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Green Algae (Chlorophytes)

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1 Green Algae (Chlorophytes)

2 Green Algae Form Diversity I: Unicellular
“Chlorella” “Chlamydomonas” “Carteria” 20

3 Green Algae Form Diversity I: Unicellular

4 Green Algae Form Diversity I: Unicellular

5 Green Algae Form Diversity II: Desmids
Structure Cell walls have pores for mucilage secretion Semicells Isthmus, Sinus Pores Mucilage

6 “Desmids” Green Algae Form Diversity II: Desmids Cosmarium Triploceras
Micrasterias Euastrum Staurastrum Each cell consists of two semi-cells Triploceras “Desmids” Closterium Spondylosium

7 Green Algae Form Diversity III: Colonial
Flattened Sac-Like Tetraspora Gonium Platydorina Spherical Pandorina (8 or 16 Cells) Eudorina (16 or 32 Cells) “Volvox” 500 – Thousands of Cells

8 Green Algae Form Diversity IV: Coenobial Colonies
Scenedesmus Coelastrum “Pediastrum” Ankistrodesmus Hydrodictyon

9 Green Algae Form Diversity V: Filamentous
Ulothrix Oedogonium Spirogyra Zygnema

10 Green Algae Form Diversity V: Filamentous

11 Green Algae Diversity V: Filamentous

12 Green Algae Form Diversity VI: Thallose
Ulva Coleochaete

13 Green Algae Form Diversity VII: Coenocytic
Penicillus Enteromorpha Bryopsis Caulerpa

14 Green Algae Form Diversity VIII:
Plant-Like or Mushroom-Like Growth Forms Acetabularia Chara Nitella

15 Green Algae Habitats Marine Freshwater

16 Green Algal Habitats Haematococcus Trentepohlia

17 Green Algae Habitats Chlamydomonas nivalis

18 Green Algae: Invasive Species
Jacques Cousteau Institute Caulerpa

19 Green Algae: Invasive Species
24 Cladophora

20 Green Algae: Mutualisms

21 Green Algae: Parasites
Parasite of collebolids, cladocerans, mites, scarab beetles, black flies, mosquitoes Helicosporidium

22 Green Algae: Physiology

23 Green Algae: Genetics (Hammerling 1930s)

24 Green Algae: Evolution

25 Green Algae: Biofuels

26 Green Algae: Biofuels

27 with about 70-percent less carbon emissions than petroleum-based equivalents. They claim it doesn’t impact agricultural crops, land, or water. Green Algae: Biofuels SOUTHERN NEW MEXICO – Columbus will be home to Luna County’s first green energy facility—literally green, in this case. Algae will be cultivated by Sapphire Energy in man-made ponds about 8 miles west of Columbus on the Mexican border, to later be converted to a green goop called algae-based biofuel, oilgae, or algal fuel. “This will be the first Sapphire facility in the country,” says Tim Zenk, spokesperson for Sapphire Energy in San Diego. “We’re looking at different geographies,” says Zenk. “Now our focus is on New Mexico.” Luna County is considered ideal for algae-based biofuel because of the flat desert conditions, the high level of sunlight, and the large amount of underground salt water.

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