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Back to School Night Salón de clase A-219

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1 Back to School Night Salón de clase A-219
¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español con la Señora Sanders! Español (PER 1-6) MYP 3(IB Diploma 1) IB 2 (IB Diploma 1) IBMYP 1 Back to School Night Salón de clase A-219

2 El uso del Internet y relaciones sociales
¿Es posible? ¿Es una buena idea?

3 Class Policy Attendance and Class Participation In class assignments
Citizenship Rubric Assignments Workbook & “Entrégate al español” Tests & Quizzes No make-up on quizzes Students are responsible to schedule make up tests Presentations & Projects Range from 20 to 150 points Informal presentations are improvised Formal presentations may require written and visual components

4 Language Cultural Interaction Message
IB Diploma Assessment According to IB, “The main focus of the course is on language acquisition and development in the four primary language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing…Although the nature of the language B course is the same for both higher level and standard level, the two levels differ in the number of types of texts that students are expected to write and, more generally, in the depth and breadth of the language used.” Success consists of demonstrating competence in three areas: Language Cultural Interaction Message

5 IB Assessment Tasks Reading Assessment Oral Assessment
Written Assessment Reading Assessment MYP 1 1-2 minutes MYP 2 2-3 minutes MYP 3 3-5 minutes IB 1 Diploma 5-8 minutes IB 2 Diploma 8-10 minutes MYP 1 words MYP 2 words MYP 3 words IB 1 words IB 2 400 words minimum MYP 1 words MYP 2 words MYP 3 words IB 1 words IB 2 words

6 Grading Policy

7 What can WE do to help? Let’s keep in Let’s immerse the students in Spanish Seek tutorial help after school or at lunch with Spanish Honor Society members Make virtual flashcards Form a study group Find an appropriate television program (news, sports, SAP) Listen to a Spanish radio station Subscribe to a Spanish-language magazine or Scholastic Book Club Listen to Latino Music and Sing Spanish songs Use the Internet! Find grammar support, take quizzes online or watch Spanish YouTube videos… the possibilities are endless!

8 ¡Qué pasen muy buenas noches!
¡Muchas gracias! ¡Qué pasen muy buenas noches!

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