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Tuesday, 9/29/15- Thursday 10/01/15. Tuesday, 9/29/15.

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1 Tuesday, 9/29/15- Thursday 10/01/15

2 Tuesday, 9/29/15

3 Write half a page: If I were a superhero, what powers would I have?

4 Poem Groups Present -

5 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India. Employing nonviolent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. The honorific Mahatma applied to him first in 1914 in South Africa is now used worldwide. He is also called Bapu(Gujarati: endearment for "father", [5] "papa" [5][6] ) in India.The title "His birthday, 2 October, is commemorated as Gandhi Jayanti, a national holiday, and world-wide as the International Day of Nonviolence.Indian independence movementBritish-ruled Indianonviolentcivil disobediencehonorificGujarati [5] [6]Gandhi Jayantinational holidayInternational Day of Nonviolence


7 Speech "On the Eve of Historic Dandi March" p. 235 ●What was Gandhi's main tactic in his rebellion? ●What was the one way he felt that he could lose? ●Who is someone from American history that compares to Ghandi?

8 How do present day marches compare to Gandhi's movements? What did Gandhi say people should do to make their points to the government?

9 Wednesday, 9/30/15 Bell Ringer- Write an informative summary over Nelson Mandela’s biography. Not an opinion piece.

10 1st period Evan and Corbin turn in poem summaries

11 4TH Period Joseph, Kaleb, and Wesley present poem. Vikki and Hailey turn in poem summaries.


13 p. 237 Long Walk to freedom Why does Mandella find it iconic that the General’s are saluting him? What does Mandela mean by “ The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid. but he who conquers that fear”? How does Mandela argue that oppression affects more than just the person that is oppresses? What qualities and values distinguish Nelson Mandela as a leader of the people?

14 What view or comment on the human condition does Mandela make? How does the last paragraph sum up this theme? How does Mandela use the imagery of hills in this paragraph?

15 Thursday 10/01/15 Bell Ringer- Read the passage, and write a summary. Turn in Venn diagram from yesterday. Mandela & Gandhi

16 Nathaniel Hawthorne He was born in 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts, to Nathaniel Hathorne and the former Elizabeth Clarke Manning. His ancestors include John Hathorne, the only judge involved in the Salem witch trials who never repented of his actions. Nathaniel later added a "w" to make his name "Hawthorne" in order to hide this relation. He entered Bowdoin College in 1821, was elected to Phi Beta Kappain 1824, [1] and graduated in 1825. Hawthorne published his first work, a novel titled Fanshawe, in 1828; he later tried to suppress it, feeling it was not equal to the standard of his later work. [2] He published several short stories in various periodicals, which he collected in 1837 as Twice-Told Tales. The next year, he became engaged to Sophia Peabody. He worked at a Custom House and joined Brook Farm, a transcendentalist community, before marrying Peabody in 1842. The couple moved to The Old Manse in Concord, Massachusetts, later moving to Salem, the Berkshires, then to The Wayside in Concord. The Scarlet Letter was published in 1850, followed by a succession of other novels. A political appointment took Hawthorne and family to Europe before their return to The Wayside in 1860. Hawthorne died on May 19, 1864, and was survived by his wife and their three children.Salem, MassachusettsJohn HathorneSalem witch trialsBowdoin CollegePhi Beta Kappa [1]Fanshawe [2]Twice-Told TalesSophia PeabodyCustom HouseBrook FarmtranscendentalistThe Old ManseConcord, Massachusettsthe BerkshiresThe WaysideThe Scarlet Letter

17 Much of Hawthorne's writing centers on New England, many works featuring moral allegories with a Puritan inspiration. His fiction works are considered part of the Romantic movement and, more specifically, Dark romanticism. His themes often center on the inherent evil and sin of humanity, and his works often have moral messages and deep psychological complexity. His published works include novels, short stories, and a biography of his friend Franklin Pierce.New EnglandallegoriesPuritanRomantic movementDark romanticismFranklin Pierce

18 The Minister’s black veil, Nathaniel Hawthorne p. 286 How does Mr. Hooper’s veil affect the way he views the world around him? What does this suggest about the veil as a symbol? Why do you think Mr. Hooper may find his congregation a fearful site? Why might Hawthorne introduce hints of the supernatural into this story? How does this supernaturalism emphasize the sinister nature of the black veil?

19 Why is wearing the black veil out of character for him? What meaning does the physician's use of the word ghostlike give to the symbolism of the veil? What classic elements of gothic fiction are evident in Hawthorne’s symbol of the veil? The veil symbolizes two ideas. Hooper thinks it represents one, Elizabeth and the congregation think it means something else. Name two things that the veil represents. Why do you think Elizabeth decides to break off her engagement with Mr. Hooper?

20 How does the final detail about Mr. Hooper reflect the dark side of Romanticism?

21 Things to know for the test. GO TO WEEK 6 AND PRINT OFF ALL THE DOWNLOADS. There should be two downloads to print off. Know who Margaret Fuller is? What her essay was about, and the answers to the questions on the slides. Know who the Fireside poets are, and the poems we went over in class. Be able to recognize the poem, and what the stanzas mean.

22 Know who Gandhi was. Be able to answer the questions on the slides that pertained to his speech. Know who Nelson Mandela was, and be able to answer the questions on the slides. Know who Nathaniel Hawthorne was, and be able to answer the questions on the slides.

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