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Management and Leadership. Role and Job of Managers Management-Management- the process of accomplishing the foals of an organization through the effective.

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1 Management and Leadership

2 Role and Job of Managers Management-Management- the process of accomplishing the foals of an organization through the effective use of people and other resources. Managers are the people that make stuff happen in a business Entrepreneurs are the managers of their business Good way to get the reward of running a business without the risk

3 What do Managers Do? Planning-Planning- involves analyzing information, setting goals, and making decisions about what needs to be done. Organizing-Organizing- means identifying and arranging the work and resources needed to achieve the goals that have been set. Staffing-Staffing- all activities involved in obtaining, preparing, and compensating the people that work for a business Implementing-Implementing- the effort to direct and lead people to accomplish the planned work of the organization. Controlling-Controlling- determines to what extent the business is accomplishing the goals it set out to reach.

4 Levels of Management Executives-Executives- top level managers with the responsibility for the success of the entire business. Planning and controlling most of the time. Middle Management-Middle Management- specialists in charge of branches of the company Supervisors-Supervisors- first level of management. Responsible for day-to-day work of a group of employees. Employees-Employees- they manage themselves.

5 Management Styles The way a manager works with and involves employees. Two very different styles often used by managers are tactical management and strategic management. Tactical Management-Tactical Management- a style in which the manager is more directive and controlling. He makes all the decisions and keeps close watch to make sure work is done. Strategic Management-Strategic Management- More collaborative and involve the employees in the decision making process. Mixed Management-Mixed Management- combination of both

6 What Style of Management to Use? TacticalStrategic Working with part-time of temporary employees Working with employees who lack motivation for a new task Working under tight time pressures Assigning a new task for which employees are not experienced Employees prefer not to be involved in decision-making Employees are skilled and experienced The work is routine with few new challenges Employees are doing work they enjoy The manager wants to improve group relationships Employees are willing to take responsibility for planning their work

7 What is Leadership??? Ability to motivate individuals and groups to accomplish important goals. ▫Does being in charge make you a leader? ▫Are good leaders always good? ▫What are some things that make for an effective leader>

8 Characteristics of an Effective Leader Understanding-Understanding- respecting the feelings and needs of the people they work with. Initiative-Initiative- having ambition and motivation to get work done without being asked Dependability-Dependability- following through on commitments Judgment-Judgment- making decisions carefully Objectivity-Objectivity- looking at all sides of an issue Confidence-Confidence- willing to make decisions and take responsibility for result Stability-Stability- Not being too emotional or unpredictable Cooperation-Cooperation- working with others Honesty-Honesty- telling the truth and being sincere Courage-Courage- willing to take risks and make unpopular decisions Communication-Communication- being able to speak, listen, write effectively Intelligence-Intelligence- Having knowledge or understanding

9 Becoming a better Leader Study Leadership-Study Leadership- Books, Seminars, and College Courses Participate in organizations and activates-Participate in organizations and activates- clubs, teams, and organizations provide opportunity to foster leadership Practice leadership at work-Practice leadership at work- Even if you work part time, you can be a leader Observe leadership-Observe leadership- watch your coaches, teachers, bosses, parents, etc. Work with a Mentor-Work with a Mentor- Someone to teach you better leadership. Do self analysis and ask for feedback-Do self analysis and ask for feedback- reflect on what works and what doesn’t. Ask supervisors and subordinates for feedback and suggestions.

10 Human Relations The way people get along with each other ▫Human Relations Skills  Self-Understanding-knowing you own strengths and weaknesses  Understanding others- seeing how people are similar and using that to foster a better team  Communication  Team building-effectiveness of the collective skills is better than the individuals  Developing job satisfaction-make people feel like their job matters and that they are doing a good job

11 Communication Formal or Informal ▫Approved ways (email or formal eval vs quick chat) Internal or External ▫People inside vs people inside and outside Vertical or Horizontal ▫Vertical= comm with supervisors Horizontal=comm between co-workers Oral or Written

12 Influencing People Enables a person to affect the actions of others ▫Kinds of influence  Position- getting people to complete tasks because of your position  Reward- hinges on ability to give or with hold rewards  Expert- when group recognizes and appreciates leaders expertise in area  Identity- personal trust and respect for leader

13 Formal vs Informal Influence Formal ▫Power based on a leader’s position within the formal structure of an organization  Listen because they are the boss Informal ▫Power resulting from the personal characteristics of a leader rather than the formal structure of an organization  Follow someone because of who they are and how they make you feel

14 Leadership Assessment ent/assessment.php ent/assessment.php index.htm?idRegTest=2446 index.htm?idRegTest=2446 ▫After visiting and completing these two leadership assessments, write a self assessment on your current leaderships style, strengths and weakness, and steps to your development as a leader

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