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Male. Fertilization  The joining of a sperm and an egg.

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1 Male

2 Fertilization  The joining of a sperm and an egg.

3 Zygote  A zygote is a fertilized egg

4 Testosterone  Produced in the testes  A hormone that controls the development of physical characteristics in mature men including: Facial hair Deepening of the voice Broadening of the shoulders Ability to produce sperm

5 Sperm  Male sex cell.  Did you know? About 175,000 sperm cells weigh as much as a single ovum. It would take 500 sperm lined up head to tail to equal an inch. Sperm swim at a rate of 1 – 4mm per minute

6 Testes  The oval- shaped testes are the organs of the male reproductive system in which sperm are produced. Cowper’s Glands

7 Scrotum  An external patch of skin that holds the testes.  Keeps the testes 2º - 3º below 37ºC, which is the usual body temperature.

8 Urethra  The tube in the penis through which the semen and urine travel out of the body.

9 Semen  A mixture of sperm from the testes and other fluids that are produced in nearby glands.  There are 5 – 10 million sperm cells per drop of semen.  Provides an environment for the sperm to swim and nutrients that the sperm use for energy.

10 Penis  Semen leaves the body through an organ called the penis.  The tube in the penis is called the urethra.  Urine also passes through the urethra.  Muscles near the bladder prevent the mixing of urine and semen and do not let them pass through the urethra at the same time.


12 Path of the Sperm  Epididymis – large coiled tube on the outer surface of each testicle that stores sperm cells  Vas deferens – tube that carries sperm from testes  Seminal vesicles – adds a sugary fluid to semen to provide nourishment to the sperm.

13 Path of Sperm cont.  Prostate gland – Adds a chemical fluid to semen; also common site of cancer in men  Cowper’s gland – Two small glands located near the bladder that adds a fluid to semen.

14 Path of Sperm cont.  Erection – When blood flows into the soft tissues of the penis causing it to become firm and larger.  Ejaculation – when semen leaves the penis  Nocturnal emissions – an uncontrolled ejaculation during sleep

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