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5.04 Demonstrate the use of technology in promotion.

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1 5.04 Demonstrate the use of technology in promotion

2 World Wide Web (WWW) Collection of internet sites that are available to users with an internet connection

3 E-Commerce The electronic exchange of products and services.

4 Web site Can contain numerous web pages.

5 Key components of a web site Text is the written words coded in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) that tells the web browser how to view each web page Photos or video clips include team photos, footage of sports events, concerts, or movie trailers.

6 Key components of a web site Graphics are clip art or drawings on web pages. Hyperlinks are links to other web pages within a web site, or to another web site

7 Types of E-Commerce web sites 1.Product Information Includes descriptions of products offered for sale Product payment information Return and warranty policies General information about business Contact information for company

8 Types of E-Commerce web sites 2.Customer Interaction Provides opportunity to: Place product orders Pay for orders Obtain shipping costs and dates Obtain tracking information

9 Advantages of E-Commerce Instantaneous and direct communication with customers Customers can place orders at their convenience Lower start-up and operating costs Allows small company to reach global markets Companies can gather information on customer buying habits and interests

10 Disadvantages of E-Commerce Lack of personal contact with customers Increased competition between companies that sell same products on web Customers might use site to obtain product information, but purchase from local businesses Customer service can be a challenge when problem exists with an order

11 Advertisements on the WWW Banner ads used to promote a web site or company through use of hyperlinks

12 Advantages of banner ads 1.Opportunity to reach millions of potential customers 2.Relatively low cost per contact 3.Capability to use appealing graphics and sound effects

13 Disadvantages of banner ads 1.Ads might not reach intended target market 2.Can be perceived as “junk” and ignored 3.May not be cost effective based on target audience

14 Use of e-mail as a form of promotion 1.E-mail ads can offer special offers and promotions Sometimes perceived as unwanted e-mail or spam 2.E-newsletter can provide information, special offers and promotions to customers

15 Use of e-mail as a form of promotion E-marketers compile or purchase customer databases from sites visited by consumers. E-marketers may use this information to tailor messages for target marketing


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