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Teaching and the Teaching Process

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1 Teaching and the Teaching Process

2 Teaching is defined by Carter Good as direct interaction between the teacher and the learner the pre-active decision-making process of planning, designing, preparing the materials for the teaching-learning conditions, post-active redirection (evaluation, redesign and dissemination)

3 Nature of Teaching

4 Teaching as Science and an Art
As an Art because teaching calls for intuition, inspiration, talent and creativity As a Science because teaching requires the knowledge of scientific discoveries regarding the teaching-learning process, objective of education, subject matter and the nature of learning.

5 Teaching as a System- requires an understanding of the role of the more mature, experienced members of society in stimulating, directing, managing and guiding the immature and the inexperienced members in their adjustments to life.  

6 Teaching is developing students with wholesome personalities like
Teaching is developing students with wholesome personalities like Love of country Duties of citizenship Moral character Personal discipline Scientific, technological and vocational efficiency

7 Teaching as Profession
Teaching as Profession The decree known as Decree Professionalizing Teaching was promulgated in recognition of the vital role of teachers in nation building especially in the development of proper attitudes among citizenry as they have direct and continuing interaction with children and young people.

8 As a Profession, it has the following
As a Profession, it has the following responsibilities: ·        Teacher as manager ·        Teacher as counselor ·        Teacher as motivator ·        Teacher as leader ·        Teacher as Model ·        Teacher as Public Relations Specialist ·        Teacher as Parent Surrogate ·        Teacher as Instructor

9 Following through Diagnosing students needs and abilities
Setting up objectives and selecting the content The Teaching Cycle Preparing the setting for learning and selecting instructional strategies Following through Measuring, Evaluating, Grading the student’s performance & reporting on the progress of Students Formalizing units and making lesson plans Motivating the students and guiding learning activities

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