twin young girls. Also, it is important to state here that Revd. Canon Echi Nwogu and his family were members of All Saints Anglican Church Surulere, Lagos when I was their Vicar in the nineties. My brother, you are welcome! REVD. CANON ENGR. ECHI NWOGU

We are privileged to have an astute Politician, Statesman, Businessman and distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria in the person of Senator Hope Uzodinma. He is representing Imo West Senatorial Zone in Imo State, in the National Assembly and the Chairman, Senate Committee on Aviation. He has been a Senator since 2011. He will be addressing us on the topic, Church and Politics; The problem of lack of interest’. Senator Sir, You are warmly welcomed to our Synod and thank you for hosting us and some of our Clergy at last year’s DIVCCON

7 Ntueke, the host community of Christ Church, which is the venue of the Synod, is one of the ancient kingdoms that make up the Ideato nation. The name NTUEKE is a combination of a son’s name and that of his father - Ntu is the son of Eke. Eke was the son of Uma, the progenitor of the Umuma Ebemmano Clan. Eke relocated from the present day Umumaisiaku to the current location for space and comfort. He became the father of Ntu, who is the founder of Ntueke ancient kingdom. Ntueke had three sons- Ogaraku, Oraume and Nwaka who were the fathers of Uhualla, Elugwu and Ogwume respectively. Each of their three sons formed the three major villages that made up Ntueke Community, before Ogwume attained autonomous community status in In summary, Ntueke people are peace-loving, kind and hospitable. Geographical Location: Ntueke is located almost at the centre of Ideato geo-political area. It is bound in the East by Umuobom; in the West by Obiohia; in the North by Urualla and Osina; and in the South by Umueshi autonomous communities. It is naturally blessed with very large expanse of fertile and arable lands, which are crisscrossed by a network of water bodies. These natural resources made Ntueke a coveted hub for various kinds of agricultural produce and other socio-economic activities. SYNOD VENUE: CHRIST CHURCH NTUEKE

8 Traditional Monarchy in Ntueke: As an ancient kingdom, Ntueke autonomous community has its seat of government at Uhualla, the eldest village;in the royal family of Ebili-Chinedo to be precise. The genealogy is as stated below: Oraume (Elugwu) Eke Ntueke -----Ogaraku Okwaragoro Duruiheakor -----Onwuchekwa Chinedo Ebili Eze Donatus (Ezeoha 1) Eze Kerian Uchenna (Ezeoha II) The first in the genealogy to be recognized by the colonial administration under the British government was Ebili Chinedo on the 4thof September, Today, Ntueke is blessed with a young and vibrant traditional ruler, His Royal Highness Eze Kerian Uchenna Ebili Chinedo, Ezeoha II of Ntueke. He ascended the traditional throne after the death of his father, His Royal Highness Eze Donatus Ebili Chinedo Ezeoha I of Ntueke. Advent of Anglican Church, Ntueke Christ Church, the venue of this Synod, is also the Parish headquarters of HTC Obiohia, St. Mark’s Umuchima and St. Andrew’s Mgbee. The history of Christ Church, Ntueke is filled with exciting stories of God’s intervention in the affairs of the Church and the Community. CHRIST CHURCH NTUEKE

9 THE CHRIST CHURCH Christ Church, Ntueke is unique in many ways. The founding fathers believed that if it had not been the Lord, they would not have been able to achieve what they did; given the ordeals they faced in a bid to establish the Church. They deemed it fit to give God all the glory. Thus, it became the first Church to go by the name “Christ” in the old Orlu Diocese. Before the advent of the Christian faith, Ntueke was generally a heathen community. She believed in the existence of the Supreme Being, but worshipped Him through diverse idolatrous practices. Some of the revered deities of the land included Urashi, Ogwugwu Nyele, Ajaala, Ogbaku etc. Their shrines and sacred forests were in different parts of the land. Consequently, every socio-cultural activity in the land was rooted in idolatry. The first native of Ntueke to embrace the good news was John Nwosu of blessed memory. Young John Nwosu whose maternal home was at Urualla had joined the people of Urualla and Osina that were the first to receive the salvation message. Three other young men later joined him in the faith and their zeal for the newly found faith burned like wild fire. They were Chief James E. Ugwu who became a fiery evangelist; Mr. Stephen Ugwu, his younger brother who became popular for his unwavering optimism and Mr. Michael Nwosu who was unfalteringly steadfast until his death,which happened earlier than the others and before the Church could reach a developed stage. These four men became great pillars of the faith in the land, as they marched undauntedly, defied all odds and devilish threats, and convinced the doubting “Thomases” of the incomparable power in the name of Jesus Christ; with that they established the then baby Church on a solid foundation. Their faith in the Lord was so strong and transparent that the heathen community attested to the fact that they were different. Their spirit of oneness and unbreakable cord of love propelled them to wax stronger in the faith, to the admiration of both their detractors and the heathen community; hence they garnered many more followers. Some of the new converts included: Late Chief P.N. Moneke, who joined the Church as a youth, which gave him ample opportunity to be a god-father to some people that were not much younger than him; like Chief Felix Ugwu. Other converts included: Thaddeus Nnoaham and Simon Agu, Nelson Ugwu, Nathan Ugwu, Samuel Ireka, Paul Nwosu Orji, Jonah Chukwuma, Benjamin Moneke, Simon Obiakor, Julius Okwute, a World War I and II veteran.

10 First Church Building At the start of the Church, members met at Pa John Nwosu’s house for Sunday Services and other religious activities. So, his house was the first gathering place for the new believers. From there, the new converts launched out on evangelism and attracted many people to join them, especially those who were held hostage by the heathen practices in the community. When the young Church started increasing in numbers, it moved from John Nwosu’s living room to John Nwosu’s compound where eventually the first Church building was erected with thatched roof and mud wall. At the end of every meeting, John Nwosu would treat the body of Christ to some food and drinks. James Ugwu who was more affluent and a philanthropist would financially support those in need. The early Church became synonymous with John Nwosu, such that those who made caricature of the Church called the Church bell “Onyemachi’s metallic pot” (Ite igwe Onyemachi). Onyemachi was John’s step-mother. The four-man Church was called Ite igwe Onyemachi. The derogatory name calling eventually changed to Ndi somishi, to CMS, and then to Christ Church, which is the venue of the Synod- the conference of the highest policy making body of the Diocese of Ideato, under the President of the Synod, His Grace, the Most Revd. Dr. Caleb Anny Maduoma, the Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province- Alleluia.

11 Persecutions and Triumph over them As the Church increased in population, the need to have a befitting house of worship became imperative. Consequently, frantic efforts were made by the great four and their adherents to build a house for the Lord. The decision to build brought about many set-backs and persecutions. In attempt to discourage them, detractors wrote on the mud wall, “alilia elu lilia ala nkiti.” On some occasions, the Church house was pulled down. But, this act was brought to an end when one Edward Ochemba was caught in the act, taken to court and imprisoned in Despite all these, the faith of the believers remained unfaltering and unwavering. The more the persecutions, the brighter their faith burned. They became stronger, united and won more converts for the Lord. When their critics found out that they were unfazed by these persecutions, they connived with the heathens and the traditional government to stop the Church. The conspiracy was to take every taxable man of Ntueke origin before the Ogwugwu Okwa shrine for oath-taking. Ogwugwu okwa is the fetish deity of Umueshi. Just like the Biblical Daniel’s assailants knew, the plotters of this evil knew that there was no other way to find charges against members of CMS other than through something that had to do with the law of their God. As expected, the few CMS people objected to the plan, arguing that it was against their faith and belief. They made it clear that they would not partake in such an idolatrous practice, stating that they were ready to contribute their quota to every effort geared towards the development of the community, as long as it did not involve swearing to an idol. This led the traditional authorities to ostracize them. But, to the chagrin of their persecutors, the CMS members rejoiced that they were being counted worthy of suffering for the gospel of Christ. Instead of falling back to bemoan their condition, they became jubilant and went haywire with the gospel. Several miracles accompanied their messages and more souls were won for the Lord. Over time, the ostracism was nullified. One of the things that convinced “ndi Ntueke” that these men were servants of the Most High was the ineffectiveness of poisons, charms, amulets and other concoctions they had tried on the converts. Stories had it that they voluntarily entered all the dangerous forests used as traditional laboratories and storages for poisons barefoot, praying and singing; turned upside down the earthen pots containing the dangerous materials and later used them to cook and eat with no evil befalling them.

12 The Miraculous Intervention of God in the Affairs of the New Converts The initial challenge for the new converts was to locate a permanent site for a Church building. But, by the special grace of God, they acquired this enviable site (present location). On request, the first to donate land to the Church was the family of Elugwu Ogwume, under the leadership of Nwike Onwuka in Nwike Onwuka had in 1925 given a big portion of land to the Roman Catholic Mission on which they had built. So, hewillingly gave CMS a vast land that was covered with forest dedicated to Obom Urashi. The site was called Ihu Obom Urashi- parcel of land which ordinary people dreaded to tread on, for fear of the Urashi deity. The most astonishing incident in the history of this Church was the clearing of the dreaded bush and uprooting of the palm tree dedicated to the deity called Ojukwu Urashi. This was carried out by a team of evangelists led by James Ugwu, without the loss of any lives, including that of the children of Christ Church School who were playing in the field the day the tree was cut down. As soon as no death was confirmed, enemies who had posited that Urashi had defeated CMS with multiple deaths of their children, turnedaroundsaying that the God of “ndi CMS” was stronger than Urashi and worthy of worship. Also, contrary to expectations, James Ugwu and his group that uprooted the Ojukwu Urashi lived on for many more years and no evil befell them. After this incident, souls were added to the CMS Church at Ntueke. The Church grew in leaps and bounds, as many people abandoned their fetish practices and turned to God. This growth was further encouraged by the case of Timothy Aburuonye Ezeocha, a new convert who regained consciousness after being thought dead to share his experience after death and leave instructions that he and his family must be buried in the Christian way. He died immediately after his speech and many who had been unsure of the faith joined the Church. Similarly, the conversion of Moneke Onwuachu, a popular traditional medical practitioner to the faith by the testimony of his son, Peter Moneke and the persistent evangelical activities of James Ugwu, caused many to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

13 The Second Church Building The first Church built with mud and thatched roof in the year 1936 was replaced with another built with cement and burned bricks between 1951 and Although a herculean task for the just burgeoning congregation, their zeal for the Lord brought about the accomplishment of the project. The four men- John Nwosu, James Ugwu, Stephen Ugwu and Michael Nwosu worked as one, with their hearts, hands and minds operatingin synergy. The history of the second church building can never be complete without the mention of Hon. Paul Nwosu-Orji who lavishly donated both his money and materials meant for his own house to build for the Lord. When politics tried to rob Christ Church of the roofing sheets meant for the Church building, Chief James Ugwu stepped up and ensured that the house of the Lord was not abandoned. The other followers, in the person of Peter Moneke, Ben Moneke, etc.also supported the Church building project with their wealth. Felix Ugwu was the contractor that handled the building project in collaboration with Mr. Gabriel Okalla from Umueshi.

14 Growth, Baptism, Confirmation and Marriages The Church started with four men- John Nwosu, James Ugwu, Stephen Ugwu and Michael Nwosu. The first baptized member of the Church was John Nwosu in This placed him in a position to become godfather to many members of the Church including the Colossus James Ugwu. James Ugwu was the first person to conduct a wedding ceremony in the Church in 1936, when he married Mr. Benice Ugwu. Other baptisms included those of Stephen Ugwu, Michael Ugwu, Peter Moneke, Paul Nwosu Orji, Thaddeus Nnoaham, Simon Agu, Felix Ugwu, Nathan Ugwu, Jonah Chukwuma, Simon Ireka, Benjamin Moneke, Aburuonye Timothy Ezeocha, Simon Obiakor and Julius Okwute. In 1950, the Church witnessed an influx of new converts when the Salvation Army decided to join the Church. The following men with their families were admitted: Basil Ibekwe, Okereke, Nwadike…. Several more families joined the Church; some from the Roman Catholic Church like Clement Nwike, Canice Nwike (the longest serving Church Teacher at Christ Church, Ntueke) and Mrs. Benice Ugwu who was the first member of the Church to be appointed a Synod delegate, an office she held till her death in 1977, and others like Mr. Sunday Madueke who was rescued from being put to death because of the tradition that supported the killing of twins. The early converts were for many years without any teacher from the Parish. The first Church helper to the Church after many years of conducting Church services in turns among the four was Mr. Peter Ohakamma. Peter Ohakamma used to operate from his home town Urualla, where he was a lay reader and appointed to help the Church. After Peter Ohakamma, Mr. Michael Ajonuma of Amaokpara Nkwerre became the Church Teacher. The coming of Michael Ajonuma brought about radical changes in the running of the Church and catalyzed its rapid growth. He was the one that formed the first Choir, as well as set youth activities in motion in the Church.

15 The Pioneer Missionaries 1. Mr. Michael Ajonuma - 1948-1949 2
The Pioneer Missionaries 1. Mr. Michael Ajonuma Richard Eyim John Nwashara Josiah Okoli Godwin Onwusoroibe Canice Nwike N.L. Ekenwa Mr. J.C. Ononiwu S. Agwunobi I.C. Eze G.O. Nlebedum J.C. Okeke G.U. Ozoemena A.A. Ndemegwo Ordained Priests 15. Rev. Canon S.C. Anyanele Rev. Canon K.C. Nwabugwu Rev. Canon Cliff Nwigwe Rev. Canon Paul Nwosu Rev. S.C. Nwisu Rev. John Ibeabuchi Rev. Canon Ben Opara Rev. G. Okereke

16 The set of youths that formed the very first choir in 1949 included: Mr. Emmanuel Ugwu (who later became a musicologist and died as the Church’s Choirmaster and Music director), Felix Ugwu, Mishack Ugwu, Peter Moneke, Dorathy Moneke, Abigail Adimoha (now Aso) Samuel Ireka, Godwin Ugwu, Priscillia Ugwu, Silas Moneke, Josephine Ukazu, Cecilia Ukazu, Janeth Moneke. The Choir was noted for its astonishing performances and winning of laurels in the old Diocese on the Niger and Owerri Diocese. The Parsonage and the Third Church Building During the tenure of Rev. Canon Cliff Nwigwe (now Archdeacon) as Resident Priest, Mr. Theodore Ugwu of blessed memory conceived the idea of building either a parsonage or a new Church building. He did not call for a meeting, but donated ten trips of sand and 200 bags of cement to begin a Church building. After much consideration, the Church settled with the idea to build a parsonage before a Church building. And, as it was with the founding fathers, everyone joined hands to make the project a success, especially Dr. Maxwell Ugwu and Engr. Josiah Orji who released the materials meant for their houses for the building of the parsonage. In 2002, the parsonage was dedicated and the Church became a Parish with Rev. Canon K.C. Nnabugwu as the first Parish Priest. Again, it became important to fast-track the building project and to have a befitting house of worship. The entire Church embraced the idea wholeheartedly, and gave their moral and financial support. But, special mention must be made of Dr. Maxwell Ugwu who was the chief financier with Theodore Ugwu, the Orjis and the Monekes. The death of Theodore Ugwu was a big blow to the Church and it should be recalled that it was him that brought the first architectural plan for the new building under Rev. Canon Cliff Nwigwe. The new architectural plan was by Dr. Max Ugwu, and the building took off in 2006 under Rev. Canon Paul Nwosu. The foundation stone laying ceremony was done in 2007 by the Diocesan Bishop (now Archbishop) His Grace, the Most Revd. Dr. C.A. Maduoma.

17 Your Grace, My brother Bishops, Honourable Chancellor, the Registrar, Brethren of the Clergy, Council of Knights, distinguished Synod delegates, once again we say welcome to Christ Church, Ntueke Parish, host Community of this year 2016 Synod of Ideato Diocese. This is the second time Umueshi Archdeaconry and the first time Christ Church will host the Synod. This opportunity to host the 2016 Synod has brought a lot of blessings to the Church and to the Ntueke Community. It is another opportunity for Christ Church Ntueke Community and Umueshi Archdeaconry to enjoy the fellowship of believers from all the parts of Ideato Diocese. This is also the first time Christ Church Ntueke is hosting the Diocesan Synod led by His Grace, the Most Revd. Dr. C.A. Maduoma, Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province and Bishop of Ideato Diocese. The Synod widens the scope of evangelism in the area of jurisdiction. The Church at Ntueke and indeed the Ntueke Community are favoured to be alive to host this first Synod at Ntueke that brings in highly respected men of God – Archbishop, Bishops and Prelates who through their gathering on Ntueke soil will usher in God’s blessing on the Church and Community. It has not been easy to prepare for this Synod. Nevertheless, delegates have been provided with minimum comfort and security to enable them deliberate effectively. The Archdeaconry is financially, spiritually, morally and materially committed to host a hitch free 2016 Synod Conference at Christ Church, Ntueke.

18 Behind every successful group implementation of a project, there is a hardworking, intelligent leadership with good public relationship. We appreciate the L.O.C. Chairman, Dr. Max Ugwu and the spiritual leader of the Archdeaconry, Ven. Paul Nwosu (Junior) for their sagacity in sensitizing and organizing the Archdeaconry, especially Ntueke parishioners to come forward and use both their physical strength and material wealth to attend to the requirements and imperatives of the Synod. The uphill task that was before the host Parish was to restructure and to reconstruct the modern Church building. The de-roofing and re-roofing of the Church building engulfed a huge amount of money that would have been enough to complete everything, including the dedication of the Church building. Therefore, the Church appreciates the effort of Dr. Max Ugwu for speedily financing the re-roofing of the Church building, so that it could be used for worship during the Synod. We also appreciate Josiah Nwosu Orji, who paid for the cost of tiling the floor of the whole Church and Engr. Uche B. Ekekwe, who paid for the ceiling. In addition, we acknowledge the efforts of the sub-committee on history of the Church, through their Chairman, Sir S.A. Moneke, in producing this document. Also, we thank all others that donated, both in cash and kind towards the building. May the good Lord reward you all abundantly and may His goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your lives. You are blessed!


20 BAPTISM 1. Rev. Canon & Mrs. Paul Uzoma 2. Rev. Canon & Mrs. Frank Ikeh 3. Rev. & Mrs. Obiora Okonkwo 4. Rev. & Mrs. Shedrack Chukwuzitere 5. Rev. & Mrs. Basil Ekpunobi 6. Rev. & Mrs. Ejido’s daughter 7. Rev. & Mrs. Chigbo Odum 8. Rev. & Mrs. Kelechi Chimara 9. Rev. & Mrs. Mishack Amaraegbu 10. Rev. & Mrs. Ebenezer Igboanugo 11. Rev. & Mrs. Gabriel Anionu 12. Rev. & Mrs. Uzoma Iloka 13. Rev. & Mrs. Joshua Chibuzor 14. Rev. & Mrs. Kingsley Ofoleta 15. Ven. & Mrs. Cliff Nwigwe God blessed the following Priests with new born babies in the year under review. We congratulate them and pray for God’s protection over the children and their parents.

21 PARISH DATE MALE FEMALE TOTAL 1. Ndizuogu 18-04-15 11 24 35 2.
CONFIRMATION PARISH DATE MALE FEMALE TOTAL 1. Ndizuogu 11 24 35 2. St. Mark’s Az. 13 22 3. Uzii 17 19 36 4. Umueshi 31 23 56 5. Obodoukwu 14 6. Uwakonye 12 7. Umualaoma 10 8. Obinetiti 7 6 9. All Saint’s Akokwa 16 32 10. St. Peter’s Akokwa 9 18 27 11. Umukegwu 26

22 ORDINATION The Diocese witnessed a Trinity Ordination of 6 Ordinands and 3 Priests held at the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, Arondizuogu on June 7, The Ordination started with an Ordination Retreat which began from Wednesday, 3rd June to Saturday, 6th June, The Retreatant was the Ven. Prof. Udobata Onunwa, an erudite scholar and a Professor of Biblical Studies from University of Birmingham, who is presently the Consultant Professor in Residence at Trinity Theological College, Umuahia. During the retreat, he enlightened the candidates on “Ordination” and “Priesthood.” In the course of his message, he made a thought provoking remark, “We, as ordained Ministers are called to be faithful and not successful.” He said that majority of those ordained, target success and not faithfulness. According to him, a person can be successful without being faithful. But, a person cannot be faithful without being a success or successful. He concluded by stating that one of the major attributes that God requires of His servants is faithfulness. He charged the newly ordained and all in the service to seek faithfulness in their dealings with God and man. Deacons: Rev. Chukwuma Bernard ALOZIE Rev. Ndubisi Shedrack CHUKWUZITERE Rev. Sopuruchukwu Maxwell OKWARAJIAKU Rev. Abel Chinwba CHIBUIKE Rev. Emmanuel Ifeanyichukwu OLUBUOGU Rev. Timothy C. OBIAGWU Priests: Rev. Christian C. EZEONYEAKA Rev. Chibuzo Reginald NWOKEFORO Rev. Joseph Obioma EZEKULIE

The Administrator of Umuobom Archdeaconry, Rev. Canon Frank Ikeh was preferred Archdeacon of Umuobom Archdeaconry on December 24, 2015, during the One day Special Session of the Sixth Synod held at St. Peter’s Cathedral Church, Arondizuogu. The Collation took place on Sunday, March 13, 2016 at St. Paul’s Church, Umuobom. We pray for fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit on our New Archdeacon and his family. DEDICATION OF NEW CHURCH BUILDINGS Anglican Church of New Bethel, Osina- New Church Building was dedicated on the 4th of April, 2015. Christ Church, Umuopia- New Vicarage was dedicated on the 5th of April, 2015. Holy Trinity Church, Umunkwukwa, Obodoukwu- New Church Building was dedicated on the 28th of December, This Ultra-Modern Church Building was single handedly built by Sir and Lady Charles Chukwuma Emelu in memory of their late parents. Holy Trinity Church, Ndiakunwanta – New Church Building & New Parsonage was dedicated on the 29th of December, We congratulate them for their untiring efforts. St. Andrew’s Church, Ndiamazu- New Parsonage & New Church Hall was dedicated on 3rd April, 2016.

The Naming Ceremony of St. Thomas Extension, Umualaoma as “Anglican Church of Divine Grace” took place on the 8th of November, 2015. FOUNDATION STONE LAYING Anglican Church of New Bethel, Osina on Ideato Diocesan Women Students’ Hostel at Umuagwo, Owerri on Owerri Ecclesiastical Province Students’ Hostel at Umuagwo, Owerri on Our Saviour Anglican Church, Ugwuabo, Umuobom on St. Luke Obodoukwu’s New Vicarage on Church of Pentecost, Umume, Obodoukwu on

25 WEDDING SERVICES We Solemnized marriages between: CONGRATULATIONS We congratulate the Most Revd. Dr. and Mrs. C. A. Maduoma on the wedding of their two daughters- Chidinma and Ngozi. APPRECIATION Mr. & Mrs. Ebere Uzozie We must appreciate Mr. and Mrs. Ebere Uzoeshi who have taken it upon themselves to take care of the Bishop/Archbishop and his wife anytime they are in Abuja. During DIVCCON 2015, they extended this hospitality not only to the Archbishop and his wife, but to all Ideato delegates that attended the conference. Sir and Ma, the Lord will not forget your good work, never give up! Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Chukwudumeje Rev. & Barr. Mrs. Kenneth Duru Rev. Dr. & Barr. Mrs. Chigozie Anele Mr. & Mrs. Kosarachukwu Agu Sir & Lady Noel Okoli Barr. & Mrs. Chima Ezeamama Mr. & Mrs. Uchechukwu Adighibe

26 INDUCTION – WOMEN MINISTRY The table below shows the number of Women/Girls enrolled into Mothers’ Union, Women’s Guild and Girls’ Guild on Trinity Sunday, October 4, 2015 at the Cathedral of St. Peter, Arondizuogu. We pray that they will continue to grow in the Lord and remain faithful in His services. YOUTH ACTIVITIES We commend the President of the A.Y.F and its Executives for leading the Youth activities in the Diocese. This year’s Youth Conference was held at St. Paul’s Church, Umuobom and they also participated actively in the National Youth Conference held in Offa, Kwara State. They have so many new ideas they want to inject into the system. So, please give them your unalloyed support. COUNCIL OF KNIGHTS The Council of Knights had a programme of activities planned for the year that included: Evangelistic Outreach to Stations and Churches, Holy Saturday Retreat with the Bishop, Executives and General Meetings, Attendance at Joint Council of Knights Meetings (JCK) and Social Welfare Services. While, we commend the Council especially in their new zeal and revived spirit, we call upon those still lagging behind to wake up and never give up!

27 ANGLICAN CHILDREN MINISTRY (ACM) The Anglican Children Ministry is also very active in its little way. They held their Diocesan Conference at St. Luke’s Church, Obodoukwu and participated in both the Provincial and National Conferences. ANGLICAN CHRISTIAN FATHERS FELLOWSHIP (ACFF) CONFERENCE The Christian Fathers Fellowship continued in their activities this year. But, we encourage young fathers to join the group and also take part in their activities. DIOCESAN LAY READERS The Diocesan Lay Readers had a Rededication Service on the 21st of February, 2016 at the Cathedral of St. Peter, Arondizuogu. During the Service, the Archbishop commended them on the work they were doing in the Diocese. Also, the Diocese plans to train new persons into the Lay Readers association.

28 FIVE YEAR ( ) DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR THE DIOCESE We have tabled before the Diocesan Board a proposal of Five Year ( ) Development Plan for the Diocese that we have captioned “Vision 2020.” We have set up an ‘Action Plan Team’ to work with the Diocesan in the planning. We need your co-operation and support in determining where we would like to be in the next five years, before I retire as your Diocesan. DIOCESAN CHURCH CENTRE We have succeeded in acquiring vast acres of landed property and appointed a full time Chaplain for the purpose of developing the Centre. It is a very challenging task, and we shall all be involved. The Diocesan Building Committee is totally committed to the project. We thank the Chairman of the Building Committee, Arch. Chidi Okoli, for producing the comprehensive architectural drawing and design for the Centre, free of charge. We are appreciative of the sacrificial contributions of him and his team. We appeal to members and groups to visit the center and see what the Lord may lay in their heart to do. The EFAC held their 2015 Convention on the site. Other groups are invited to make use of the site. The Centre will serve our evangelistic and social activities. It will also serve as our Retreat Centre. Some of the existing structures on the site will require major renovation. We may think of organizing a luncheon to raise major funds to develop the Centre. We call upon our friends to come to our rescue.

29 2015 DIOCESAN HIGHEST TITHER We congratulate him and the two runners up. The list of parishioners who paid tithe of Fifty Thousand Naira (#50,000) and above are listed on Appendix III. ASSESSMENT We praise God and thank those Parishes that paid their assessment completely and promptly. We praise God for their understanding of the need to take this sacrificial and mandatory giving seriously. Even in the face of economic crunch, these Parishes refused to give up. May God continue to uphold you all. We also thank those Parishes that went ahead to pay in advance part of their incoming year assessment. You are thinking ahead! Therefore, God will plan ahead of you. As the Chief Accounting Officer of the Diocese, my strong desire is to operate a system that is transparent and accountable. I believe as a shepherd, I should live by example, keeping in mind always what the Bible says that every person will give account of his or her stewardship on the last day. As we praise God for you, we will never give up on those Parishes that have become known as habitual debtors. The Lord will deliver and set you free! Indebtedness will not be your portion in Jesus Name!

30 As has been our practice, we have published names of Parishioners (including anonymous givers) on the Appendix of this charge, for your perusal. Meanwhile the Chart below is also for our view: The following Parishes also completed payment of their annual assessment as at the 30th of December, 2015; although some completed theirs in January, We still congratulate these Parishes: 4th All Saints Church, Urualla 5th St. Paul’s Church, Akwu – Ndizuogu, Osina, Obodoukwu, Uzii, Ndiuche, Obinikpa, Akpulu, Owerre Akokwa and Umuobom.

31 FUNERALS Mrs. Elizabeth Igwegbe- (60 yrs) – Cathedral – Lay Reader Edmond Nwosu ( 76 yrs) – Cathedral – The Rt. Revd. S.C.N. Ebo (87 yrs) – St. Silas Church, Lowa – Sir Paulinus Uchechukwu Umeokoro- (61 yrs)- Obodoukwu Lay Reader Theophilus Chukwuemeka Oguamah (82 yrs) Mazi Foster Nwafor (72 yrs)- Cathedral – Mr. John Igweneme (Church Teacher)- (54yrs) – Isiokpo Ezinne Rebecca Nwafor Amazu (85yrs) – Cathedral – Madam Edith Udunma Ojiekwe-(94 yrs)- Umuopia Sir Daniel Okpara Sunday Dike- (79yrs)- Dikenafai – Sir Dike Bernard O. Egbuchulam – Mbaitolu – H.R.H Godson Esomonu Osuokwu– Awalla Madam Dorathy Eze (76yrs) – Umueshi –  May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in perfect peace. Amen.

32 NEWS FROM OWERRI ECCLESIASTICAL PROVINCE The 26th Regular Provincial Council Meeting met at All Saints Cathedral Church, Egbu on Thursday, September 10, 2015; and the 27th Regular Provincial Council Meeting met on Thursday, January 28, 2016, at the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, Umuokanne, Ohaji/Egbema Diocese. The Bishops met one day preceeding the days of the Provincial Council Meetings. The Provincial Council Meetings were well attended; useful in their deliberations and the hosts Dioceses were very active in service. Appendix I & II contains the briefing from the Archbishop. I thank my brother Bishops, the Clergy and Laity for their support in moving the Province forward.

33 PAUL UNIVERSITY AWKA Paul University Awka, is owned by the Anglican Communion East of the Niger (ie Former Province II). It is our common heritage from our fore-bearers, the Church Missionary Society (CMS) which was at the fore-front of education in Nigeria. In the year 1904 the CMS had started St. Paul’s College Awka were many of our teachers and Catechist were trained. Today the University has been approved as one of the faith based University in Nigeria, accredited by the Nigeria University Commission (NUC). Paul University provides wholesome Christian Education with its four major components; intellectual, Social, Spiritual and Physical development, producing young people, sound in character and learning. The University matriculated two sets of students numbering over 160 students. Seventy three Students had graduated and now serving in the National Youth Service (NYSC). Recently the University received her permanent license of operation as a full-fledged University. In December 2015, they had their Second Convocation where the Primate, The Most Revd. Nicholas Okoh D.D was installed as the Chancellor of Paul University. The Nigeria University Commission (NUC) Accreditation Team visited the University in January 2016, to assess eight new programmes and generally evaluated the departments positively. We congratulate the Ven. Prof. Uche C. Isiugo-Abanihe on his election/appointment as the Second Vice-Chancellor of Paul University since January We also extend our goodwill message to his wife Professor Ifeyinwa Uche Isiugo-Abanihe, on her promotion to the professorial seat in University of Ibadan, Ibadan. We urge you to sponsor the University through your donations and sending your children and wards to the University. We should also join in advertising the University, for people to be aware of the existence of the University.

34 NEWS FROM CHURCH OF NIGERIA Standing Committee Meetings were attended by our Bishop and delegates twice in the years in Ondo State and Abuja. The communiqués from the meetings and the Primates’ Pastoral Letters are included in the Appendix IV & V of this charge. DIVCCON The Annual Divine Commonwealth Conference (DIVCCON) of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) for the year 2015 was held from Monday, 9th to Friday, 13th November, 2015 at the National Christian Ecumenical Centre, Abuja under a prayerfully chosen theme, “Dare To Be A Daniel” referenced from Daniel 6:10. Daniel was a Biblical character, a personality that requires no introduction among Bible students, Christians and Theologians. He stood firm against the ungodly decree from king Darius of Persian Empire, who made it a death sentence for anybody to worship or make request to any other god or man except the king for a period of 30 days. To “dare to be a Daniel” is to be different, refusing to join the multitude, especially in a situation where it is against Biblical standards and what we believe as Christians. In his welcome address, the Archbishop, Metropolitan and the Primate of all Nigeria, His Grace the Most Revd. Nicholas D. Okoh thanked God for the traveling mercies granted to all participants. He reminded all that the Divine Commonwealth Conference is unique and different from other conferences in the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, because it is meant for both Anglican and Non-Anglican faithful. In conclusion, he charged participants to use the opportunity created by the conference to pray for our country and the Global Church.

35 BISHOPS’ RETIREMENT The following Bishops retired from active service: Rt. Revd. (Prof.) Anthony Nkwoka – Niger West Diocese Rt. Revd. James Akinola – Igbomina West Diocese Rt. Revd. Tanimu Aduda – Gwagwalada Diocese Rt. Rev. Oluronti Odubogun – Ife Diocese We wish them a happy and peaceful retirement. NEW BISHOPS AND CONSECRATION Rt. Revd. Jide Adebayo - Igbomina West Diocese Rt. Revd. Johnson Ekwe - Niger West Diocese Rt. Revd. Moses B. Tabuwaye - Gwagwalada Diocese Rt. Revd. Isaac Oluyamo - Ijesha Diocese Rt. Revd. Olubunmi A. Akinlade - Ife Diocese Rt. Revd. Foreman Nedison - Jalingo Diocese Rt. Revd. Prof. Andrew O. Igenoza - Dean, Crowther Graduate Theological Seminary, Abeokuta (CGTS) The Rt. Revd. Prof. Dapo Asaju, former Dean at the Seminary (CGTS) was reassigned to Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo as the Vice Chancellor. May the Lord strengthen them in their new assignments. TRANSLATION The Rt. Revd. Timothy Yahaya was translated from Jalingo Diocese to Kaduna Diocese, to fill the see vacated by the Most Revd. Josiah Idowu Fearon, now the General Secretary of the Anglican Communion in Canterbury, UK.


37 SYNOD THEME: The theme for the Second Session of the Sixth Synod was “Do not be deceived” (Matt.24:4).Since then, this theme was being discussed within the sessions of the Second Session of the Sixth Synod and later among the various departments and groups in the Diocese. The natural tendency or choice for this third and last session of the Sixth Synod would have been, “Do not Give Up, only believe.” But, we have chosen to capture it as, “Never Give Up” (Mark 5:36). What gave rise to the choice of the theme was my coming across a pamphlet from my personal library titled, “Don’t Give Up: A glorious account of faith’s triumph over fear” by Benny Hinn, a world renowned Evangelist. I later noticed that the book was a gift from my then Curate and it had the inscription: “Dear Caleb, Please accept this as a token of love to cheer you up and never to give up your brilliant principles particularly as you celebrate your 48th Birthday today, 22nd Sept May the good Lord continue to strengthen you in His Vineyard. From Ven. J.K. & Mrs. A. A. Adesina

38 Please note that before then, even at my 50th Birthday, I had never celebrated my birthday! So, I saw the gift as a prophecy and the inscription on the book as a prophetic statement to me, my wife and family by our late friend and his dear wife who called on us from Oshogbo in Jan As your Bishop and Archbishop, I became more convinced to share this with you and the entire flock committed to my charge. As if I needed further prompting about this theme, sometime in December 2015, one of you placed in my hand a book titled, “Never Give Up! Relentless Determination to Overcome Life’s Challenges.” The book was written by another popular author and world renowned Evangelist, this time a lady by the name Joyce Meyer, who is also a New York Times Bestselling Author. The interesting thing about this theme was that it agreed with the very phrase we had chosen and announced last year at the close of the last Synod. And, in as much as we did not delve deeply into research in the choice of the theme, God is still saying something to us, “he that endures to the end shall be saved!” I believe that the choice of this theme at this time indicates that God has a purpose for us in this Diocese. Also, that He wants to bless us in special ways and grant us fulfilling lives, despite the many challenges that seem to frustrate us, with the intention of leading us to surrender. We believe this Synod will be another opportunity to bounce us back into action. It shall open our eyes to the fact that we are not alone in our experiences, as there are others in the Bible who had difficulties. In addition, we shall discover more about the victory we have in Jesus.

39 Now back to the exegesis of the text, Mark 5:36: “As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, He saith unto the ruler of the Synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe.” Jesus, throughout His ministry on earth was very busy reaching out to the needs of people in desperate situations. Jairus, one of the rulers in the Synagogue was in such a situation. Hence, he approached Jesus, to go with him to his house, so that He would heal his very sick daughter. A ruler of a Synagogue was responsible for organizing the worship and maintaining order. However, when he approached Jesus, he was not there in his official capacity. Jairus was there as a desperate father who was willing to do anything to save his daughter. As He attempted to lead Jesus to his house, they encountered a great crowd of people that had gathered as a result of the news of Jesus’ miraculous works. The sick and the needy had gathered early, waiting for Jesus to pass by. The journey to Jairus’ house was interrupted by an incident that took place on the way, and by the time they got to the house, the girl was found to have died. But, Jesus went on to tell the anxious father to believe and have faith. He sent out the professional mourners paid to wail and make noise, and allowed only the parents and His three close friends- Peter, James and John to enter the room where the dead child laid. Then, He took her by the hand and spoke to her in Aramaic, “Tabitha Cumi” meaning “Get up, my child.” Quietly and practically, He ordered the astounded witnesses not to gossip about it and directed that the girl should be given food. The simplicity of this story, combined with its circumstantial details, make it exceedingly impressive.

40 Some have suggested, especially in view of Jesus’ words, “The child is not dead; she is asleep,” that the girl was only in a coma. But, it is perfectly clear that the writer of the Gospel understands it as ‘a story of raising from the dead’ and the word, “sleep” is just Jesus’ word for death (cf. John 11:11-14). Also, it is difficult to see why a mere rousing from a coma- a condition that was well known in those days would give rise to a miracle story. Such similar scenarios of raising from death can be found in the New Testament (with parallel accounts in Matt.9:18-26; Luke 8:40-56), in Luke 7:11-17 (the widow’s son), in John 11 (Lazarus), in Acts 9:36-43 (Tabitha), in Acts 20:9-12 (Eutychus) and two or three cases in the Old Testament. In all these cases, with the exception of the case of Jesus, it is assumed that the persons restored to life still died again during the course of their life on earth. The case of Jesus was different, in the sense that His resurrection was final and absolute. He arose into a new and eternal life. Nevertheless, the mystery of these cases remains profound; more so because, there is little or no satisfactory evidence of raising from death in more recent times. As Christians, who are in a journey with our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, there are several interruptions or oppositions we must not allow to distract us in our life’s journey. As young converts, we were counseled that “It is not an easy road!” Jairus in his journey with Jesus to his home faced several oppositions directly and indirectly, that could have hindered him from receiving his miracle. However, his love for his daughter and trust in Jesus’ ability to save his daughter was the driving force that kept him determined not to give-up.

41 A Preacher rightly said, “Sadly, many miss their miracle because they fail to recognize the real source of the opposition. If opposition is allowed to triumph, faith begins to vanish and eventually turns to fear. When fear prevails and is allowed to get in the way the miracle passes right by.” Jairus believed that Jesus whom he had heard about could help his daughter and he was willing to do anything to ensure the healing of his daughter. It is important to note that faith does not deny fact, it changes it. Jairus believed that Jesus was the answer and the only one who could rescue his daughter from the grasp of death. It can also be observed that each time he overcame one hurdle or obstacle he stepped closer to his victory. The final straw that seemed to break the camels’ back was when delegates from Jairus’ house arrived and announced to him “Your daughter has died; why trouble the Teacher anymore?” In other words, why are you still wasting your time; what you are trying to prevent has happened, there is no hope! Your daughter is dead! “But Jesus overhearing what was being spoken, said to the Synagogue official, “Do not be afraid any longer, only believe” (Mark 5:36).

42 Let us consider all the hurdles this ruler of the Synagogue had to overcome to get to this point:
He had to break away from a tradition he had lived by all his life and disregard what people would think or say when they saw him go to Jesus and bow down before Him. He had to overcome the fear of losing his position in the Synagogue as a result of him seeking help from Jesus, publicly. He had to fight his way through a crowd to get to Jesus, to ask Him for help.  Then, he had to battle his way through another crowd as he tried to take Jesus to his dying daughter’s bedside. Just when he was making progress, Jairus was slowed down, as Jesus attended to another woman who had approached Him because she was also in need of a miraculous healing. After the miracle had taken place, she took a great deal of precious time sharing her testimony to Jesus who was patient enough to listen. And just as she concluded her lengthy testimony, Jairus received the breaking news that his daughter, whom he had been struggling to save, was dead! But before Jairus could break down, Jesus intervened! Alleluya!

43 “As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, fear not, only believe” (Mark 5:36). Let us take a look at our Lord’s sensitivity toward Jairus as recorded here. “As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken ….” No one had to go and tell Jesus what had happened. Before anything could happen to Jairus, Jesus intervened. He stepped in, “Don’t be afraid, only believe.” Never give up, Jairus! Don’t stop believing! Jesus cared so much about Jairus’ faith, just as He does about our faith that He sought to protect it. Jesus did not allow his faith to be destroyed by the news, but protected Jairus’ faith by encouraging him. Looking at the natural circumstances, the situation appeared hopeless. But no situation or circumstance is hopeless when Jesus is present. A Preacher said “When Jesus comes on the scene, the problem ceases.” We can observe that Jesus went further in protecting Jairus’ faith when He dismissed the crowd that mourned as though there was no hope, and took his close disciples and the parents to accompany Him to the room were Jairus’ daughter laid (Mark 5:37). At that moment, Jairus faced a battle with his emotions and having those mourners around him could further tempt him to give in to his emotions. Just like in the case of Peter who looked at the waves and became afraid, having lost sight of the One who had asked him to come (Matt. 14: 22-36). Would Jairus’ emotions overpower his faith or would his faith conquer his emotions?

44 The battle of emotions is a type of battle we face almost on daily basis. As human beings, we are constantly faced with situations that demand that we make a choice, and to do that our emotions always come to play. However, whatever we do, we must never allow our emotions destroy our faith in God. We must remember that it is our faith and not our emotions that will create our reality. Weeping, crying uncontrollably is an act or feeling of hopelessness and not faith. No wonder Jesus ordered the faithless to leave. We must stop wailing and weeping over our situations and conditions and start trusting our Lord and Saviour, for His miraculous intervention. Do you know why Jairus received a miracle? He received it because he overcame several obstacles that tried to discourage him from trusting Jesus. He chose to “cast down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” (2 Cor. 10:5).He did not worry about his career, tradition or public opinion; neither did he stand in the way of another’s miracle. He did not say, “Jesus, you can’t heal her now! My girl is sick! Forget this woman!” Irrespective of how anxious and concerned he was, he did not do anything to prevent the woman from getting her miracle.

45 No matter how hopeless our situation may seem as a country, community, Diocese or individual believer, it cannot be any worse than the problem Jairus faced. This man had lost his daughter and Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid (Never give up), only believe!” What a powerful word of encouragement! Jairus must have been elated as life returned to his little daughter. Moments before, his heart had been pounding with anxiety, grief, and uncertainty. But then Jesus stepped into the midst of His emotional storm and said, “Don’t give up, it’s not over yet. I am still here. Everything is going to be alright!” You too, my listeners, must never give up, because Jesus Christ has won the victory on the Cross, on your behalf as well. And as long as He has won the victory, we must learn to never give up, even in the most difficult moment, for Jesus is on the throne. If you are facing the impossible today, remember that nothing is impossible when Jesus arrives the scene. Problems cease when we encounter Jesus. Therefore, do not look at the circumstances you are facing. Look to Jesus. Never give up, only believe!

46 Thanks for listening and God bless you
Thanks for listening and God bless you. Your Bishop, Archbishop and Friend +Caleb Ideato, Abp.Owerri.


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