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P ARENTS ' LOVE 20102533 Roh Sunwoo On May 4, 2011 Wed.

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1 P ARENTS ' LOVE 20102533 Roh Sunwoo On May 4, 2011 Wed.

2 C ONTENTS  Background  Summary  Vocabulary  Experience  Opinion

3 About Arun Gandhi Arun Manilal Gandhi  Born April 14, 1934  Fifth grandson of Mohandas Gandhi through his second son Manilal.  A socio-political activist, like his grandfather.

4 About Mahatma Gandhi Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (2 October 1869 – 30 January 1948) was a pre-eminent political and ideological leader of India during the Indian independence movement. He pioneered satyagraha. His philosophy was firmly founded upon ahimsa (nonviolence). His philosophy and leadership helped India gain independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. Gandhi is often referred to as Mahatma or "Great Soul”. He is officially honored in India as the Father of the Nation.IndiaIndian independence movement satyagraha ahimsanonviolence Father of the Nation

5 Western Movie 19 세기 후반 미국의 서부개척시대를 배경 으로 법을 준수하는 강인한 개척자와 이를 파괴하려는 악당과의 대결을 그리는, 미국 에서 가장 두드러진 장르의 영화. 서부 영화 의 영웅은 악과 맞서서 불굴의 용기와 명예 와 의무를 지킨다. 악당과의 공통점은 둘 다 자신을 보호하기 위해 총을 사용한다는 점 이다. 또한 이러한 대결과 함께 열차, 말, 포 장마차 등이 보편적으로 등장한다. 이러한 서부영화가 관객에게 어필되는 이유는 신 나는 액션, 로맨틱한 배경, 누구나 쉽게 이 해할 수 있는 단순한 플롯 등 때문이다.

6 Western Movie Star Gene AutryJohn WayneRoy Rogers ‘ 로이 로저스 쇼 ’ 로 유명한 가수겸 배우. King of the Cowboy (King of the West) 라는 별 명으로 불리울만큼 1950 년대를 주름잡 던 최고의 카우보이 배우. 노래를 곁들 이는 카우보이들이 등장하는 소프트한 서부영화가 등장하 는 시기에 많은 활 약. 로이 로저스와 같이 노래를 곁 들이는 카우보이 로 등장하여 소 프트한 서부영화 전성기를 함께 활동 강한 미국을 대 표하는 서부의 ' 사나이 ' 이자 미 국인의 힘을 대 표하는 상징적 인 인물. B 급 서부극에 출연 하다 의 주인공 ‘ 링 고 키드 ’ 로 발 탁되어 일약 스 타가 됨.

7 S UMMARY The story is written by Mahatma Gandhi's grandson, Aaron Gandhi about a lesson he learned from his father. When his father learned that Aaron Gandhi lied, he reacted nonviolently. Rather, he took the responsibility. Nonviolent parenting was an unforgettable lesson for Aaron Gandhi.

8 VOCABULARY wilderness : a large area of land that has never been developed or used for growing crops because it is difficult to live there chores : a task that you do regularly ashram : a place where Hindus who wish to live away from society live together as a group; a place where other Hindus go for a short time to say prayers before returning to society fascinated : very interested violence : physical or emotional force and energy engrossed : so interested or involved in sth that you give it all your attention

9 avail : to be helpful or useful to sb soak : to put sth in liquid for a time so that it becomes completely wet remorseful : the feeling of being extremely sorry for sth wrong or bad that you have done disobedience : failure or refusal to obey revenge : something that you do in order to make sb suffer because they have made you suffer

10 E XPRESSIONS errands to run : She has an errand to run attend to : to deal with or take responsibility for something rushed off : to leave quickly double feature : two films/movies nonviolent parenting : using peaceful methods, not force; the process of caring for your child or children

11 O PINION In my opinion, the world famous Mahatma Gandhi's nonviolence idea is influential. He touched the world. His son and grandson were influenced too. I realized that a good parent makes a great child.

12 T HANK YOU You must be the change, You wish to see in the world. - Gandhi -

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