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Office Removals Australia Australian Vanlines Copyright © 2015 Australian Vanlines.

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1 Office Removals Australia Australian Vanlines Copyright © 2015 Australian Vanlines

2 Why You Need Office Removals An office move is an important decision and requires careful consideration before entering any mobile project plans. Office moving is a complex task because the company needs to have as little time as possible down, all the material can be moved simultaneously. In addition to correcting the calendar, valuable equipment such as computers and file storage units must be handled carefully and required lots of security.Office moving Copyright © 2015 Australian Vanlines

3 Before Or During Your Move-  Prepare Stock  Make a Deadline  Form a Team  Plan Your New Location Properly  Management of the Move by a Project Manager  Knowledge About Packing and Moving Procedures  Long and Short-term Storage if Needed Tips For Office Removals The most important part of the office moves, we learned, is to minimize the trading hours. What to do? How To Work? Copyright © 2015 Australian Vanlines

4  Plan Your New Location and Place Properly.  Placement and unpacking of boxes in New office locations  Placement and arrangement of all Furniture and equipment Arrangement of office Furniture and Equipment  Re-install computer, Phones and Systems if Needed  Run through Your check list  Clean up and Debris Removal Tips For Office Removals After Your Move- Copyright © 2015 Australian Vanlines

5 Office Removals Service By Australian Vanlines  We have a reputation built on providing quality services to our customers for over 30 years, helping with moving overseas as well as being a preferred interstate removalist and Office Removalist.  Your staff’s time is too valuable to be involved in the time consuming function of Office relocation planning, organizing and execution. This is where the professional team of office removalists at Australian Vanlines can assist.Australian Vanlines Copyright © 2015 Australian Vanlines

6 Australian Vanlines can facilitate any size move providing the following : Total Project Outsourcing and Coordination Planning Packing Files Computers and peripherals Art work Machinery and Heavy Equipment transportation Decommissioning Dismantling Crating Reinstallation Stock and Spare Parts packing and unpacking Dismantling and reassembly Work Stations Partitioning Shelving Storage Systems IT, Communication and Electrical infrastructure decommissioning and installation Office Relocation Copyright © 2015 Australian Vanlines

7 Contact Australian Vanlines For queries related to office removals, corporate removals in Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne) or all over the globe – Corporate Head Office- 48-50 Boorea, Street Auburn - 2144 NSW, Australia (+61 2) 8821 1700 (Sydney Office Removalists) (+61 7) 3879 4555(Brisbane Office Removalists) (+61 3) 9799 6555(Melbourne Office Removalists) (02) 6299 7333 (Canberra Office Removalists)(Canberra Office Removalists) Email: Australia toll free telephone: 1 800 251-874 Copyright © 2015 Australian Vanlines

8 Thank you Proudly Powered By Australian Vanlines Copyright © 2015 Australian Vanlines

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