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11th Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol Program Conference Sacramento, CA March 22-24, 2016 Peer Network – YOU Can Benefit Too! Presented by: Christine DiRito.

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1 11th Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol Program Conference Sacramento, CA March 22-24, 2016 Peer Network – YOU Can Benefit Too! Presented by: Christine DiRito – DAPM, Intercity Transit Olympia, WA Lori Jones – DAPM, King County Seattle, WA

2  Who are we?  How we started?  When/Where do we meet?  Why we network?  What is the benefit?  DAPM Experiences.  How do YOU get involved with or start a network? Peer Network

3  Christine DiRito – DAPM, Intercity Transit, Olympia, WA  Lori Jones – DAPM, King County, Seattle, WA Who We Are?

4  Met in 1996  Started discussing D/A issues  1997 Pierce Transit DAPM joined discussions  Recognized need / desire to share info How We Started?

5  Realized benefit of network  Reached out to systems in state  DAPM network was formed How We Started?

6 Issue:  WA ST 2003 legislative activity –  reporting DOT positives to WA DOL  transit not included (oversight)  Group provided feedback for new legislation  New bills introduced – signed into law 2005  DOL reporting requirement - included transit  Transit specific exemption language if retained  Delay in reporting – post grievance process Initial Issues Identified

7 Issue:  Requirement to drug test Crane Operators  Vague requirement – single sentence  Transit not included (oversight)  No guidelines  Group provided input Initial Issues Identified

8 WASHINGTON  Ben Franklin Transit - Richland  Clallam Transit – Port Angeles  Columbia County Public Transit - Dayton  Community Transit – Everett  C-Tran – Vancouver  Everett Transit – Everett  Grays Harbor Transit - Hoquiam  Intercity Transit – Olympia  Island Transit – Whidbey & Camano Islands  Jefferson Transit – Port Townsend  King County Metro - Seattle  Kitsap Transit – Bremerton  Link Transit – Wenatchee  Mason Transit – Shelton  Pierce Transit – Tacoma WASHINGTON – cont.  River Cities Transit - Longview  City of Seattle  Skagit Transit – Mt. Vernon  Spokane Transit – Spokane  Sound Transit - Seattle  Twin Transit - Centralia  Washington State DOT  Whatcom Transportation Authority – Bellingham  Yakima Transit – Yakima OREGON  Tri-met – Portland, OR  Lane Transit – Eugene, OR Our DAPM Network Today

9  Central location – Seattle area  Regularly scheduled one day meetings  Group Emails with issues / questions  Phone calls for urgent time sensitive issues  Attend local, regional and national conferences and trainings When/Where Do We Meet?

10  We realized the following:  Need for a DAPM state-wide group  All transit systems would benefit from group  Want to interact with other state associations  WSTA (WA ST Transit Association),  WSTIP (WA ST Transit Insurance Pool) &  WSTTC (WA ST Transportation Training Coalition) Why We Network?

11  We realized the following:  Need to interact with others who have the same federal requirements for their job duties.  Multiple modes – similar issues.  The best place for us to share and receive info related to our job duties. Why We Network?

12 Multiple Modes – Multiple Issues FTA  Bus  Shuttle  DART  Access  Light Rail USCG  Water Taxi FMCSA  CDL Holders  DOT medical issues

13  FTA, FMCSA & USCG Final Rules  Audits – FTA Audit, Triennial, State Oversight, Collection Sites  National Conferences/TSI trainings/FTA 1 day Issues - DOT

14  Post Accident Testing Triggers – Documentation  Random Testing – All Days, All Hours  MIS Reporting issues / Concerns Issues - DOT

15  Training Needs, Materials, Videos, Websites  WSTTC Train the Trainer Showcase  Rx/OTC Issues / Policies  D&A Testing Issues  RS & PA Scenarios & Discussion  Designer Drugs Issues - Policy & Training

16  WA State - Medical Marijuana Law  WA State – I-502 Recreational Marijuana law  Drug Testing Non SS Employees and Public Employers Issues – WA State

17  Monitoring Contractors & Service Agents  MRO/DOL Reporting Issues  RFPs, Service Agent Contracts  Forms – Test Type, Checklists, 2/3yr. BG Check  Unusual Issues/Scenarios/Trends @ Various Properties  Arbitrations / Grievances Issues - Local

18  DUI Off The Job – Valid CDL Until Court  Employee Self-Identifying drug/alcohol issue  Second Chance Policy Agreements  Release of records – media and more Issues - Employee

19  Primary focus is Drug/Alcohol issues  Participants all do same body of work / job duties  Place to discuss situations that come up with other people who really understand the full scope and implications What is the Benefit?

20  “I've learned things from other DAPM’s, thought about things in a different way, that saved me time & trouble later in my own organization”  “I’ll deal with a complicated situation and think, "I'm taking this to the group!" What is the Benefit?

21 The DER/DAPM is quite often a one or two-person show in the agency  The organization's first priority is moving people from point A to point B, safely and on time.  The organization’s primary focus is NOT drug & alcohol testing.  The drug & alcohol regulations are just one more thing in a very long list of items the agency must comply with. DAPM Experiences

22 I’m usually surrounded by people who  have very little knowledge of what I do, or  the knowledge base required to do it well, and  how time consuming it can be to deal with the constant issues that are part of my DAPM job. DAPM Experiences

23  “I was shown how a well-run employee drug & alcohol program should look.”  “I didn’t have experience on how to make a good D&A program work in the real world”.  “The DAPM group has shown me how.” DAPM EXPERIENCES

24  The corporate world has come to realize the value of "best practices" in various settings.  “The DAPM group is the best place for me to get that same best practices benefit in my arena.”  “I’m better prepared for D&A Compliance Audits, and have fewer audit findings.” DAPM Experiences

25  “I have resources to go to for advice, direction, etc. when I have urgent issues that need to be dealt with ASAP.”  “Networking and meeting with this group allows me to build on my skills and knowledge of the D&A Program. I can’t get this from other HR Networking Groups.” DAPM Experiences

26  Contact Larger Systems In Your State  Join An Existing Group  Start Your Own Group  Share Resources  Conference Call, Meet in Person  Communicate How do YOU get involved or start a network?,

27 “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller Don’t go it alone Join A Network!

28 Q&A Don’t go it alone Join A Network!

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