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Dimensions of Cultural Values Marketing Behaviour MKT20020 – Swinburne University.

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1 Dimensions of Cultural Values Marketing Behaviour MKT20020 – Swinburne University


3 CULTURE How can we define culture? “The ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.” Babin, 2013 What do we mean by consumer culture? “Where culture is ultimately defined by goods and services and what you consume as a consumer.” Babin, 2013

4 “Norms are social rules of behaviour, and a sanction is a form of punishment against violation of different norms.” Boundless, 2014. CULTURAL NORMS & SANCTIONS

5 CustomJapan / ChinaAustraliaIndiaMiddle East SlurpingAcceptedConsidered rude Unacceptable Talking with your mouth full AcceptedConsidered rude UnacceptableUnacceptable, meals are usually eaten in silence Eating with your hands Not accepted and do not cross or lick your chopsticks! Okay for some foods AcceptedAcceptable but do not eat with your left hand, right hand only

6 “Role expectations are the specific expectations that are associated with each type of person” (Babin 2013). Each different person will be shaped by their cultural norms, this usually begins from birth and an early age. ROLE EXPECTATIONS

7  What are core societal values? Also referred to as cultural values, CSV “represent a commonly agreed- upon consensus about the most preferable ways of living within a society.” (Babin, 2013) For members inside the group, cultural values are the core principles and ideals upon which the entire community exists. CORE SOCIETAL VALUES (CSV)

8 5 dimensions of CSV:  Individualism  Collectivism  Masculinity  Femininity  Power Distance

9 “Enculturation is the way people learn their native culture” (Babin, 2013), this begins during childhood and being surround by family who influence certain traits and behaviours. ENCULTURATION

10 “Acculturation is a process in which members of one cultural group adopt the beliefs and behaviours of another group.” Crossman, 2014 ACCULTURATION

11 QUARTET OF INSTITUTIONS Four groups of institutions responsible for communicating the CSV through both formal and informal processes from one generation to another. Comprising of:  Family  School  Church and;  Media

12 Verbal (spoken) communication  What you actually say Nonverbal communication  Facial expressions - smiling, frowning, raising eyebrows, eye contact  Gestures - waving your hand, pointing your finger, crossing your arms  Posture - the way you stand or sit FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENTS OF COMMUNICATION

13 Thank you for your time!

14 Media: Websites: Boundless. (2014). Boundless. Available at: 3/the-symbolic-nature-of-culture-30/sanctions-197-9153/ 3/the-symbolic-nature-of-culture-30/sanctions-197-9153/ Business, U. (2011). Marketing failure: iPhone in India | Foster Blog. Available at: failure-iphone-in-india/ failure-iphone-in-india/ Crossman, A. (2015). Acculturation. Education. Available at:, (2010). Politeness | Food and culture. Education Portal, (2015). Cultural Values: Definition, Examples & Importance - Video & Lesson Transcript | Education Portal. Available at: http://education-, (2015). Cultural anthropology reading: Enculturation and Acculturation: Kincaid, C. (2013). A Look at Gender Expectations in Japanese Society. Japan Powered. Available at: gender-expectations-in-japanese-society gender-expectations-in-japanese-society, (2015). Cross Cultural Dining Etiquette | articles | cultural services. Available at: services/articles/cross-cultural-dining-etiquette.html services/articles/cross-cultural-dining-etiquette.html Lucas, A. (2014). The Importance of Verbal & Non Verbal Communication | LIVESTRONG.COM. LIVESTRONG.COM. Available at: McCallister, J. (2015). Acculturation: Definition, Theory & Examples | Education Portal. Education Portal. Available at: http://education-, (2015). Table Etiquette – The Middle East | SanTranslate. Available at: east/ east/ Textbook: Babin, BJ & Harris, EG 2013, CB5, Cengage, United States. Images: Sutton, F. (2013). LS Cultural Diversity - Frankie Sutton: Reading 2 - Assimilation & Acculturation. Available at: Bibliography

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