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9A Unit 3 What should I do? Reading(2) Simon’s problems.

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1 9A Unit 3 What should I do? Reading(2) Simon’s problems

2 Read quickly and answer: What’s Simmon’s biggest problem?

3 Some true or false exercises: 1.Simon likes all of things about football. 2.Simon seldom plays football after school until late. 3. Simon ’ s parents asked him to go home before 5 pm. 4. Simon ’ s parents are strict with him. 5. Simon thinks sports are important because it can make him happy. T F F T T

4 Answer the questions: 1.What ’ s Simon crazy about? How do you know? He is crazy about football. He loves watching football, reading about football and playing football. 2.What ’ s his dream? His dream is to be a great football player. 3. What has become Simon ’ s problem? His love of football has become a big problem

5 Para2: 4. When and where do Simon and his friends play football? They always play football at school or in the park after school. 5.How long do they play football? They often play for three hours or more and forget when to stop. 6.Why does he get into trouble? Because his parents do not allow him to play outside after 6 p.m. 7.Does he agree with his parents? No, he doesn ’ t.

6 8.How does he feel about that? He feels stressed and angry from time to time. 9.What ’ s his ideas about hobbies? His thinks they can help them relax and make their lives more interesting. 10.What does he wish? He wishes he could have his parents ’ support. Para3: 11.What ’ s his questions?

7 1.I am crazy about football. be crazy about sth / doing sth 2.My dream is to be a great football player. My dream is to --- My job is to ---/ its aim is to 3.I have plenty of friends. plenty of + 可数名词复数 / 不可数名词 =a lot of//lots of//many//much 4.We like staying out late to play football 5.We often play for three hours or more and forget when to stop.

8 6.I get into trouble at home because my parents do not allow me to play outside after 6 p.m. 1)allow sb to do sth allow me to introduce Mr Wang. 2)be allowed to do sth 被允许做某事 If you go into a hospital, you aren ’ t allowed to smoke there. 7.I really do not understand why they are so strict. be strict with sb 对某人严格的 Our teacher is strict with us.

9 8. from time to time 9.I wish I could have my parents ’ support. wish+ that 从句表达强烈而又难以实现的愿望, 常用虚拟语气, 也就是一般过去时, 表示与现实相 反. I wish I could fly like a bird. I wish I were now in London. 2)wish to do sth Do you wish to go with me? I wish to see him as soon as possible.

10 10.I really do not know what to do. how to do it. 11.Can you advise me how to achieve a balance between my schoolwork and my hobbies? 1) advise sb to do sth My parents advise us to study harder and play less. 2) achieve a balance between A and B

11 回扣目标: 选择 ( )1.______ your English teacher ____ you? A. Do; strict in B. Does: strict with C. Is; strict with D. Is; strict in ( ) 2. Many people use MSN to talk with each other on the Internet. I do hope to have a computer and know _____ it. A. to use B. how can I use C. how to use D. what to use ( ) 3. Nobody ____ bring his pet in. Please leave here soon. A. is allowed to B. allows to C. is allowed D. allows C C A

12 ( ) 4. We have ____ friends and we always play football together at school. Which of the following is NOT correct? A. plenty of B. a lot of C. much D. many ( ) 5. Can you find a way of this problem ? A. deal with B. deal about C. dealing with D. dealing about ( ) 6. He did much work that he felt tired. A. so B. such C. some D. any ( ) 7. of the things are strange to me. A. None B. No one C.Nothing D. Anything ( )8. I can ’ t decide_______________. A. what to do it B. how shall I do it C. how to do it D. what I shall do it C C A A C

13 翻译: 1. 我想知道如何处理像这样的青少年 问题。 2. 我只是不能决定什么时候穿 T-shirt 什么时候穿衬衫 。 I want to know how to deal with the teenage problems. I just can’t decide when to wear the T-shirt and when to wear the shirt

14 3. 这是一个让你保持学习和业余爱好平衡的 好办法. 4. 谁能教我在工作和学习中保持平衡么? This is a good way to keep a balance between study and hobbies. Who can teach me how to achieve a balance between work and study?

15 5 孩子们几乎做不出那道难题, 是吗 ? The children hardly work out the difficult problem, do they?

16 6. 他对孩子要求如此严格, 以至于孩子们 几乎不能在游戏上花任何时间. He is ____ ______ ____ his children _____ they ____ ______ spend ____ time ___ computer games. 7. 及时交我们的作业是非常重要而又极有 用的. ______ ___ our homework ____ _____ ____ ___ _____ _________ and _______ to us. so strict with that can hardly any Handing in in on time is of great importance value

17 8. 我对电脑狂热的爱已变成一个大问题. My ______ love ___ computer games _______ _________ a big _______. 9. 在家他陷入苦恼之中因为他不准看电视. He ____ ____ ________ at home because he _______ ______ ______ watch TV. crazy of has become problems gets into trouble isn ’ t allowed to

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