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Noosa Holiday Accommodation By

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1 Noosa Holiday Accommodation By

2 Why You Should Visit Noosa Just about two hours from Brisbane, the beautiful capital of Australia, is Noosa, a perfect sub- tropical paradise for an anytime and an any occasion getaway. Noosa is encircled with fantasy beaches, immaculate waters and everything that is needed to enjoy a great vacation free from noisy traffic and other distractions.

3 Why You Should Visit Noosa Aside from the historical recordings of Captain’s Cook’s voyages to the area in the 1700’s, Noosa’s most valuable natural asset is the Noosa National Park in Queensland, Australia. It’s name comes from the indigenous word meaning “shade” derived from its shading from the sun by the tall forest trees in the area.

4 Why You Should Visit Noosa Noosa National Park is splendorous. It is one of the favourite places for locals and tourists to visit because of its captivating water forest filled with amazing Pandanus and Banksia plants. It is the national natural treasure located in the Queensland area.

5 Why You Should Visit Noosa Comprised of over 4,000 hectares (400,000 acres) Noosa National Park includes parts of Lake Weyba, as well as sections of Peregian and Coolum beaches. It is particularly important to Australia for its nature conservation because the rain forest is home to exotics and a variety of rare and threatened species.

6 Why You Should Visit Noosa Australia is a very beautiful coastal country and there are many reasons why tourists visit Noosa. Some tourists or locals come to Noosa just to spend a quiet day at Main Beach, which is an island in itself encircled by the pleasing Neranag River, Broadwater and the Ocean.

7 Why You Should Visit Noosa Many tourists enjoy surfing at Sunshine, First Point, or other sandy beaches of the Alexandria Bay, and whale and dolphin watching. Nature lovers relish the scenery of Noosa’s peaceful natural environment, exploring the forests, lakes, and rivers, while others prefer to visit the many boutiques and galleries or indulging in a resort spa treatment.

8 Why You Should Visit Noosa On the Sunshine coast, the Macquarie Lodge, offers sumptuous Noosa holiday accommodation overlooking the Laguna Bay. At the Macquarie Lodge visitors enjoy spacious 1, 2, & 3 bedroom suites with 5 star amenities and individual balconies to make their holidays or getaways an unforgettable experience.

9 Why You Should Visit Noosa These amenities include a heated pool, spa, a barbeque area for family entertainment, and private access to the Noosa River beach area. The Macquarie Lodge is the quiet oasis for Noosa’s accommodations.

10 Why You Should Visit Noosa Noosa Holiday Accommodation Noosa Accommodation can vary to satisfy the taste and budget of both tourists and locals. Accommodations range from bed and breakfasts to extravagant inns and resorts. Many tourists choose to stay near Peregian or Coolum beach to dine at the fine restaurants there.

11 Why You Should Visit Noosa Aside from the extravagant Macquarie Lodge, the Coolum Baywatch Resort, and the Coolum Seaside Resort, and the Hyatt Regency Coolum Golf Resort and Spa are among the top accommodations for tourists near the Coolum beach. Top accommodations near the Peregian beach include the Peregian Court Resort, the Retreat Beach Houses Peregian Beach, and the Glen Eden Beach Resort.

12 Why You Should Visit Noosa With plenty of choices of accommodations and lots of sea views to choose from on the sunshine coast of Noosa, tourist should look for deals on spacious quality lodging near beaches and other main attractions.

13 Why You Should Visit Noosa These accommodations should offer fine dining or should be near a good dining facility. Finally, the accommodation’s proximity to the airport should always be a major consideration when vacationing any destination.

14 Why You Should Visit Noosa For more information please visit Thank You

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