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Introduction to Citizenship, Government and Democracy Mr. Tresky.

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1 Introduction to Citizenship, Government and Democracy Mr. Tresky

2 This Lesson is brought to you by: Squirt Soda….a squirt of refreshment for you!!!

3 What is Civics? The study of the rights and duties of citizens.

4 What does it mean to be a citizen Mr. Tresky? Well Children let me tell you. Citizens have rights and responsibilities. Citizens agree to accept the governments authority and follow its rules. Click 3 What are some rights citizens have? What are some responsibilities citizens have? Would you agree to accept his authority??????

5 Can Americans who live abroad (other countries), still be citizens of the United States????????? clik YES

6 2 Characteristics that can NO LONGER Be used as a requirement for citizenship 1. Wealth and property 2. gender

7 Brainstorm for Pontification! 1. What would you do if suddenly the government did NOT exist??????? clik

8 Why we have government! 5 Functions of Government! 1.Provide laws 2.Enforce laws – settle conflicts 3.Provide public services (Army, schools, roads) 4.Protect citizens (Police & Fire Departments) 5. Plan for the future

9 Different Levels of Government A.Federal or national, highest level of authority, makes laws for the entire nation. Located in Washington D.C. B.State, makes laws specific to the Commonwealth of Virginia, Meet in Richmond, Virginia.

10 Different Levels of Government C. Local- Mayor and town council of Vinton, Roanoke County Board of Supervisors and Supervisor of the board. *State and local governments cannot make laws that go against the laws and authority of the national government.

11 Types of Government 1. Dictatorship- A government controlled by one person or a small group of people. Usually not elected and citizens have little or no rights. Examples: The government of Cuba or North Korea, Adolf Hitler during Nazi Germany, The Former Soviet Union (Russia) Can u name these dictators? clik

12 Types of Government: Democracy- Citizens hold the power to make laws; the people rule and share in governing and being governed.

13 2 types of Democracy 1. Direct Democracy- When laws need to be made or leaders chosen, the citizens meet to debate government matters and vote first hand. clik Used in Ancient Greece, or in towns with small population. Could all 300 million Americans do this today? This would be not practical.

14 2 Types of Democracy 2. Representative Democracy- Citizens Elect representatives to govern on their behalf and the representatives carry out the work ( make laws); of the government. This is called a Republic. The United States works this way!!! Tee hee! clik Who are these dudes? Who elected them? Who do they represent?

15 Key Characteristics of a Democracy: We have free and open elections; everyone’s vote carries the same weight regardless of age, wealth, race or gender!!!!

16 Our elections follow a principal called majority rules, we follow what most of the people want! a.However we still respect the rights of those in the minority. b. In our elections our candidates express themselves freely and people vote without fear of punishment or being put in jail.

17 The Five Fundamental Principles of American Democracy I’d study and know will see them all year long! 1. Consent of the Governed- People are the source of any and all governmental power. Meaning “Popular Sovereignty” – government is by the consent of the governed!! Power lies with the people. This limits the power of the government!!!

18 Consent of the Government POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!

19 Limited Government 2. Limited Government- government is NOT all powerful and may do only those things people have given it the power to do! Q: Could the President declare himself President for life?

20 Rule of Law 3. Rule of Law- The Government and those who govern are bound by the law. Meaning….laws are applied to ALL men and woman equally!! Regardless of wealth or power. Q: If a Senator is driving 75 mph in a 45 mph zone…does he get a ticket???? Q: Do you get away with murder if your rich?

21 Democracy 4. Democracy- In a democratic system of government, the people rule and have power by voting!

22 Representative Government 5. Representative Government- In a representative system of government, people elect public officeholders to make laws and conduct government on their behalf.

23 Tresky Educational Production Aww…such a weird world!

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