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Welcome to The Mortgage House, LLC Welcome to The Mortgage House, LLC.

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1 Welcome to The Mortgage House, LLC Welcome to The Mortgage House, LLC

2 The Mortgage House, LLC have built a strong reputation as an outstanding mortgage brokerage firm, serving the lending needs of real estate professionals, builders and individual homebuyers throughout the state. We're a full service mortgage broker with an experienced staff offering expertise in every area of mortgage lending…from purchase to refinance to construction lending. We have access to a full range of mortgage sources and all of our lending specialists are dedicated to finding the right loan-with the best rates, terms and costs-to meet your unique needs. About Us

3 A home purchase may be your largest financial transaction to date, so it's important to make the right decisions and to keep an eye on the details. Whether you are buying your first home or upgrading/downsizing to a new one, there’s a lot that goes into home buying. Home Purchase Basics Explore our website to have more details about home purchase basics online. home purchase basics

4 Here are some basics to consider when purchasing a new home: Get preapproved Before you even start looking for a new home, you need to know how much you are approved to spend by your lender. Even with your preapproval amount, you’ll want to determine your top dollar based on your personal budget and the amount you are willing to spend on living expenses. Select a realtor While you can use the seller’s agent to purchase a home, your own realtor will function in your best interest rather than the seller’s.

5 Make an offer There are so many factors to consider when making an offer, and that’s where a realtor’s expertise comes into play. You don’t want to risk losing the house because a higher offer came through, but you also don’t want to pay too much. Begin a search Make a list of your “must-haves” and your “like-to-haves.”

6 Finding mortgage loans is a complicated process involving some important factors. When you are looking for right loan, the first thing that you have to do is look for best mortgage lender. In exchange for funds received by the homebuyer to buy property or a home, a lender gets the promise of that buyer to pay back the funds within a certain time frame for a certain cost. Mortgage Lenders

7 The mortgage is legally binding and secures the note in giving the lender the right to have legal claim against the borrower’s home if the borrower defaults on the terms of the note. Basically, the borrower has possession of the property or the home, but the lender is the one who owns it until it is completely paid off.

8 The Mortgage House,LLC. we offer the best online mortgage application tools available on the Internet - easy, convenient, online shopping for the best loan programs with the assistance of an experienced live loan officer to guide you through the often difficult. Explore our website for more mortgage application Online Application

9 Business loans can be defined as money lent for a specified amount of time at a specific interest rate to a specific person or people that operate a business or plan to operate a business. This definition is very broad, but so are the various types of loans available to business people. Deciding on which type of business loan that you and your company will benefit from the most is very important. Business Loan in Georgia

10 Often times, a start-up business or someone that has never owned a business will find themselves more or less applying for a "personal" loan. This can be a very risky endeavor, mixing business loans with personal loans, however, often times it is the only available means for first time business owners.

11 At The Mortgage House LLC, we understand that the search for a good business loan can be difficult. Especially when you are searching on your own for a business loan that meets your individual investment needs, goals, and property constraints! That being said, we also understand that with the right support, finding a number of different business loans that both fit your expectations and meet your investment budget can be simple. That is exactly why we encourage you to use The Mortgage House LLC as you commercial loan company.

12 Mortgage Services Mortgage services are essential part of financial system which involves various players and process. A range of mortgage services are being offered by mortgage companies in the USA which includes checking of status of account, online Banking and Bill Pay, Savings, Loans and Lines of Credit, Cards, Investments and Wealth Management, Insurance, Account Services, etc. Besides, the mentioned services there are other services too which are being offered on the request of customers. Mortgage Service Online

13 Mortgage becomes essential when there is no other alternative with the person; however, mortgage lenders are expected to exploit the dire requirement of customer for their benefit. Find the best mortgage service online that exceptionally meet your needs at The Mortgage House, LLC. We offer the best mortgage tools available on the Internet - easy, convenient, online shopping for the best loan service online

14 150 Lanier Avenue West Fayetteville, Georgia, 30215, US A (855) 546-7633 (770) 461-7542 Website: https://www.wemakehomeandbusi Contact Us

15 Thank You & Visit Again Thank You & Visit Again

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