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2 This 10 tip power guide will help you flip your mindset towards happy wherever, whenever #letsparty

3 You KNOW you are destined for BIG things, my love. You can feel it in your bones… and that feeling has been there for quite a while. You are ready to take action while receiving the guidance to help you get there in a safe, supportive way. No more playing small, time to really live!

4 Okay, so here’s the thing. I am guessing you are a spiritual seeker or, if not, you’re open to becoming successful, happy, and abundant-- right? I love me some spirituality but for me (and for many of my clients,) the hardest issue is bringing the “Namaste” from their morning practice into their daily lives. Nothing can be more jarring or aggressive than leaving a dope yoga class, feeling the peace within you, when you’re suddenly confronted by taxi drivers honking their horns and flicking you off. Personally, it is much easier for me to get to da zen-zone when I am being “held” in a class or at my apartment working on my-self. I deeply feel that there NEEDS to be a bridge between feeling the Coachella-vibes and freaking out because the man you’re making eye contact with on the subway is peeing in his pants. My friends, this guide is for you. The bridge, the gap in between deep spiritual practice and harsh reality, is what we need to tap into and activate. I wanted to create a resource to help guide you through moments where and when you’re not feeling aligned. Here I am giving you : 10 quick tips on getting back to your happy place Disclaimer: I am in no way supporting the idea “ignore your feelings! Do these tricks to suppress what’s really going on with you!” No- no, Nanette. Remember, we gotta FEEL to HEAL. These tools are inspiration for when you have felt your way through the junk and are ready to move past “woe is me” talk…you get me?


6 Tip 1: Mindset Shift It’s all in the MIND baby! After you have genuinely felt what’s going on and are really ready to shift, switch those nastayyy thoughts! My Jamaican friend, Glen, always says, “thoughts kill or thoughts cure.” That statement is not meant to scare you into a “healthy mindset,” but instead it’s a friendly reminder to come back to mindfulness when the crazy train starts to take off. Our ego likes to spiral. You start with one negative thought and 10 minutes later, you’re wondering why you are in such a putrid mood. You let that little negativity rebel inside your head get the best of you. So this is a call to be more mindful of the thoughts going on upstairs. That’s great…but, what do I do?: When you’re experiencing those nasty thoughts that are hurting you, such as, “how could he ever like me after I gained all that weight?” NOTICE that negative thought, STOP it in its tracks, and REVERSE it. {Is it worth it? Let me work it, put my thang down flip it and reverse it} An example of flipping the negative to a positive would be, “I am worthy regardless of my size,” “ I am beautiful,” ”I shine.” NOTICE- STOP- REVERSE Lather, rinse repeat over and over again Change your thoughts, change your life

7 Tip 2: CELEBRATE good times, come on! YAS- find those mini celebrations ! Every.Damn.Day. It’s really easy to put our happiness on hold. We tell ourselves, “I will be happy once I get the car, the guy, the promotion.” However, that is just our ego making another guest appearance. It promises us that we will feel bliss when we get those external ideas of “happiness.” Deep down, we know this is just postponing our happiness in the moment. The goal is to celebrate now, even the little things! Action Plan: I invite you to pat yourself on the back every day. Think to yourself before you go to bed, or whenever, “ What can I celebrate today? I am proud of myself for _____ _.” I honestly use this practice everyday-- in both my personal life and in my business. “Good job Erica, I am really proud of you for completing the PDF and for taking the subway instead of an Uber.” #itsthelittlethings Pat yourself on the back- put on your favorite tunes and enjoy! I just want to celebrate!

8 Tip 3: Having an Attitude of Gratitude They say, “Gratitude is the best attitude.” This is the key to manifesting great things! SO let’s feel truly grateful. Unfortunately, in the self-help world, you might hear the word/concept “gratitude” being tossed around as if it means nothing. However, the beauty of gratitude is that when you truly tap into how thankful you are, you feel how powerful this shiz really can be. Feeling #2blessed2bestressed. But- here’s the deal, it’s not always rainbows, glitter, and butterflies…even the dank-ass- shitty times have some good in them. (Check out the HP quote to your right.) Similar to celebrating yourself, try to take note of the small things for which you’ve felt grateful recently. You will be shocked at how much good is in your life. Practice this: When you are feeling wonky (or anytime really)! TAP INTO YOUR GRATITUDE ” I am grateful that I have a bed to sleep on at night, that I am able to read this program guide, that I have access to technology, to food and water, to clothing.”

9 Tip 4: Sh sh SHAKE it off Put on your best Taylor Swift and shake it off. {I like to move it move it}. This trick is all about moving ya booty down to the dance flo’. If you are in a place where you can’t whip and nae- nae…GET OUT! JK- but, for reals, you do want to physically move. Wacky energy gets stored into your body and your job is to help it move through you. If you are in a space where you can move, by all means, put on your tap shoes and show us what you got. If you’re in an office or in public, simply walk around, roll your shoulders or neck, shake out your hands. If this is still weird to your coworkers, envision these movements through a deep exhale; breathing out any toxicity you have been holding within. Example Time: you’re having a slight breakdown at work. Go to the bathroom, take a deep cleansing breath, and starting moving your body. Maybe you can shake your shoulders out in the bathroom stall. Physically let go. If you can, text ya gal pals to meet you after work for a yoga or dance class. If you’re saving your dolla bills, close your door, put on your favorite workout outfit, and dance your heart/pain out to the Spice Girls like it’s 1997. Move through the pain

10 Tip 5: See, hear, taste, smell the beauty #tastetherainbow Notice. Notice. Notice. Open your damn eyes. Do you ever experience moments where you realize that you totally blacked out? You hear yourself say things like, “Omg I had no idea…I wasn’t paying attention.” I am not suggesting that you need to glue your eyes open, but there are some magical things out there that we miss from time to time. Let’s be present to them! Our thoughts, social media apps, cell phones are all major distracters to Grace. I mean our egos are brilliant. They’re like, “Let me think all of these thoughts to distract you from the gorgeous flowers that have just bloomed!!!!” What would it be like to take a breath, write your checklist down, then put your phone away and actually NOTICE the beauty that has been right in front of you all along? It may come in different forms like a child’s cackle, a friend’s supportive ear, a painting, an Adele song, etc. Experiment: Put away the phone for a hot second and just surrender to the creativity, abundance and love you've been asking to receive. Because I’m happy!

11 Tip 6: Become your own motivational speaker and lovahhh You’ve experienced it before: you are 5 seconds away from pulling an NJ housewife Teresa Giudice table flip and your friends are puffing you up telling you, “No OMG you are so much cuter than her, you’re so funny, YOU are so amazing.” Though these words of encouragement can be somewhat helpful at times, we recognize that they have an expiration date, they are a band-aid. *A touch up to avoid the pain underneath it all.* The way to bust through? LOVE. Talk to that inner child, the saint inside of you and let her know that she is okay, that she is worthy. Stand up for your inner child. You would go bananas if you saw someone being mean to a kid, so why are you doing it to yourself? This step is a lifelong lesson but it’s also a trick you can use in the moment. PRACTICE, NOW: When icky stuff comes up, go inward and let her know. Hey- I got you. I will never turn my back on you. Now that’s self love.

12 Tip 7: It’s like you’re my mirror #jt Okay, so at the core we are one, #onelove. Meaning, that we are mirrors of one another. We reflect each other’s light and each other’s bullshit. When the bullshit within you gets exposed, you may want to go running for the hills; throwing judgment left and right. Let’s try and flip that. Let’s boil it down. When you are ready to rumble and go at it with someone, recognize that she (or he) is you. Yes, she is you. She is not just a “bad seed.” No one is that one-dimensional. She has insecurities and stories that have gotten her to this place. “ Only what you have not given can be lacking in any situation.” – A Course In Miracles I am not suggesting repressing your anger, but take a breath and realize (even if you think it’s absolutely unacceptable) they are doing the best they can. Sit with this thought. They are doing the best they can. Now- take no shit, but realize that this person is clearly suffering. What are they reflecting back to you that you don’t like about yourself? You’re not going to get anywhere by rejecting parts of yourself. So love deeply and see what can shift. If this person still hasn’t self-reflected after some time, pray for the best for them and walk away. #NobodyGottTmeForThat Start: seeing the beauty in others. When you want to judge them, stop and look for their positive attributes instead.

13 Tip 8: Acceptance I know I have been harping on this subject, but I really want to give you permission to feel your feelings. Don’t feel guilty if you weren’t “spiritual” today. Accept that you are trying your best. Some days 7% may be your 100%. We are NOT machines. We are human BE-INGS, not human DO-ERS. So BE. Just be where you are today. There is no “right” to this. I know it’s really easy to compare your journey to the journeys you may see on Insta’. But that’s not Truth. Live your Truth; that’s the best you can do. Honor the eb and the flow. The process. Yes, it is so much fun when you are aligned, feeling like a juicy goddess-- but that doesn’t mean you need to shame the rebel for showing up every once in a while. Forgive your damn self for not being in a constant state of Nirvana. I am not encouraging the ego, because she can be a tricky minx- that one. But rejecting parts of yourself isn’t true authentic self-love. Radical acceptance is looking at all the parts of yourself that aren’t bright eyed and bushy tailed and still seeing that she rules. SAY: “ I choose you, you wonderful, gorgeous, creative, messy, brilliant, hilarious woman. I choose you, and I will always choose you. No, matter what” #micdrop

14 Tip 9: I just called to say I love you, I just called to say that I care <3 Before we move on from this lesson, can we just admit that we have been singing most of these lessons through songs? I am having way too much fun! Moving on— This next trick is similar to the shake-shake shake-señora. I invite you (when things get funky fresh) to change your energy. We talked about getting physical, but even something as simple as changing your energy can work just as well. When you feel the uptown funk coming on use your lifelines and phone a friend, look at the magic, read a book, find an inspirational quote. The point is to change the energy. Make up your mind that you want to feel good- so get out of whatever situation is holding you back and jump into high vibes. Text your friend that you love her, write a thank you card, start the damn project already. After you sit with the sucky emotions- move through ‘em. Choose the goodies, the things that make you feel rad. Bonus Suggestions; pick up Harry Potter, start a quote journal, make a pinterest DIY, start collecting images of places you want to travel to, clean your damn room, make space for greatness :)

15 Tip 10: Presence is our present I truly believe in the tools I have given you above. However, none of them are that applicable when they aren’t coming from PRESENCE. We are very fortunate that there are lots of different conversations around spirituality that comes in many different forms. While I dabble in many different practices, they don’t really work unless you are present to what’s going on right here, right now. You can say 65 different affirmations a day. but if you aren’t present you’re going to miss the boat. Again, this isn’t to shame you into forcing presence. Instead, it’s a tool to lovingly help bring you back moment to moment. Now, our ego friend is going to try and take you out of the moment. Do your best to notice the ego and move on. Remember, at the core it is mindfulness. If you are mindful, you can eat until you are full, you can listen to your body, you can feel bad vibes and walk away, you can surrender to grace and beauty, you can enjoy life. YAS: CONGRATS KWEEN, you did it! Apply all of these tools to the present moment and just see how happy you can be! Moment to moment to moment. You can always start again :)

16 You got this friend- go out and shine!



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